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  1. Re: Another thing annoying about the "woke" shit

    That was an extremist and ridiculous phrase that even many liberals panned, but the far-left extremist faction of the party wanted to go with. Some of them said it was figurative, and they didn't...
  2. Re: Another thing annoying about the "woke" shit

    I think they should use:

    Deutschland erwacht. Gibt Hitler die Macht. (Germany, wake up. Give Hitler the power.)
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    Here's what actually is racist

    That sicko lunatic, Payton Gendron, walked into a supermarket armed and wearing protective armor and blew away a bunch of people, specifically because they were black. In his manifesto, he rants...
  4. Another thing annoying about the "woke" shit

    Besides all the pestering of people, and branding good people "racist," there's another thing I can't stand about the "woke" culture. It's not even grammatically correct. You say "I am awake," not...
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    Re: Donald Trump's Rules For Success

    The whole "don't do it for money" thing is about trying to find something you love to do, and would have done for free just for fun, and then finding a way to get paid to do it. For example, maybe...
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    Re: How does nudity empower women?

    The only part of fat acceptance that I'll go with is I'm not going to go around being an asshole to fat people. I'm not going to treat them like crap or call them names, etc. That's just part of...
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    Re: How does nudity empower women?

    Nudity is empowering for women if a bunch of feminists strip naked in public to protest the patriarchy. However, if an actress does a nude scene in a movie of her own free will under contract, and...
  8. Re: Men from 18 to 60 barred from leaving Ukraine

    Yup. If a woman or a child takes a bullet through the brain, that's a horrible tragedy. If it happens to a man in a military uniform, it's just a casualty, and that can be expected. Our lives have...
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    Re: Donald Trump's Rules For Success

    I'm no Trump fan, but unlike the screaming and obnoxious social media sites, at GYOW dot com, we can have disagreements and be civil instead of being hollering lunatics. That's a feminist/SJW thing....
  10. Re: Putting a Child on a Diet is Akin to Sexual Molestation [eyebleach!]

    This lunatic just pissed on the graves of everyone who died at the hands of the Nazis. She should just come out and say, "Losing all this weight is too much work, and so I don't want to do it." ...
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    Re: Mgtow Prepping For Hyperinflation

    It's always a good idea to store up non-perishable food, but that's mostly for the risk of traumatic weather or emergency, depending on where you live, meaning a blizzard, a tornado, a hurricane,...
  12. Re: Any Non-Left wing/libtard image hosting and sharing sites?

    I don't think postimage has any political leanings, at least theyv'e never bitched to me.
  13. Re: One of the many stupid things feminists say

    LOL. No kidding. Feminists are SKANK. They can't be bothered to shave their armpits, their legs, or to even use antiperspirant. That's all part of the evil "patriarchy." Somehow she thinks...
  14. Re: What's the worst excuse you heard someone make to abolish females of accountability/responsibility?

    My God, there are so many. All my life, women have been lame excuse factories. It's hard to pick just one, but it was when the woman I considered the love of my life broke up with me. All our...
  15. Re: One of the many stupid things feminists say

    Wow, I didn't realize that stupid quote had its roots in communism. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

    Exactly. I know a feminist who is cunty to everyone, especially people who point out...
  16. Re: Gervais Trumps Chapelle As Most-Hated Comedian . . . Beware TERFS - Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists!

    I've been trying to decide which comedian to watch next on Netflix. Thanks for the tip. Ricky Gervais it is.
  17. One of the many stupid things feminists say

    Has anyone noticed how stupid this expression is?:

    Women hold up half the sky.

    You would think that something that stupid would be an embarrassment, as if one idiot said it, but the rest of...
  18. Re: Wife fills husbandís phone with child porn in plan to get custody of kids, OKlahoma cops say

    Never let anyone have access to your phone, and certainly not the passcode to it. Especially not your wife, if you've gotten suckered into that marriage shit.
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    Re: A Female Hulk TV Series

    It's Hollywood's latest formula:
    Rehash the same old shit + cave to the Woke Mind Police

    When will they figure out that this formula leads to boring movies that people don't want to see?
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    Don't get scammed by a prostitute

    MGTOW who want to scratch that itch might use the services of sex workers. Be careful if you do. Some of them will rip you off. Here's a video about that. We could use this thread for strategies...
  21. Re: Jordan Peterson's Critique of Voluptuous Women Is Misplaced (Hippo Rage!)

    I saw women throwing a fit over Peterson simply being honest. Feminists keep trying to change the so-called beauty standards by putting pictures of grotesque fat women on the covers of, or inside...
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    Re: List of things that oppress women

    That proves that huge numbers of women are inherently sick in the head.
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    List of things that oppress women

    1. Gravity. It's been holding women down for centuries.
    2. The rings of Saturn. Look how long these things have existed. Yet, not one time have the rings of Saturn ever voiced support for...
  24. Re: Yuval Noah Harari | What To Do With All of These Useless People?

    So far Grand Theft Auto has never turned anyone into a car thief, but somehow an elaborate sex toy will turn a man into a rapist. No fleshlight has ever turned any man into a rapist, but put a...
  25. Re: Do any of you guys pay for house cleaning services?

    This tells me if I get a service, I'd better be choosy and not just hire the lowest bidder. That sounds like a nightmare.
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