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  1. Re: How to not succumb to peer pressure?

    There is not much you can do about how other people behave..

    To truly embrace MGTOW, all you need is a complete and unconditional acceptance of the fact that marriage in all its forms,...
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    Re: Redpill to Whitepill?

    This message I had posted on mgtow2 before the sub was banned...

    You can be a MGTOW and still hope to make a change.

    How I do it? 'Lead by example'.

    I have built a quite life for myself....
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    Re: Jesus was the first ever MGToW

    Gods were MGTOW in many religions..

    In hinduism, lord Hanuman was a lifelong celibate and bachelor. It is one if revered God among Hindus.

    Gautam Buddha was married off at 16, he left his...
  4. Re: A Mother Puts Her Daughter On A New York City Billboard That Says "Date My Daughter."

    "They found that a womanís made-up hubby makes 58 percent more money than the current lineup...
  5. Re: What's the best way to decline a blind date request at work?

    You have got some good advice. I think I am late to the party.

    But here are my two cents-
    Just tell your boss that you have a massive loan to pay-off and hence you aren't looking for any...
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    Re: Romantic feelings.

    I date casually, so I do get some of that experience like holding hands and cuddling.

    But I avoid getting into long term relationships, cohabitation and, of course, marriage.

    I don't...
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    Re: How to help blue-pill mates

    Its not the 'dying alone' part that they are really scared of.
    Most people know the we die alone.

    What people are actually scared of is being alone when you are old, sick and vulnerable.....
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    Re: Matriarchy Blog?

    Well said...
    I always refer to MGTOW as a man who can live in hell and still be unaffected by hellfire.

    It doesn't really matter how bad things get. If you are a man who has a decent job...
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    Re: How to help blue-pill mates

    Never try to generalize women if you want to convince a blue-piller.
    They will get defensive and accuse you of misogyny and may even shut-off the conversation.

    You want to convince them,...
  10. Re: Gave up completely on women and dating

    I going to give you a slightly different advice than the others here....

    As a MGTOW you shouldn't 'give up' on women.
    The idea of MGTOW doesn't originate from the belief that women are...
  11. Re: "You're running out of time" said to me by a friend...

    I think this would have been my reply.. "You know you settled for whatever woman that was available. I wonder how many of you regret that decision."

    And why should you 'settle' for a woman. You...
  12. Re: We need to advocate for men like feminists advocate for women

    I think you are mistaking MGTOW for either mensrights activists or tradcon.
    We aren't both.

    We don't want a submissive, traditional wife or GF. The truth, we don't want a wife at all. ...
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    Re: Purple unicorn? A very rare gem.

    We know they exist. I personally know at least two. My sister and my mother.

    But guess what, they are both happily married. Mother at 19, and sister at 23. And they both married to their...
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    Re: How to go my own way for good?

    Remember one quote for life...

    'The only thing worse than not finding a good wife, is finding a bad wife.'

    Statistically, 3/4 wives end up being bad wives. 50% that end up in divorce. And...
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    Re: MGTOW man using women?

    The best reply for such manipulative tactics is to state the facts as it..
    I would have said, "Sex is something two people have with consent. Its not that one person is using the other's body....
  16. Re: Superman calls BS on #metoo movement and gets bitched at

    Exactly... That is the point of MGTOW.
    Its the 'FACT' that traditional society wasn't any better for men than the present post-feminism society..
    In fact, in many aspects, it was even worse. ...
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