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    Re: Reputation is everything.

    I've been the same type you descrive OP, polite, humble and always willing to recognize my mistakes and apologies for that.

    Nothing can be as wrong as that in the current world, my life is much...
  2. Re: Article that mentions MGTOW as the reason women aren't marrying

    Women base their judment on personal criteria rather than facts or results.

    They always side with the strongest so the same actions is recognized or ignored according to who does it, if you were a...
  3. Re: Leftists Promoting the Feminization of Culture to Destroy Men

    Let them turn men into eunuchs so there will be no one strong enough left to demands us to behave or enforce some law we dont like.
  4. Re: Article that mentions MGTOW as the reason women aren't marrying

    I would differentiate between structure mgtow and unconscious mgtow.

    You have guys like the ones here that discuss certain issues and decide not to get married for the reasons we all know and...
  5. What kind of lie do you usually use to control what co-workers think of you being alone?

    I guess we all agree to the fact that at work its not wise to say that we're mgtow, so wondering what excuse do you use for when you're asked why you are single or why you avoid informal meetings and...
  6. Re: Guy Turns NYC Apartment Into Arcade, Loses Fiancée

    Yeah totally agree, any man living with a woman simply accepts a constant level of stress his whole day while his male brain is not made for that.
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    Re: "It Takes a Village" Mentality

    If it takes a village to grow a child it means that it should be the village to decide how to spend the money for his upbringing...mommy cant be the one asking for help and deciding the shape of such...
  8. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: Looking at women as a currency exchange value

    I agree with the main message and would like to suggest two further elements.

    The currency is not necessary money but also time, mental health and effort.

    Also its not only a matter to how old...
  9. Re: Guy Turns NYC Apartment Into Arcade, Loses Fiancée

    Women are simply programmed to take full control of the house, no matter their IQ or her education, wheter she is a housewife or a top lawyer she has to have full control of every corner and...
  10. Re: L.A. Affairs: We dated for three years. Then he told me he didn't believe in marriage

    The reaction of that man (who is supposed to be a lawyer btw) is as believable as the president of the federal reserve updating his twitter with "sorry for bullsh1tting you its all fake money".
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    Re: Young people are cowards...

    Uhm lets put sheeps in charge to train lion and be free to punish anytime they try only to roar the few years later lets all complain that lions no longer hunt or fight...or fvck.
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    Re: Mel Magazine article on MGTOW

    You are both right but in a different time span.

    Age 20 they can get sex and commitment from many dozens of decent guys, aged 40 they can get sex from below average men and commitment from low...
  13. Re: YouTuber. Better Batchelor "More Men Are Becoming Bachelors"

    Jokes always provides quality content, actually Im surprised youtube didnt demonetize him already.
  14. Re: Why "Karen" and Soccer Mom votes the way she does.

    They are going extinct within 2 generations so its not a problem, anyway agree they are the worse demographics ever.
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    Re: Mel Magazine article on MGTOW

    Im quit surprised about the christian part honestly.
  16. Re: Woke cannibalism: NBA star 'dragged' for not complimenting WNBA player correctly!

    Ahaahh you really cant make this stuff, they are so dumb that their real behaviour beats jokes made on them.
  17. Re: Police: woman racked up nearly $20,000 in credit card debt in estranged husband's name.

    Any man has been informed about the state of things, there are no more excuses for modern men nowadays.

    Whoever gets himself exposed toward a woman is asking for it.
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    Re: Women now accuse masked men of "hard staring"

    Lol they have to be avoided at all costs just like the children at the restaurant that only needs a moment of eye contact to pester your table for the whole evening.
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    Re: Why are so many pro athletes simps/cucks

    There is a short circuit on a mans mind once he gets too many things with no enough effort.

    Too many rewards and no effort or troubles to get them and keep them make men soft, thats the opposite...
  20. Re: PragerU tries to convince men to get married. They fail in an epic way.

    Great video as usual, jokes is a safe bet.
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    Re: Why do women shame single men for wanting

    Always compliment others for their life style and tell them that you finally understood that what they do is what you should too then keep doing what you are doing.

    They will be happy cause their...
  22. Check this guy out, he is very clever and makes amazing videos

    I dont usually watch long videos on youtube but this guy is well worth
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    Re: What madness is this?

    Thats a further proof of a total lack of honor and emphaty from women, men dont usually do stuff like ghosting or leaving a date with no explanation.

    We as a sex started doing it after women...
  24. Re: Overlooked No More: Valerie Solanas, Radical Feminist Who Shot Andy Warhol

    Ehm let me guess remembered from the media as human rights activist?
  25. Re: Men Say They're Going To Mexico To Escape #MeToo

    Too much logic on his explanation to be received from mainstream media.

    Also bad idea to talk about it to leftist media especially if a democrat will win the election and has political power to go...
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