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    Re: Hello from San Francisco Bay Area

  2. Re: Now its our fault that women are turning bad

    When people acting badly get called into accountability they will have to divert attention from their bad actions. Men have been the excuse for feminists for a long time now so what’s a few more...
  3. Re: Do any of you have exes who are criminals?

    Oh yea False reporting, trespass, failure to comply, drug running and weapons violations. I think that’s it for 2-gals. Luckily I was already MGTOW for the last one and didn’t get involved.
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    Re: The weight of the world!

    The weight of the world is upon us for sure. As feminism has turned our system of government into a Gynecocracy. We however have lost the power of our vote. (November 2020) I’m firmly assured my...
  5. Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    Ghosting is an Art, its also called the "Grey Man". Its a thought out tactic and once mastered it can be very effective. In this society its easy to do, because everyone wants to be seen heard or...
  6. Re: New Crisis! Women hardest hit! ‘Cockfishing’ sex trend is becoming popular and you must look out for it

    So women want to scrutinize those that may mis-represent an organ size. Well I’ve had lots of women mis-represent themselves to me. Everything from utilizing make up to cover flaws to fake boobs to...
  7. Re: same sex domestic violence rates..guess who's the most violent?

    I wonder if lesbians are more violent because someone is using their own manipulative tactics on them? Or if they resent being constantly shit tested? Or maybe it’s because the male role they are...
  8. Re: New Crisis! Women hardest hit! ‘Cockfishing’ sex trend is becoming popular and you must look out for it

    Women are not hard hit by the size of my Johnson but the absence of my utility to them.
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    Re: Mansplaining defined

    Great Meme but have you ever wondered why a woman asks a man a question in the first place? Like “how does a MC work”. Ever wonder if they are just “fishing” to see if you take the bait of feminine...
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    Re: Delighted to be here

    You are correct. Women seek relationship for utility that can only be found in men. When the SHTF people don’t go looking for ladyboys to hunt fish build fire build shelter. Even in this altered...
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    Re: The Decision

    Good morning and thanks for accepting my intro. Yea my sporty is a 91. Plain Black. No frills just well maintained as I often ride alone long and for distances ( with lots of gas stops lol). I had...
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    Re: The Decision

    Ok a bit of tweaking this should be about right. Let me know what you think?
    Im a bit paranoid about posting to much identifiable personal info on the internet but I also appreciate you trying to...
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    The Decision

    Good Evening;
    Well I’ve been divorced for 19years. It took a few years to realize the single life is so amazing. But being divorced I know first hand how the legal system is stacked against the...
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