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  1. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    The scamdemic is still ongoing and the few of us that can see through the bullshit are actually going on with our lives unhindered. Freedom over fear.

    Knowledge over the unknown.
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    Re: Double Life?

    Double life is important to lead the schemers astray aka women.

    First the double life gives you a layer of protection against nosy female relatives that want free work/resources from you as a man....
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    Re: Mixed feelings about this guy....


    Not even fake up can hide her true form.
  4. Re: The average living by herself? Thoughts?

    Many millennials men and women do not have such independence. I am fortunate in that I seized an opportunity when it was presented and I am a homeowner. I think millennial men and women do not...
  5. Re: 'Mental illness', cured by the red pill?

    I watched the other day an overweight man jogging with a mask on. Meanwhile I am out there walking whenever I want without a mask breathing in fresh air and receiving healthy amounts of sun. The...
  6. Re: 'Mental illness', cured by the red pill?

    Consumption of lamestream media, consumption of foods loaded with who knows what, consumption of ideas peddled by other to control can all lead to mental breakdowns.

    Take back control of your...
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    Re: Mixed feelings about this guy....

    A porker that acts like a 49er isn't worth risking your life over. We really need to educate these young men that the fantasy they see in media is not reality.
  8. Re: The incoming gynocratic administration: How do we cope?


    Ghosting strategies amplified if need be. More boycotts of products that demean men if necessary. Did Gillette receive the message yet? Shorting stocks with more and more female CEOs,...
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    Re: Over the target, heavy flack, bombs'away!

    This is a good example for men going their own way that you don't bend the knee due to social pressures and you don't ever ever apologize. A strong mind not only allows the body to navigate this...
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    Re: High Credit Score? Don't take the bate!

    Both are possibilities. Early retirement is easier by being debt free and building enough in your investment portfolio where money works for you. But if SHTF then yes taking on debt to be leveraged...
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    Re: Married Men buried by Wives' Student Debt

    Being debt free as possible means I am not waiting for .gov to send me a check. This is why steering clear of such women is paramount because they will try to guilt you in associating their mistakes...
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    Re: High Credit Score? Don't take the bate!

    Debt is worthwhile if you can leverage it to come out ahead. But a lot of people have found themselves in a hole by leveraging too much debt.

    Personally I think of debt as the nuclear option to...
  13. Re: Big tech extends political censorship lock-down to protect alleged election results.

    This is true.

    But I refuse to be a Cinderalla waiting for the other shoe to drop. I believe as a man the logical path forward is to loosen as many shackles as possible which helps improve my...
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    Re: Skiving at Work (Empty Labor)

    Yup that is right.

    That is how the game is played.

    When at work you don't try to make enemies you just keep it strictly about business and let everyone else fight over their squabbles. ...
  15. Re: Big tech extends political censorship lock-down to protect alleged election results.

    The greatest economic heist in human history is continuing and the great reset of society is unfolding. Gynocentric safe spaces and .gov bubbles is what has lead to big tech just dominating all...
  16. Re: "Do Not Impregnate" discussion - moved from another thread

    There are men in the west that will knock up so many women that .gov gives up trying to squeeze money out of them.

    Personally if you as a man are living in a western country I wouldn't take that...
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    Re: I'm homeless

    You seem to be in good spirits. Don't give up.

    2020 has been a trying year but it also allows us men to reflect upon what we believe our internal spirit can fuel for the future journey.
  18. Re: The environmental impact of female materialism

    Male materialism tends to be about building a collection. Time, money and joy invested means you cherish it all.

    Female materialism is indeed focused on feelings that are fleeting and come and go...
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    Re: Skiving at Work (Empty Labor)

    Looking super busy is the ultimate cover because with technology they are watching at all times now whether in the office or even on job sites. But you just have to be smarter about looking like you...
  20. Re: Man Refrains From Marrying Woman, Owes Millions in Spousal Support

    I can understand that view point. But like stardusk I can be indifferent and asexual towards the "fairer sex". It is not that I don't have that biological drive but I have never felt a slave to it...
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    Re: This video is worth re-watching

    The stoic mindset is simple but easy to master. Basically don't be a doormat as a man.

    It took me a long time to learn this because my parents taught me to always care about other people's...
  22. Re: Man Refrains From Marrying Woman, Owes Millions in Spousal Support

    When under siege you don't talk about how sunny the day is.

    At this point we must keep awareness at red alert because if we can save one man a day we have put in a good days work.
  23. Re: I think Tomi Lahren is on a bullet train headed for the wall

    In such situations those men may look the part but when you look into their eyes no one is home. The party is over and frankly their brain is shut off. Those men only have a shot if they actually...
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    Re: "It Takes a Village" Mentality

    My belief is that she is trying to control outcomes instead of putting in the work and letting the clients and customers dictate the outcomes. Shifting the paradigm and mindset of putting in work...
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    Re: "On the Go"

    What you say is true.

    Working hard for yourself is the pay off and nothing more.

    To me it shows that no matter what you do it is never enough and people become trapped in their own heads...
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