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  1. Re: Things You See At The Top: Feminist Woman Calls Pile Of Crap "Artwork", Successfully Sells It For $225K

    If people live Steve had no more money left we would probably live in a better world.

    Talking about art, its either a masterpiece that doesnt need any explanation or its mental
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    Re: The Herbivore Man

    I wouldnt say that we are a small group of individuals, we are growing in numbers week after week and soon enough we will reach a critical mass that will make it impossible for mainstream culture to...
  3. Re: 'Parasite singles': why young Japanese aren't getting married

    Well women of all income (their look, youth and femininity) are all taking part in an auction to buy a ferrari (top LMS men) yet those who can barely afford a toyota decide to walk waiting for the...
  4. Re: Feminst Craziness Explained? Birth Control Pills May Be Shrinking Brains In Women, Study Finds

    Hormones surely play a role in our biology but Im wondering if we are not confusing the cause with the result.

    How about women with smaller brain being more likley to ride the carousel longer...
  5. Re: Man sues female manager for sexual harassment & wins!

    If it was a man to be accused no process would have been needed to make him lose his job and his reputation.
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    Re: The Ghost and the machine

    To barricade yourself in a high castle is wrong if you are looking for protection.

    The best place to hide is exactly among your enemies, the fox that runs aways is chased from the dogs through her...
  7. Re: Nation's Progressives Give Thanks That They Have So Much To Be Angry About This Year

    Sure ask the women in sweden how liberated they are now that their own "patriarchs" are neutered and the new wave of oppressed middle eastern men finally found peace among them.
  8. Re: Judge upholds charges that could put Weinstein away for life - Metooed . . .

    A mentally sane country wouldnt even accept report for decades olds suspected rapes while a serious one would simply leave a few days limit to report one.
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    Re: When delusion collides with reality....
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    Re: Buying the Boyfriend Experience in Japan

    You can buy sex but you cant buy validation and this is much more painful for women then men.
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    Re: And now James Bond has been castrated

    Let it flop just like fatbusters and lgb-terminator...

    Anyway I wonder why they keep making movies that lose money and piss off their fan base, they either dont get it or its not about the money.
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    Re: Is porn making us more liberal ?

    Whoever made that research should know that once you released you want that woman to leave you alone while you eat or sleep, their power lasts as long as you dont blow your load.
  13. Re: How "Casablanca" Could Pass The Bechdel Test

    Two women alone in the same scene is usually more than enough for me to press fast forward till they are no longer there.

    I dropped sons of anarchy and the walking dead cause the unnecessary drama...
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    Im quite confused, are men poor or rich?

    So they said that men are paid more than women for a single hour of work while working in the same position being it called "gender pay gap" but they also said that the lack of economically adjusted...
  15. Re: Dating, comittement, having a gf? Go ahead...this is what's on offer. Have at it...

    I had many one night stands and other dirty evenings with many girls all of whom looked like girls next door and all of whom are now either engaged or married with a decent guy while pretending that...
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    Re: How big is MGTOW?

    You may have a point and its nothing new to humans, its no coincidence that eve got adam and herself kicked out from heaven and it was pandora to open the box, mythology is usually a simple way to...
  17. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall
    She def looks like someone pleasable and nice to...
  18. Re: Signs of intelligence above and beyond the people around you.

    I cant really stand people with low self control and inability to connect actions to conseguences.

    When I was young I tought there was something wrong with me for being unable to "enjoy" the...
  19. Re: Why are men so cucked that they fantasize or actually submit to a dominatrix?

    The bigger problem anyway are no cucked men but random low iq cvnts who take this movies as an "how-to" manual and behave accordingly.

    Anyway when you mix feminism with patriarchy (the real one)...
  20. Re: Why are men so cucked that they fantasize or actually submit to a dominatrix?

    Except for mad max one I didnt watch any of them, Im skipping gurl power movies since I was a kid and not because of mgtow or to prove a point but for genuine lack of interest.

    I remember in the...
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    Re: Are Women Destroying Academia? Probably

    Spot on.

    They dont care about making people happy, they care about making the environment safe and stable since its much easy to manipulate and suck resources from a calm group than from a bar...
  22. Re: Mackenzie Davis talks about the new terminator movie

    Modern gurl say "we dont need men, we dont want men, the world is ours and they are not invited" = progress.

    Mgtow say "We're fine with women no hard feelings but we would rather stay by ourself...
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    Re: Theater passes, El Terminador

    I dont watch action movies where the main character is a woman nor there are more than a woman in leading roles, thats not because Im sexist or I wanna obey the "mgtow rules" but for the same reason...
  24. Re: Urban Dictionary slanders MGTOW while glorifying FEMINISM.

    Somehow its interesting how feminist tell that a woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle yet when men leave basically in accordance to what they say, they become rabid and aggressive.
  25. Re: Urban Dictionary slanders MGTOW while glorifying FEMINISM.

    I find quite ridicolous that a guy named "spartacus" is worshipping feminism like that...more like a mangina who feel like a rebel.

    Anyway those who knows urban dictionary are probably clever...
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