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    Re: Oh this is a good one.

    tell her you're on parole. tell her you're broke. tell her you have warrants out for your arrest. tell her you have an sexually transmitted disease. Tell her whatever it takes to make her believe...
  2. Re: A Mother Puts Her Daughter On A New York City Billboard That Says "Date My Daughter."

    Why is it necessary to advertise to thousands of men, when you are (theoretically) only needing one individual man? I'd be interested in seeing a billboard that lists all the reasons why none of the...
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    Re: Oh this is a good one.

    there are many reasons to avoid this shit show. Any one of them the inspires you to do so is adequate, as long as you choose at least one of them. As for how best to go about it, there are 2...
  4. Re: Why Men Don't Approach YOU! Woman "finally" Understands Why Men Stop Giving AF...

    If I approach a woman and get rejected, I've wasted my time. If I approach a woman and get accepted, she is eventually going to expect me to pay/reward her for her time.

    Either way, it's a...
  5. Re: The Three Stages Of A Gold Digger MGTOW Is Freedom

    I can't remember where I first read it, but the best response I ever heard to the woman's spewing, "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best..." was from a pretty hard line...
  6. Re: What's the best way to decline a blind date request at work?

    in your situation, when I can see a problem coming, my favorite move is to just 'duck'. That is, I don't stand and confront and openly fight the problem. I don't just wait for impact and try/hope to...
  7. Re: New Korean War on Feminist Man Haters . . .

    If I was younger and had the energy and ambition to try to change things, I might join such a protest as this. But at this point, after all the crap I've seen from women, my response to this shit...
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    Re: Does Sex pass the Risk/Reward equation?

    A false rape accusation can ruin your career, and result in incarceration.
    A pregnancy can ruin your financial well being and retirement plans.
    A STD can ruin your health, and shorten your life....
  9. Re: props to this feminist for calling out the hypocrites who say "mansplaining"

    there are a couple of almost magical things that happen in a man's life, that clear up a whole boat load of angst and confusion regarding women. The first is when a man reaches an age where he no...
  10. Re: How Am I Supposed To Like Humanity After Doing This Experiment

    Let's keep this simple:

    they went online to get attention.

    You gave it to them (for free).

    After getting what they wanted from you, you became disposable to them.

    this is a small...
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    Re: Gender Equality?

    the article seems proud to proclaim that half the new appointments are women. How and wether those women are qualified for those appointments is not mentioned in the article. That seems to be just...
  12. Re: More and More Women Are Paying Alimony to Failure-to-Launch Ex-Husbands. And They’re Really, Really Not Happy About It.

    the description of the experience that woman had with her ex sounds nearly identical to the one I had with my ex. I didn't have to pay alimony or spousal support, but I did have to pay off some...
  13. Re: House Voted to Remove Requirement for Women to Register

    An American politician can't wipe his own ass without first checking with polls first to see which option will have the best impact his potential re-election campaign. The inclusion of language...
  14. Re: Is my life plan as a late 20's Male decent/smart/logical?

    the risks are higher in starting your own business, but so are the rewards. So if you are going to do it, give it your absolute very best shot. Don't do this half-assed. Work as hard as you...
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    Re: How to not care what people think?

    "When your opinion of me writes me a check, I'll start paying more attention to it..."

    As you navigate through your day, and find yourself confronted by people who believe that their opinions...
  16. Re: "You're running out of time" said to me by a friend...

    running out of time?

    Is the supply of single mothers getting smaller?
  17. Re: Feminists bit their allies heads off -- now abortion might be outlawed

    A young man gets divorced, and his wife walks with most of his money, assets and resources. Her and 5 of her friends cackle with glee and high-five each other screaming, "YOU GO GURL...!!! GIT DAT...
  18. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    I need to shut up and listen...?

    I am an expert on my needs. Ben' is not an expert on my needs.

    I think what Ben is trying to say is that women need me to listen.

    I have been reassured...
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    Re: Tik Tok Has An Incel Problem

    Social media platforms will beg you to join. They will sell your personal information for a profit. They will sell your attention to advertisers for a profit. They will sell to advertisers a list...
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    Re: What is your solution ?

    Asking my decision on what to do for a solution to the current issues my society has chosen for itself... seems to presume that I have some obligation to provide a solution, and you are now just...
  21. Re: A Way To Deal With The Single Mother Problem

    I have seen dating app profiles of single mothers where those women would state pretty clearly that they had kids, and that their kids were 'everything...' to them, or that their 'kids come...
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    Re: Hive Healthcare

    Medical industry insider here. The number ONE principle of medical ethics is the informed consent of the patient for ANY medical treatment. Medical services are offered to, and accepted by the...
  23. Re: Bill Sardi Tells His California Family Court Nightmare

    theres a video available on YouTube either for free, or for a couple dollars, called "Divorce Corp". It details the way the divorce industry works, and it's so much worse than even the most jaded of...
  24. Re: Is Kevin Samuels the most dangerous man in the manosphere?

    once upon a time, men and women needed each other to survive in the short term, and to reproduce in the longer term. The world was a tough place for an individual to survive without a family, and...
  25. Re: "Childish men are to blame for women having kids late in life" - -Time to "Man Up" guys!!

    women demand to be paid the same money as men. Never mind different levels of effort, ability, education or career choice. They want to abolish the 'pay gap' and have equality of outcome.
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