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  1. Re: This 1955 ‘Good House Wife’s Guide’ Explains How Wives Should Treat Their Husbands

    There were some attempts around the 1950's to influence women to behave well and do a decent job as a housewife. But young men considering this should avoid believing it was anything like a golden...
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    Re: Secrets of Playboy

    For someone who they claim was such a drug fiend, Hefner sure lived to a ripe old age. And from the photos he looked in pretty good shape for a guy in his 90's. Contrast this to the photo of the one...
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    Re: Meat Loaf

    I remember clearly when "Bat Out of Hell" first came out. The song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" was a little piece of profound wisdom about sex drive, male female relationships, and what...
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    Re: What even is marriage?

    It seems to me after a few months here, that most of us MGTOWers are either born with better than average ability to think logically about these things, or we develop such ability through hard...
  5. Re: Should we re-examine the open borders policy for new members?

    I'm new here and benefitted from the open-door policy. So maybe I'm one of those people who move in and then want others like me kept out.:rolleyes: But in any case, my impression is even with the...
  6. Re: Old movies, the 70's-era plantation, and Bigfoot.

    It seems you're onto something that deserves a book length treatment at least. I got to see the tail end of the "housewife" era. In historical perspective it was very short lived, a few decades at...
  7. Re: A lot of guys in their 40s and 50s, don't believe in divorce, and men need to adapt better than women. For men, to adapt, is the issue.

    Often there's not much you can do other than hear them out or change the subject. I've known married men enduring incredible exploitation/abuse by their wives, and yet they do nothing to change their...
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    Re: How to help blue-pill mates

    Your thought process looks solid. You've seen a bigger picture. Most of your friends don't get it. You've apparently tried to offer some information and started to get a taste of how difficult it is...
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    Re: What A Circus It Is

    My input is really just the same good advice already given in different words. Don't even try to keep yourself from wanting, just slow down enough to not immediately act on your momentary wants. With...
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    Re: What A Circus It Is

    Yes IMO the basic choice is binary, and reproduction is central to the whole thing. If you choose to go the way of society and reproduce, you might get intermittent payoff in pleasure from sex, and...
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    Re: Music tells all

    This is an interesting topic. I'm old enough to remember when "I Am Woman" first made its appearance. I was too young to know what was going on but realized something was really off with this...
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    Re: Who has a side hustle?

    Here's some ideas I've heard about. These have the advantage it wouldn't take a big investment to get in. People buy some professional quality window washing equipment and offer to do it (outside...
  13. Re: Feminism is based on, and continues to be, a white supremacist movement.

    Yes there's a good lesson about feminism from just pulling up images of the great "suffragettes" of the 1800's. Susan B Anthony, for instance. Even on the coin she looks like a miserable hostile old...
  14. Re: The way we perceive reality is substantially different from one another

    Yes like so many things, this could be both a "blessing and a curse". The blessing part might be the ability to not get caught up in imagery while working with words. On the curse side could be...
  15. Re: Finally, A Commercial Where the Man Gets What He Wants From The Wife

    It seems cute on the surface, but a message about social change is built into this. Traditionally it was the man providing a $50,000 diamond ring to the dependent woman. She needed the man to give...
  16. Re: The new female ascendency, How will society be changed by the over-production of female graduates?

    And consider the effect feminism has had on all these fields. Modern Psychology, Sociology, etc were founded by men many years ago with serious intentions. It has only been in the past couple of...
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    Re: Don't piss your money away

    There's nothing wrong with the occasional echo chamber when its great minds comparing notes. After all, we have to face up to a constant barrage of idiocy for much of our time "in real life".
  18. Re: Women make good servants but horrible masters

    Yes, women might be especially susceptible to the schemes, because there is social reassurance and magical thinking involved.

    I was inspired by this discussion to check in on Amway, the passive...
  19. Re: Women make good servants but horrible masters

    There are plenty of sources for you to learn what you need to know, without trying to figure out if an anonymous internet poster is providing good information. Here's a Forbes article for example:...
  20. Re: Women make good servants but horrible masters

    In my experience, most people who start their own businesses end up working their asses off, and there's no guarantee of success. On the rare occasions they find "easy money" it doesn't last long, as...
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    Re: So I think I figured something out

    Yes it does come down to nature. For most of the long history of the human race, women were kept busy producing and nursing babies. Not many generations back when half the babies born died before...
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    Re: Pussies review Rudolph

    It is hilarious. Watching this in the early AM was a great way to start the day, before facing up to whatever social insanity lies in store later.
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    Re: Has there ever been a good woman?

    IMO there's potential for a Marxist interpretation of the current situation, without getting stuck in the idea a command and control "communism" is going to be the answer. I like the idea of feminism...
  24. Re: Gave up completely on women and dating

    Yes and another great benefit of going MGTOW at an early age is keeping the flexibility to change in the later years. The urgency to pair up in the 20's is based entirely on women's need to reproduce...
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    Re: "fake" engagement rings

    Yes this is one of the telling pieces of the marriage shitshow. Married men usually have a simple band, maybe costing $200, just enough to signal to the world that they are already tied to some...
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