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    Re: Tampons Are Coming

    I...umm....Im left speechless.

    I am sorry but Brown University deserves this. Here is what I would say & do in a Brown University class about "Tampons for Men".

  2. Re: What If Everything You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie?

    Everything I was taught about women was a lie. They are not any different than us. They are just given special rights. They eat, shit, sleep, piss, and fart like everyone else but people just make...
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    Re: Look at this fat chick!

    Imagine the poor douche that has to wake up to that then go to work to support it!
  4. Re: Crazy women escalates situation in a restaurant

    Typical ego driven ugly cows.
  5. Re: Man Investigated For Hate Crime For Refusing To Sleep With Trans Woman

    I wasent referring to gay men. I was referring to the sicko tranny. Please don't generalize something I said about a news article and think I was referring to gay men in general when I was not.

  6. Re: Man Investigated For Hate Crime For Refusing To Sleep With Trans Woman

    That already happened.
  7. Re: Man Investigated For Hate Crime For Refusing To Sleep With Trans Woman

    There is no crime. The faggot got turned down for sex and is all butt hurt about it. The guy should turn around & sue the pants (or shall I say skirt) off the faggot for harassment & damages.
  8. Re: Now Even Sex Robots Have Rights...? Feminist Push?

    Oh good gravy! Feminists really earned this........

    How the hell can an animate object give consent? So if the sex doll doesn't give consent then...
  9. Thread: 7 years


    Re: 7 years

    This happens everyday. The media won't report it because it involves their special people.
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    Re: The Rough Guide to Single Moms
  11. Re: Transgender regret: Who did not see this one coming?

    I hope I don't get banned for this but you guys know I am very outspoken.

    I honestly think transgenders are fucked in the head. Obviously there is something wrong if people want to mutilate...
  12. Re: Elizabeth Warren - Talking Down to Men

    I have very little doubt Trump wont win re-election. We can't talk politics but I will say this. All these witch hunts on Trump that always find nothing wrong will be what re-elects him if he plays...
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    Re: Expect some more members to sign up.

    MGTOW reddit is just a place for Elliot Rodger wannabes in the making. They blame women for EVERYTHING. They fail to see it's not women that are the main problem. Women are just a natural fire that's...
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    Re: Why White-Knighting?

    Uh..Dude........I want my pee pee. I need it to piss and I just like to have it hanging around. But if you want to chemically castrate me there is no need. My days off chasing pussy is long gone.
  15. Thread: Asexual


    Re: Asexual

    Of course you are considered gay. If you don't bow down , chase, and worship women then you *obviously* must be a homosexual. But if a woman doesn't want you then you are *obviously* beneath her and...
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    Re: Video: Truth Hurts

    The way women act nowadays there really isnt that much difference in dating a dude.

    Haha Dont harm yourself over some pop stars that will be forgotten in a few years. I looked up that Billie...
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    Re: Video: Truth Hurts

    97% of women's songs about men are shaming songs.

    Look at that song "Wish you were gay" by that Billie broad? Its about a guy that's not interested in her so he must be gay! Don't pay attention...
  18. Re: Men on Wall Street are so spooked by the #MeToo movement they're avoiding women at all costs

    "Fuck you! I am a strong independent woman! Gurrrl pwr!! You need me! Oh you don't?? You can live without me?? Then you must be like really like gay! Oh no! My maxed out credit card I used to buy 20...
  19. Re: Failed music artist and industry wench K. Michelle claims "I don't think men are good people"
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    Re: Simp behavior at its finest!

    He's not in any kind of happy marriage outside her happy which is apparently no happiness at all!

    That is a marriage! As long as she is happy & gets what she wants! The hell with you! If she...
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    Re: Spinsters and dogs

    I am more of a cat guy. All I have to do is feed them and change their litter box!
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    Re: 60 million (Keven Hart)

    I don't agree with cheating but from what I know of the case is she is a willing and consenting adult who knew she was performing in a sex tape. That makes her a porn star not a victim.

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    Re: Popcorn time

    I don't pay any of those idiots any attention. Why bother feeding fuel to the fire?
  24. Re: MGTOW are all immature, says the guy typing from his toilet seat

    It's one of the many reasons why I enjoy living alone. MGTOW saved my life. Why live with a nagging woman who will drive me to an early grave while already spending me into one?
  25. Re: SJW #metoo Millennial Rock Band (Cringe!)

    Sex sells. I wouldn't buy that shit though.
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