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  1. Re: Now Even Sex Robots Have Rights...? Feminist Push?

    Well they've obviously not thought this one through very well.

    Give them what they want and play this out to it's logical conclusion.

    Let them create sex robots with a consent module, the...
  2. Re: White Ribbon Australia goes into liquidation

    It sounded like what they were doing had more to do with having power and control over men and boys rather than preventing violence or keeping women safe from violence and abuse.

    First, violence...
  3. Re: Woman Sues Law Firm because She Voluntarily Slept with Someone at The Firm

    I'm going to point out the elephant in the room here - there's a picture on that link and she has her arm around him and from the angle her hand could only be on his ass.

    So, she's not a very good...
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    Re: An important message from Jordan Peterson

    Quote Peterson "You can't find someone" "No one wants to be intimate with you".

    He really doesn't understand mgtow in the slightest if he equates mgtow with concepts like that. Mgtow is having...
  5. Re: Celebrity falsely accused of rape defends false allegations?

    Ahh the classic 'all women must be believed argument'.

    That raises a number of issues, which are:

    1) insisting what women must be believed is narcissistic entitlement, because it is putting the...
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    Re: soy boy 'life coach' misrepresents mgtow

    He seems to be missing the point, that if bad criminal female behaviour wasn't widespread and encouraged and enabled by the state and justice system then there would be no need to

    Why, does he...
  7. Re: ‘We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’...

    Gillete, the best a man can forget.


    I'm more than delighted with the traditional razor I got and pack of 100 blades. I've still got 90 blades left. So at around £10 I predict that will...
  8. Re: Father comes home to find his children dead in the garage. Police say his wife is the suspect

    Aww come on, we've seen this corruption play out countless time before. Countdown to the predictable begins in T-Minus 3,2,1.

    She will be the victim and took her own life because she was the...
  9. Re: Former Tinder Exec claims she was sexually assaulted

    Firstly, she looks like a narcissist with all the heavy make up so that's strike one for her credibility.

    Strike two, the story refers to other people being present at the time and yet none of...
  10. Re: #Metoo campus allegation victims are now suing

    See how the news story claims the usual tactic of coaching the females to claim that they feel intimidated and threatened by being sued (which is basically the Duluth model) and has no scientific...
  11. Re: Horseface Arica Angelo dating coach figures out MGTOW!

    Men Going Their Own Way - from women with personality disorders.

    It's just common sense for men.

    Of course she's going to make videos whinging and complaining, she has a personality disorder!
  12. Re: Get Woke, Go Broke: Gillette Loses BILLIONS After Sexist and Lecturing #MeToo Razor Ads

    If men manage to destroy a company over feminist bs it will be the beginning of the end for them.

    Companies will realise that trashing men and pandering to women can kill a company and that men...
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    Re: Some schadenfreude for you guys

    I never date anymore as I know what's in store, but when I did, if a woman didn't pay her half on a date I'd immediately reject her because entitlement is an extremely dangerous trait. I wouldn't say...
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    Re: Alyssa Milano again - SEX STRIKE!

    I read her tweet or whatever it is and it immediately reminded me of something I posted a day or two ago on the different thread. I'm going to post it again here, as it's a good example. In Milano's...
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    Re: International Feminism

    Yeah that's the way I viewed them too, best way in life - constant improvement.
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    Re: International Feminism

    Cheers Tower, he has some good videos. I particularly liked his one on malignant narcissism:

    One of his videos talks about the use of shaming...
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    Re: International Feminism

    The word "feminism" is basically a nominilisation, which is when you take a verb and term it into a noun.

    So, to de-nominalise "feminism" you have to think of it in terms of a verb / process. What...
  18. Re: New Jersey Judge steps down over feminist backlash

    Thanks. First step would be to find a model that works based on forensic psychology that can be turned into a computer algorithm and then coded. Then test it in an online dating environment to see if...
  19. Re: New Jersey Judge steps down over feminist backlash

    We can even go further than this in terms of an App / technology.

    As mgtow continues to grow, there will be opportunities of 'jobs for the boys' with technology and ideas like this. Women's and...
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    Re: The Cunt Jumped!

    All that botox kept her afloat for 10 hours.

    She's gave me a good laugh. That's priceless.
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    Re: Board games

    It's funny you should mention this as I just started getting into playing board games again. Particularly the role playing D&D style. I recently ordered a copy of Mageknight and enjoyed playing that...
  22. Re: How well did being a pick up artist work for you

    It would make more sense to reinvent pua to turn women after their crazy harpy sisters. Unlike getting women to have sex, that at least would be a challenge, and it would be immensely amusing. I like...
  23. Re: Wake-Up to Makeup: How women use 'false advertising' to trick men

    Make up constitutes fraudulent misrepresentation for the purposes of rape. There's no doubt about it, if men were doing it, it would have been criminalised as non-consensual long ago. The pussy pass...
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    Re: I just want to say I am sorry.

    I feel so guilty for posting on men going their own way forums back in 2014 and enabling the growth of mgtow, what have I done? This poor helpless cupcake might not be able to find a man.

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    Re: I just want to say I am sorry.

    Women's responsibilities.

    Women say 'nawalt'. They gotta walk the talk.

    It's time for women to put up or shut up. Women can go sort out their crazy harpy sisters. Their problem, their...
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