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  1. Re: Article that mentions MGTOW as the reason women aren't marrying

    I wish I could give this a like but don't know how to on my phone.

    Why would I waste my time and money on a ungrateful woman? Women will never appreciate you no matter what. When I was homeless,...
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    Re: Im no longer homeless please read

    I don't owe anyone anything. They can all go suck off a live power line. My eyes are wide open to the ugliness of society. You know whats funny? I love how people don't care about me but give me...
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    Im no longer homeless please read

    I am in my new place. Its funny cause all I have is a cheap Tv, ps2, and VCR all bought at a thrift store for 20 bucks.

    Where is this straight white male privilege I constantly hear about? The...
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    Re: I'm homeless

    Hi guys. Thanks for the support. I'm still homeless. Currently writing this from a homeless men's shelter. Speaking of MGTOW, there are tons of homeless centers and help for women but very few for...
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    I'm homeless

    Yes its true. No joke. I have been staying with different people cause my house caught on fire. Weirdest thing is my apartment building was bought by new owners just last month. Everyone including...
  6. Re: Guy Turns NYC Apartment Into Arcade, Loses Fiancée

    SF2 was so awesome but I was more of a Mortal kombat guy. If I ever got an arcade cabinet then it would be WWF wrestlefest or superstars. Ahhh... the good old days.

    Women have no value to me...
  7. Re: Guy Turns NYC Apartment Into Arcade, Loses Fiancée

    I have no stress at home now. My home is my castle. Never again will I date or live with a woman. Why? So I have to report to headquarters every move I make? Be on a time limit? Listen to endless...
  8. Re: Guy Turns NYC Apartment Into Arcade, Loses Fiancée

    I lived with women most of my life. They bitch about the toilet seat up but leave their makeup and other beauty shit all over the place. Let's not forget the fact they won't save you anything to eat...
  9. Re: Tell me how my impressions of MGTOW are wrong...

    Another ho I got to fuck with so another career I have to destroy. Let the fun begin!

    You are obviously a tuna or troll. By calling MGTOW a bunch of "dishonest incels" proves my point. They...
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    Re: Young people are cowards...

    Kids today have their asses kissed all the time and are never wrong. Kids can treat people like shit, insult, scream at, and even assault others and they get excuses made for their behaviors. They...
  11. Re: Meet Dennis, extracted, used up, now discarded.

    Oh dude. You have no idea. The only reason why they believed her is because they knew her longer. She was a "sweet and innocent little thing". It was my fault though. I fell for a pretty face. Never...
  12. Re: Meet Dennis, extracted, used up, now discarded.

    I was Dennis before he was. During and after my divorce , everyone except my mom turned their backs on me. I slept in bus stations, on park benches, and would live like a crack head. My mom was so...
  13. Re: I know of 3 men that have married since the Pandemic Began, all 3 women over 60

    I would never date or marry again . EVER.

    Older women are all used up and you will NEVER EVER hold a place in her heart. She will remember Chad from 30 years ago before she ever thinks of you.
  14. Re: Caught Twitter censoring Trump and here's the evidence.

    Mgtower ...You just noticed this? Isn't twitter the one that installed a fact checker on Trump's tweets? The whole media is against Trump.

    How come no outrage against Biden for........

    The Tara...
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    Re: Defining happy in 2020

    Don't think about or rely on other people for happiness. They will let you down every time. You can find happiness in life by living your own life. Sometimes the little things bring me the most joy....
  16. Re: It's a "Hate Crime" To Speak To Her That Way.

    I am so sick of this PC bullshit. Their feelings are not laws so they don't mean shit. I can say anything I want as long as its NOT threats or cause public panic(I.e. Yelling FIRE in a store). The...
  17. Re: Why "Karen" and Soccer Mom votes the way she does.

    They can all go to hell. Nobody has hurt me more than white women known as Karens. They think they are always right, are very cold, and demand to always have their way.
  18. Re: Defund the Police? How About We Defund the Universities (That Preach Feminism etc)

    Im no fan of cops but defunding them is not the answer. Cops should be held to a higher standard than us since they took an oath to the US Constitution and the citizens. I find it funny. The...
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    Re: Face masks are great.

    My daily life is social distancing so Im not worried with a mask or no mask.
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    Re: Incident on the street today

    Hahaha. Bitter? Nope. Just older and wiser.

    That "real man" and white knight mangina shit doesn't work on me. The feminazis and simps can go suck off a live power line.
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    Re: Incident on the street today

    After being the ultimate people pleaser and having everyone turn on me , I just have one thought in situations like above. What if it was me? How would they react? Would they do the same thought? The...
  22. Re: Why are you complaining about women damaged from high dick count?

    I am truly sorry that happened to you. I'm man enough to say you have more balls than I do. There is no doubt that I'd be in federal prison if that happened to me......This video tells it best..........
  23. Re: Why are you complaining about women damaged from high dick count?

    You laughed at him? You see nothing wrong with what he said? He was cheated on and it hurt.

    What is it with you women? If a guy doesn't agree with you then he must be "angry & full of hatred"?
  24. Re: i have been feeling horrible about myself

    I'm on phone so I'm going to answer this the best I can for now. There is nothing wrong with you. Matter of fact we are a lot alike. I am a loner and introvert too. It's just my nature. People drain...
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    Re: Expecting too much from people.

    It's true when you think about it. People need to point & blame others while saying "Thats the bad guy" but they won't ever look in the mirror.
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