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  1. Re: What would you do with in mid-30s with 500K net worth?

    I would retire, throw some into investments and live off interest the rest of my life, easy.
  2. Re: Are Women with tattoos are flagged as Red Flag? Because women with tattoos are considered sluts with diseases, because they often or used to have flings with Chads.

    Whether they have tattoo's or not makes no difference, waste of time either way.
  3. Poll: Re: Is RAPE the most overrated crime ?

    Isn't this just simple, the crime is that it's *forced* / unwanted, doesn't matter how many times the victim slept with the town of their own free will.

    Lol, I've seen photo's of those trains in...
  4. Re: Judge Offers Enlistment in Lieu of Prison Sentence

    Yea, it's hella badass for sure - I'm sure the US has some sort of equivalent who knows, no doubt there is a minority of women that are actually physically fit and wouldn't just get pregnant before...
  5. Re: Biden predicts Russia will invade Ukraine

    Last I recall, the US gets all of it's heavy duty high-tech computer chips manufactured in Taiwan - North America doesn't have the facilities to create them by themselves but they have started to...
  6. Re: Judge Offers Enlistment in Lieu of Prison Sentence

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    Re: Does anyone regret GYOW?

    It's a decent enough list & I'd agree with namelss at that point.

    Then you need to add female psychology to deal with, beyond the physical traits & the still existing threat of divorce AKA you...
  8. Re: Should we re-examine the open borders policy for new members?

    The topic and reasons to go MGTOW have been beaten to death & the horse has disintegrated into particles at this point, we hear about other opinions every day, every relationship & breakup story or...
  9. Re: Biden predicts Russia will invade Ukraine

    Don't think Biden could predict if tomorrow is Thursday or Sunday - let alone consider politics.
    This has got to be one of the weakest, most pathetic presidents in the history of the US, just a...
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    Re: What even is marriage?

    It's an outdated tradition that has been bent & reformed into the abomination that it is today.
    People do it because others do, it's the norm.

    Similiar to an experiment I recall hearing a...
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    Re: Feminism is Female Narcissism

    It has no place in modern western world, they've been equal to men for decades and done nothing except grovel and beg for more and more handouts, huge lack of attempting to stand on their own feet &...
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    Re: Does anyone regret GYOW?

    You might as well rephrase it to "does anyone regret learning the truth"
    Fraid once you've taken one red-pill you can't go back slaving away to the plantation bud, plenty has been said already in...
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    Re: Boohda

    It's that old saying, wise men learn from their mistakes, the smart one's learn from others. And if some don't learn at all, well too bad for them.
    If you pique your curiosity to find the stats &...
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    Re: Geeks + Gamers and G4 Drama

    I've been gaming since 2000 and never even heard of G4, I assume normal gamer's spend their time playing games, not watching TV or in this case YT video's that spawn 20-1 hour plus about them, far...
  15. Re: The inner fight between Red and Blue pills

    You can keep taking the red-pill truths perse till they lose their flavor and become boring, once you've had your fill and seeing the latest clown-news becomes a nuisance rather an anger - well you...
  16. Re: Lol. The future gets more Orwellian [kill switches in new cars]

    Dumb, useless, and the consumer will obviously foot the bill for this techno gimmick that actual criminals will dismantle & disable or *gasp* drive older vehicles.
    Who come's up with this sort of...
  17. Re: Coming For You? New ‘Domestic Terror Unit’ Is A Way To Punish Americans For Thought Crimes

    This one is relevant too, maybe they'll finally go after Antifa & BLM for facilitating domestic terrorism, killing & injuring people along with property destruction, maybe someday we'll get there.
  18. Re: Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Claim, Says Death by Experimental COVID Vaccine is the Same as Suicide

    Voluntary human trails!?
    Say no more! gimme the clot shot please.

    Remember seeing a vid. of someone on floor and good 2-4 dozen people just sitting calmly awaiting to be called up for their turn...
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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Erm, he's your dad, why do you need people on the internet to tell you, the person that knows him best what to think?

    You'd need to provide a massive wall of text describing your father which...
  20. Re: MGTOW ideology, deemed and dubbed Terrorism.

    Looks like MGTOW is thrown in the same lot as PUA & MRA - even incels.
    Thing is out of all 4 we're the only one that doesn't pedstalize the holy vag, rest still stick to BP brainwashing. Not enough...
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    Re: Prenup?

    I assume you're new to the manosphere & divorce.
    Prenups are useless unless they're written on soft-double ply toilet paper.

    If you're rich with millions in the bank, it may serve a purpose,...
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    Re: If you're vaccinated....

    Finally medical advice from Fauci that we can agree on.
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    Re: If you're vaccinated....

    Latest leak has been published by Veritas showing that the good doc Fauci's been lying through his teeth about having funded the gain of function in the Wuhan Lab after Darpa had rejected it.
  24. Re: Before going mgtow I noticed that most white women only like to date black men who they can control

    Reminds me of the ghost rider clips I watched years ago, guy on 100-300 HP bikes outrunning, taunting and speeding 180MPH+
    Very entertaining, I sure as hell wouldn't do that - slapping a turbo on a...
  25. Re: Before going mgtow I noticed that most white women only like to date black men who they can control

    Had a interesting thought regarding this actually, did the BLM fella's decide to differentiate themselves and try to exclude each other based on their place of birth? I'm certain they generalized...
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