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    Re: And now James Bond has been castrated

    Let it flop just like fatbusters and lgb-terminator...

    Anyway I wonder why they keep making movies that lose money and piss off their fan base, they either dont get it or its not about the money.
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    Re: Is porn making us more liberal ?

    Whoever made that research should know that once you released you want that woman to leave you alone while you eat or sleep, their power lasts as long as you dont blow your load.
  3. Re: How "Casablanca" Could Pass The Bechdel Test

    Two women alone in the same scene is usually more than enough for me to press fast forward till they are no longer there.

    I dropped sons of anarchy and the walking dead cause the unnecessary drama...
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    Im quite confused, are men poor or rich?

    So they said that men are paid more than women for a single hour of work while working in the same position being it called "gender pay gap" but they also said that the lack of economically adjusted...
  5. Re: Dating, comittement, having a gf? Go ahead...this is what's on offer. Have at it...

    I had many one night stands and other dirty evenings with many girls all of whom looked like girls next door and all of whom are now either engaged or married with a decent guy while pretending that...
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    Re: How big is MGTOW?

    You may have a point and its nothing new to humans, its no coincidence that eve got adam and herself kicked out from heaven and it was pandora to open the box, mythology is usually a simple way to...
  7. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall
    She def looks like someone pleasable and nice to...
  8. Re: Signs of intelligence above and beyond the people around you.

    I cant really stand people with low self control and inability to connect actions to conseguences.

    When I was young I tought there was something wrong with me for being unable to "enjoy" the...
  9. Re: Why are men so cucked that they fantasize or actually submit to a dominatrix?

    The bigger problem anyway are no cucked men but random low iq cvnts who take this movies as an "how-to" manual and behave accordingly.

    Anyway when you mix feminism with patriarchy (the real one)...
  10. Re: Why are men so cucked that they fantasize or actually submit to a dominatrix?

    Except for mad max one I didnt watch any of them, Im skipping gurl power movies since I was a kid and not because of mgtow or to prove a point but for genuine lack of interest.

    I remember in the...
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    Re: Are Women Destroying Academia? Probably

    Spot on.

    They dont care about making people happy, they care about making the environment safe and stable since its much easy to manipulate and suck resources from a calm group than from a bar...
  12. Re: Mackenzie Davis talks about the new terminator movie

    Modern gurl say "we dont need men, we dont want men, the world is ours and they are not invited" = progress.

    Mgtow say "We're fine with women no hard feelings but we would rather stay by ourself...
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    Re: Theater passes, El Terminador

    I dont watch action movies where the main character is a woman nor there are more than a woman in leading roles, thats not because Im sexist or I wanna obey the "mgtow rules" but for the same reason...
  14. Re: Urban Dictionary slanders MGTOW while glorifying FEMINISM.

    Somehow its interesting how feminist tell that a woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle yet when men leave basically in accordance to what they say, they become rabid and aggressive.
  15. Re: Urban Dictionary slanders MGTOW while glorifying FEMINISM.

    I find quite ridicolous that a guy named "spartacus" is worshipping feminism like that...more like a mangina who feel like a rebel.

    Anyway those who knows urban dictionary are probably clever...
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    Re: Can post wall women appreciate sex?

    Middle aged wives dont want to have sex anymore, their husbands should be grateful about it...I wish no one to have a middle aged woman demanding sex from him every day.
  17. Re: The next point of female prestige. It ain't the cat count anymore....
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    Re: Can post wall women appreciate sex?

    I believe women never cease to appreciate validation and feeling desired, either case Im with Sid in this one.

    I can hardly get turned on from women mid 30s sexually let alone post wall ones while...
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    Re: Are We At Peak Woke? Probably Pretty Close!

    I hope they will as fast as possible, apparently it takes to feel under threat non-stop for the average citizen to say "enough".
  20. Re: A Traditionalist Reader Says Katie Hill, Ilhan Omar Prove "You Donít Want To Worry About Character? Elect A Woman!" Very Wrong

    I would also say that men dont feel the same submission toward authorities that women do.

    Angela Merkel is not having the same sex life of Silvio Berlusconi because she is morally better but...
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    Re: Male and female combat mode

    90% of women are unable to establish a cause-->effect connection most of the times, I still recall when I was a kid and couldnt explain myself how could someone be so dumb.

    That 10% who can...
  22. Re: Here is the Rebuttal to when Women say "I don't need to marry you for money, I have my own job"

    I believe we dont give much of a fvck after a certain point actually, once we start experiencing health troubles we are usually too old to do anything worth so the gain of prolonging our life doesnt...
  23. Thread: Images only

    by Jackal

    Images only

    Lets make this thread a way to share relevant pictures to our life style, either serious ones or funny ones.
  24. Re: Here is the Rebuttal to when Women say "I don't need to marry you for money, I have my own job"

    Agree on that, I notice the same thing.

    They actually heal before travelling somehow...
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    Re: Married Men buried by Wives' Student Debt

    I have no sympathy for those men actually, not because I dont understand that there is something wrong in being accountable for someone else faults but for that fact that they turned off their brain...
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