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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    Who in their right minds will want to have sex with an AmeriSkank?
  2. Re: Alternative dwellings for independence (tiny houses, stealth vans, etc)

    I think there was a YT video series called "The Homeless Firefighter" or something about a fireman who basically lived & cooked in his truck for several months because he was saving up to buy a...
  3. Re: Alternative dwellings for independence (tiny houses, stealth vans, etc)

    We really need more heroes like him. Good man, your friend.
  4. Re: Remember gents women can be a threat in the workplace too

    Smart move that. Leaving a paper trail. Always have backup & evidence of your work.

    VERY good points. Since women always view men as a threat and are always on guard around us, we need to...
  5. Re: Where Are the Men? (SaveAFeminist Simps Are Disappearing!)

    The media outlets didn't say anything about the LARGE black dude wearing a hat, standing right across them but not doing anything to help her?

    Oh, right. They'll only blame a white guy if he did...
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    Re: Never Paid a Cent to OnlyFans Club

    Can't stand Ameriskanks or any other femi-trash from the west. Don't need onlyfans.
  7. Re: Men beware! Women now setting up cameras to falsely accuse men

    Another reason why women hate men's home gyms is because then, men are not paying attention to women. Women hate it when they can't get men to pay attention to them.
  8. Re: At Last! A movie that celebrates Masculinity! Top Gun: Maverick

    I greatly agree with everything you wrote. Well put!

    And interesting that you brought up china. It seems this movie didn't want to pander to the chiNazis. Originally, the chinazis kicked up a big...
  9. Re: HOLY SHIT., I"m WATCHING Tropic Thunder, and it's fucking CRAZY!

    "I'm a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude!" - Robert Downey Jr.

  10. Re: Chinese man learned none of his 3 daughters were his biological children

    Karma. chinese men are known for stealing married women from other countries ( eg Laos, Vietnam), especially if the women are already pregnant with sons.

    What is the difference between her...
  11. Re: At Last! A movie that celebrates Masculinity! Top Gun: Maverick

    I really like this part from the last article: :D

    The ageless star [Cruise] is in full control of his film destiny, and he clearly helped “Maverick” avoid most, if not all, of the culture war...
  12. At Last! A movie that celebrates Masculinity! Top Gun: Maverick

    I've been avoiding movies and TV shows because of all the woke crap that's being stuffed down our throats.

    But Top Gun: Maverick is one movie that I just absolutely HAD to go see.

    Was not...
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    Re: I fucking LOVE this scathing reply!

    That was savage. A really savage truth bmb.

    I'm taking notes.
  14. Re: Look Out!! New species of All Female Grasshopper discovered.

    New species of All Female Grasshopper discovered
    Meanwhile, human males are discovering they can live without human females, too.

    Hooray for MGTOW!
  15. Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned! Genius Taken Down!

    Y'know, the deeper I think about this man's case, the more I think this is also how women steal a man's life's work.

    The dude is Nobel material, probably has published dozens of research papers...
  16. Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned! Genius Taken Down!

    Of course, the chinese or other red-pilled nations will snap him up.....quietly. MIT's loss.
  17. Re: 5 Reasons Why Western Men Should Not Marry A Japanese Woman

    Whenever women complain about men not doing housework, they never mention who actually PAID for the house.
    They never mention that NOT doing housework won't make them homeless. At least they still...
  18. Any Non-Left wing/libtard image hosting and sharing sites?

    ** Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. If not, mods please move this to the appropriate thread section. Thank you. **

    Is there an alternative to image hosting and sharing site...
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    Re: So I got a doxx call the other night...

    If it happens again, record it, note the time & date, and then report her to the cops for stalking & harassment. Try to get caller ID too.
  20. Re: Slutty girls warning about Roe v Wade [amusing pic]

    I see an increase in demand for sexbots and sex dolls. No child support & no alimony.
    I also see more men ditching Ameriskanks & traveling overseas to have 'fun' .
  21. Thread: MGTOW Theme

    by FreeGhost

    Re: MGTOW Theme

    "I'm a Man" by Black Strobe.
  22. Re: Women’s egos - an article from 13 years ago

    VERY well said. That's exactly what these type of women are. Overbearing twats and cunts that no man can stand to be with.
  23. Re: Scientific Redpills - Study finds: The uglier you are, the more your wife or girlfriend wants to fuck other men when she can get pregnant.

    "Studies" like these convince men to GTOW. No wife, no problem. No girlfriend, fatter wallet.
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    Re: Ghost hobbies?

    Nah, it's just a man's need to build things with his hands. Nothing wrong with it. Men did build society after all. So the need to build a miniature world is in our genetic make-up :D
  25. Re: He Refuses To Make Me His Girlfriend - Women Are Realizing Men Are Not Committing Anymore

    I regret clicking the play button but at the same time I am relieved that I am MGTOW. Jesus, what bunch of self-absorbed assholes these women are.

    "If you are scaring them, you must be doing...
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