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    Re: WNBA Finals and the Market Economy

    Screw the NBA and the WNBA. Why does the NBA think it can play ball in China and change their government at the same time? If I went to China right now, I wouldn't expect free speech and would be...
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    Re: Elizabeth Warren - Talking Down to Men

    Even after election day they'll harp on losing another election. I hope Trump wins by a landslide. That's the ONLY thing that will shut them up...for a while.
  3. Thread: 7 years

    by Joetech

    Re: 7 years

    The name of the move is Hustlers. Yeah, they glamorized it alright. Not one of the main actresses showed anything, but the extras did. What does that tell you? And they try to make you think that the...
  4. Re: Cuba Gooding Jr. faces new charge in NYC sex misconduct case

    This illustrates how fucked up New York has become. However, I can see something like this happening here, too.
    And this new charge is undisclosed? Whatever happened to the right to face your...
  5. re: Transgender regret: Who did not see this one coming?

    This service is helping children? Boy! The BBC really IS the propaganda ministry, isn't it? I de-transitioned from blue pill to red pill and no one did a news story on me. Of course, no surgery was...
  6. Thread: 7 years

    by Joetech

    Re: 7 years

    I recently watched a movie based on a true story where a gang of strippers used to drug guys and rob them. According to the movie, not one of them got jail time. The stiffest sentence in that bunch...
  7. Re: Gooding Jr. groping trial set to start in New York

    Wher's your evidence? Send it to the DA quick! Or this case may never go to trial. (They're waiting for evidence. LOL!)
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    Re: Epic rant Hammer Hand on forgiveness

    Very powerful message. I don't see a line forming asking for forgiveness either. My advice to the poster? Quit watching Opra! That shit will give you a heart attack. I'm convinced there will be war...
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    Re: The Rough Guide to Single Moms

    If one is unwilling to do their own research, then they get what they deserve. There's plenty of proof in the world that single moms are dangerous. I recently watched a movie online (for free) where...
  10. Thread: greta thunberg

    by Joetech

    Re: greta thunberg

    Putin wasn't born in the U.S. . He couldn't run for pres...neither could Arnie Schwartzenager. I have to admit, Putin might make a good president after Trump's done with his two terms.
  11. Re: Video: CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

    You're right, Tower. She clucks, which makes this video way more entertaining for me than the other one does. But, that's just the redneck in me. I know you're an expert on doing it wrong. But I do...
  12. Re: Fascists to the left of us, fascists to the right of us.

    I don't trust the labels people put on things. Like Jackoff said, philosophies all have good and bad elements in them. Let's not forget that in 1938, I think, Time Magazine made Adolph Hitler their...
  13. Re: Video: CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

    I watched this video and found it intriguing. But, I also watched this video, and I think this gal make more sense. To the lurkers I ask, does this person hate women? To Tower, I say You better not...
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    Re: Video: Truth Hurts

    My ears are bleeding!
  15. Re: Canada's left move to economically scrap Alberta in their ongoing march to destruction.

    Ask them if those oil sands need to be shut down when they have no gas for their cars.
  16. Re: Failed music artist and industry wench K. Michelle claims "I don't think men are good people"

    "Men are not good people". What that tells me is that this woman has spent her entire adult life dating guys from the shitcan. She thinks all men are the same because she doesn't know any better. She...
  17. Re: Woman Sues Law Firm because She Voluntarily Slept with Someone at The Firm

    I'll bet she always wanted to be a lawyer because lawyers are rich. When she found out how they get rich (i.e. by working for a living) she fell back to her old ways...spreading her legs for...
  18. Re: Men on Wall Street are so spooked by the #MeToo movement they're avoiding women at all costs

    I was lucky at work. The only women I ever met under a truck scale were dragged there by their dads...and I didn't have to deal with them.
  19. Re: Girl’s message for equality received in a big way: Green Army women figurines are on the way

    Little green army women? Aren't these the same little green women who cry about guns and say there would be no war if they ruled the world? Why then would they join the army in the first place? Are...
  20. Re: Video: Why "Islam IS RIGHT About Women" is Causing "Confusion & Anger"

    It strikes me that not one woman looked at that sign and asked, "So, what DOES Islam say about women?" Ask an intelligent question? Never! A know it all never asks anything. And, someone took this to...
  21. Re: Megan Fox sends her six-year-old son to school in a dress

    That poor kid. At least he'll have a good excuse for being fucked up in high school. His mother! Ha! Of course, at Hollywood High they'll all be wearing dresses and borrowing each others' makeup.
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    Re: The Prisoner here

    When I drive cross country I always like to travel at night. Mostly it's just truckers on the road at that hour. The rest of the crazies are off the road and asleep. That's when I feel safest on the...
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    Re: The importance of humour.

    I think your post is spot on. Some will say only stupid people use humor to make a point. Yeah, I've heard that one. So, Isaac Azumimov's "Treasury of Humor" was written by an idiot? I doubt it, but...
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    Re: Antonio Brown accused of raping his trainer

    This broad will probably sue the male stripper at her bachelorette party for exposing about 20 years. And she'll probably win.
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    Re: The Caves Of Gloom ... and Finding Your Way Out

    Good post. Most men I meet on the street are blue pilled. The red pill men I only meet here. I too was married for 30 years. 3 to wife number 1, 13 to wife number 2, and 13 to wife/girlfriend number...
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