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    Sticky: Re: So what does a good MGTOW life look like?

    Boy oh boy .. how time flies when you have a blast.

    Short status update:
    Still ghosting, blew off a couple of interested gold-diggers with one so much younger she could be my daughter.
    Had a...
  2. Re: Over 30? Jodie Foster says you are guilty of sexual harassment . . .


    She hit the wall, than the wall fell on her and until they dug her out she suffered severe loss of water.

    Basically women seem to have 2 choices after 35:
  3. Re: Porch Pirates Beware: This angry inventor has a special gift for package thieves: Revenge

    Sadly we live in a retarded society.

    Also .. why use "blanks" anyway. Trash that steals from others peoples porches should be taken out.
    Nothing saves the taxpayer more money than dead criminals.
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    Re: What was the moment you woke up?

    When sitting in the cinema with a real good looking blonde arm candy to watch the "Phantom Menace", so quite some years ago.

    1: Why watch something for way to much money in the cinema when the...
  5. Re: cunt eating definitely linked to throat cancer in men

    So bang her .. with some protective plastic wrapped around.
    Go down on her .. with some protective plastic placed down there.

    And than some wise guy said:
    If I am going to interact with plastic...
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    Re: Anybody else completely repulsed by sex?

    Not repulsed but I am not that horny anymore that I consider going trough womens bullshit or paying cash up front for an escort worth the little satisfaction I get.

    On the other hand, occasionally...
  7. Re: Lenovo PCs ship with man-in-the-middle adware that breaks HTTPS connections

    Well, I am pretty happy with my YogaBook, Y710 PC and Y720 Laptop .. all made by Lenovo.

    They are still pretty solid and reliable when it comes to the Hardware although they are not as good (and...
  8. Re: Beautiful young lady criticizes First Lady of USA [eye bleach. For the love of God eye bleach]

    Ah ... this is where the crazy cat-lady look comes from ... Vogue.
    Good to know.

    I learnt to stay away from women that have any "Playboy-Bunny" symbols around ... will add Vogue too that.

  9. Thread: Usenet

    by LuckyAustrian

    Re: Usenet

    Still remember the beating I got when I discovered that a modem can connect you to a BBS (kinda before the internet came around) and my parents got a nice monthly landline-bill.
  10. Re: If I were the last virile man on Earth...

    Just imagine the alimony you would have to pay for re-seeding the baren wombs of earth.

    Not to mention that all your grandkids would be retards.:D
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    Japan takes us to the next level.

    Well Japan clearly shows where the West is going and where there is a market there is somebody entering that market.

    Many know Siri and Cortana, a few have Amazon Echo but this takes the idea of a...
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    Re: "too much" video games???

    I remember that ap. 25 years ago my mom told me quite angrily:

    You can not sit in front of a stupid TV-game all of your free time!
    Get out, go out, do something.
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    Re: My ears are burning

    This thread on a forum dedicated to people mind numbingly pushing weights to gain appeal to the other sex....

    That is even more pathetic than they think we MGTOWs are.

    At least I do not punish...
  14. Re: Alex Jones divorce finalized - he got FUCKED

    If I were him I would bail.

    He can run his show from everywhere on this planet anyway.

    But he is in a trap, I think many of his listeners are very conservative and bailing on his "duties" may...
  15. Re: Female tech entrepeneur is the next Steve Jobs? "Juicero Press - iOS"

    The point is obviously that we all are way to smart to come up with BS like that and that we all think that this is way to stupid to sell to people.

    120 million collected for what is basically a...
  16. Re: How did you feel when you first heard about MGTOW?

    Ding - Ding - Ding
    We have a winner here.

    Seriously, the last date I had was in 2001 or whenever "The Phantom Menace" came into our cinemas.
    I had to explain the plot of that movie (which...
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    Re: Cut off Age?

    Yeah ... I called it slave-shaming!

    Seriously, there is one question that always made my mum and my relatives shut up which is:
    What is in it for me ?

    I prefer being alone anyway, nothing to...
  18. Re: What Do You Do With All Your Free Time (Serious)

    Well, I spend my spare time with:

    Doing renovations on my home (just yesterday I had backhoed the last part of my garden to the shape I wanted)

    Gardening if the weather is fine.

  19. Re: What is the primary reason for the exploding popularity of MGTOW?

    Growing up in pre-internet times there was just nothing I could compare the horrible relationship of my parents too.

    The neighbours had their facades up, as had we (at least for some time)
  20. Re: Have you ever hit your personal rock bottom?

    Let me see.
    No job, no higher education, no money, almost without a roof over my head and begging people on the streets for coins to buy some cigarettes.

    Well, I admit I was almost at the bottom...
  21. Re: Is a overcrowded world good or bad for us?

    As far as I know this happens only if you eat the brain and those symptoms were noticed only with tribals somewhere in the south-american jungle who did that rather often.

    My opinion about the...
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    Re: "too much" video games???

    I stumbled over the Witcher 3 GOTY a month ago and played some but for now I am too busy playing with that little Raspberry Pi on my desk.

    I have not much idea about programming and I am slowly...
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    Re: Happy MGTOW Day!

    Just congratulated all my colleagues on our internal WhatsApp circle on Valentines day.

    The only day that makes an old bachelor like me feel sad ;)

    I also attached this gif:...
  24. Re: Permit Me A Little Vanity - My Interview Published In Animals Mag

    Oh boy ... you are basically describing the same experience I had recently ...

    Only I had to deal with Skyrim Special...
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    Re: Ever feel pressured to have kids?

    I got some pressure, mostly in my early thirties until the expanded family realised that I simply have no will to find a woman or have kids.

    I never wanted kids (my childhood sucked) nor "family...
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