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  1. Re: Today is National Vagina Appreciation day!

    I'm not proud to admit this but I've had sexual encounters with a couple of older, and I'm pretty sure heavily used, women.

    Their bodies were fucking disgusting.
  2. Re: Today is National Vagina Appreciation day!

    The crazy train has no brakes.
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    Re: Do NOT accept poor behaviour…

    Indeed, if a death threat doesn’t end a friendship, I don’t know what does. Many people are quick to play games with actions and words, quick to say that words can always be retracted or have done no...
  4. Re: So... We should talk about Mrnstruation....

    No words are misspelt, clearly not drunk enough.
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    Re: How to treat my simp brother?

    This, 100%. 4lyfeman, you're young, at least compared to me and others here. Learn your lessons the easy way, by listening to those who fucked up and learnt the hard way.

    Do not tolerate this...
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    Re: Do NOT accept poor behaviour…

    Firstly, its good to see you back Jackoff.
    Secondly, that was an excellent post. Thank you for taking the time.
    I agree with your lessons. I think you summarised best in the subject:

  7. Re: How do you take care of your mental health?

    I apply a model similar to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs:
  8. Re: Has anyone ever bought from Redpillring?

    MGTOW is best left unadvertised. I respect your solidarity but showing this will only cause you grief. Indeed to as others have said, a more MGTOW symbol is keeping your money in your pocket. Its not...
  9. Re: Read this groundbreaking & new research paper on MGTOW

    Its a shame how people feel the need to dilute MGTOW into something else. I'm not sure why - its not like we're popular and there's any coat-tails to ride on. Diverting desperate, young and...
  10. Re: What are the advantages and disadvantages of MGTOW?

    Advantages: Peace and quiet, more money, less hassle

    Disadvantages: The lack of stress is will cause me to live longer in a world where FEMEN "activists" exist.
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    Re: The mod/admin is a retard

    Unboxxed, truly you are a man of great patience. I really couldn't stand dealing with the nonsense you have to.
  12. Re: I Need MGTOW Help On How To Open A Supplement Store

    Testing is the way forward. I've tried a few ideas for business over the years. Many have failed, but I learnt something each time. Keep trying, and failing if must be, until you succeed.

    Best of...
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    Re: Disguising ourselves as VHEMT.

    That's going in the list for future use.
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    Re: Disguising ourselves as VHEMT.

    I personally am deeply opposed to VHEMT as I am not opposed to human life, though I'm not judging or criticising anyone else's views on this. I mention it just as I personally thus wouldn't identify...
  15. Re: MGToW ghost from india, and here I take a stand to never marry

    Indeed. Wherever possible, learn from others' mistakes. It hurts a lot less.
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    Re: Call somebody else for a change.

    A rant I imagine many of us can relate to. I sure can. A valuable reminder for men everywhere too; yes you have more useful skills than women. No, that doesn't mean its your job to do stuff for them.
  17. Re: Here's an Iceland "gender equality" law

    I wish this wasn't true, but it is.
  18. Re: An Introduction of Chinese MGTOW

    Excellent post sir. Thank you for taking the time to provide such detail.

    P.S. Your English is excellent, you have no cause for concern.
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    Re: Feminists VS Logic

    At first I was enraged by the irrationality of feminists and women generally. Then I found it funny. Now I'm numb to it. Let them stew in their own lack of logic and the consequences therein.
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    Re: The best part of GYOW

    My list of MGTOW benefits in order of importance (most important first):

    Peace and quiet.
    Not having to explain where I'm going or what I'm doing.
    Peace and quiet.
    Spending money only...
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    Re: Romantic feelings.

    Yes sometimes, but its passing. Most importantly, the logic says no. Its like anything else I crave or miss but know I shouldn't chase. I used to be a semi-pro athlete but I've got a congenital...
  22. Re: Hate monger and creepy male feminist, David Futrelle, at it again

    I (mis)spent a lot of my youth carefully constructing arguments to be as difficult to misinterpret and as concise and understandable as possible. Then, after years of filth like Futrelle twisting my...
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    Re: Meat Loaf

    Meatloaf was an excellent artist and I shall miss him.

    I do find his songs emotive, they evoke a happy fantasy indeed.

    My personal favourite: "Hot Patootie".
  24. Thread: Boohda

    by suspiciouscrow

    Re: Boohda

    I think its best to be patient with men who have come here from bad experience. I for one didn't appreciate MGTOW until going through the wringer. I'd always seen the hypocrisy, but I didn't realise...
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    Re: Jackoff Self-Ban Request

    You've been an excellent contributor Jackoff. I remember your first post explaining your own experiences and what led you here, it was emotive and educational. I wish you the best in whatever you now...
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