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    Re: A Ghost With The Blues

    Ghosting is fun knowing you can walk away being one step ahead while they wonder if you have the ability to predict the future. That shift in frame makes a big difference in realizing your full...
  2. Re: Spanish Priest Apologizes for Calling Feminists a ‘Herd of Sows’

    There was an assumption that men would not give them equality because men have an ego. I am thinking to have it all and I will check back on you by next year to see what progress you...
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    Re: r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire

    To me personally vapid discussion trumps vapid imagery because there is a chance a discussion still may be generated from it. However, I do like memes because it is a concise way to make a point...
  4. Re: Emmanuel Weinstein and the 2 Minutes Hate

    I am noticing a pattern that they are targeting these men when they are older and ready to retire or already retired. How come we haven't seen such accusations thrown around against younger,...
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    Re: r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire

    Honestly I have found that reddit has been lurching toward more and more censorship as time goes on when it comes to various topics which were once discussed freely. Meanwhile pornography and soft...
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    Re: Happy divorce day!!!!

    I was thinking about this the other day...but I no longer feel shame when the new year rolls around or valentine's day and I am single. I feel freedom and sense of purpose to prepare for the new...
  7. Re: Does anyone have trouble ghosting in plain sight?

    Well what you must recognize is that most people are not interested in looking deeper into the issues as they look at things from a "blue pill lens". And thus they form their own worldview and...
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    Re: Dating app on the TV

    That freedom they gained means they resort to destructive behaviors. And the gossiping becomes worse when they retire at 67 and after because that is all they do in retirement homes.

    There is a...
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    Re: Burger King's "impossible" Burger

    Yes process foods whether vegan or meat has a lot of variables.

    That is why free range poultry, pork and beef or raw veggies/fruit are the best.

    Personally speaking I find that I can sit down...
  10. Re: Obama says women are "pretty indisputably" better than men

    If Obama feels that strongly he should have had an administration exclusively ran by females. What is that? Even Obama the community organizer realizes that would be a disaster? And it would...
  11. Re: Women selling nudes to to help quash the australian wildfires

    Reddit, facebook, instagram and youtube are all over run with this type of soft pornography. The only topic areas stemming that tide of gynocentric focused content is the sudden surge of living off...
  12. Re: Why are men so cucked that they fantasize or actually submit to a dominatrix?

    Love and infatuation leads to intimacy. And intimacy is built upon the principal of trust. This is what men seek by looking for love. Love is the key to open the door to intimacy.

    The only...
  13. Re: Terry Gilliam faces backlash after labeling #MeToo a 'witch-hunt'

    The elites of Hollywood are all in on the game so they are not going to let him walk free. They will use him as a scapegoat to hide the real crimes that are happening in Hollywood.
  14. Re: Paid parental leave for federal employees. Pork spending in U.S. "Space Force",

    Paid parental leave is indeed based on pressure .gov feels on a shrinking tax base and want to encourage growth of families.

    But in the process they are undermining how business can operate. And...
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    Re: Happy divorce day!!!!

    That is crazy. The first business day of the new year is turned into a blood bath for many men. Imagine starting your first work day of the year with utter chaos. I never knew this was a tradition...
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    Re: Finland is FINNISHED!

    You see it is not just the women fighting a gender war. There are men that fight on behalf of the women so men become second class citizens. So yeah the gynocracy is large and vast. But I do agree...
  17. Re: Excellent Breakdown of the Regressed Female's mindset towards Alphas (and her Husband) by Rollo

    Genetics have always mattered, but in the past there was social mechanisms in place to hinder genetics dominating the human experience and cultural growth. Culture is learned and not necessarily...
  18. Re: The cock carousel, packaged and sold to women at the expense and humiliation of men.

    Even if you do or say nothing they will label you because you are a man. Based on that I gladly accept the title of being a shitlord. Plus, the perks of becoming a shitlord is that you start to...
  19. Re: Women win $13M in lawsuit against porn site in California - "Regret Porn" lawsuit

    It is California they have gone full retard.

    And this is how the gynocracy views everything: Women>Children>Pets>Houses>Cars>Women's clothing>Women's makeup>Women shoes>.......Men.

    Waking up...
  20. Re: Obama says women are "pretty indisputably" better than men

    But it is also taught from other women as well while being a base instinct. Men have the base instinct as well but it is bluntly put out by the school system. The school system expects boys to be...
  21. Re: Youtube: PUA, MRA and Male Feminist Walk into NBC's talk show with an all Female Audience

    Women are known to mirror men. So when a man mirrors what women say and act it repulses other men and women don't see value in such a man. Very good observation.
  22. Re: Obama says women are "pretty indisputably" better than men

    Yeah women don't want equality.

    The Equal Rights Amendment in the US was shot down by some feminists and tradcon women.
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    Re: How Cucked Is This Guy?

    While that may be true if he does nothing now she may be back later. I think this should be a lesson as to why you don't want to cohabitate with a female.
  24. Re: Iowa man sentenced to 16 years in prison for burning LGBTQ flag

    Moral of the story. Don't be a dumb man because blue pill world is clown world. I have seen and heard worse, but yeah the inconsistency with how law and order is applied shows that even the justice...
  25. Re: Youtube: PUA, MRA and Male Feminist Walk into NBC's talk show with an all Female Audience

    The 90s were interesting times. I think that wave of political correctness was a result of the "good times". But I think that there were men like Ross that saw through it all.

    Mel has a level of...
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