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  1. Re: Michaela Peterson divorcees and hooks up with a thug

    It's like opening a can of worms - but JP advocated to young men - self-isolation aka "independence" and giving up on life by not trying one's hardest to be the lobster at the top of barrel. His...
  2. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    This is all a hoax. Although most men who proclaim to be red pilled in female department fall face-flat-first in the power structure. History is repeating albeit using a different methodology. The...
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    Re: tech question

    Snip, snap, clip ... whatever that app on Windows is called. You can search in the taskbar for "clip" and it is the first suggested app. Sorry, long time mac user .... ;)
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    Re: Confused again! So what’s new?

    It's a tricky and often sticky situation. I am early 30s, so I can see the slow progression toward indifference when it comes to seeking/wanting a female for sex or companionship. It is in stark...
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    Re: Confused again! So what’s new?

    The biological imperative of seeking female validation and through gynocentric extension the entirety of society is in itself a trap that constructs chambers up on chambers that can't be escaped.
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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: Broken Woman

    Very well said. I think even among MGTOW a lot of our narratives are there to coax to male ego than to observe the reality. I have had direct and indirect experience where women see men as weak if...
  7. Re: A Religious Perspective on What's Wrong with Women Today

    It is off-topic but I have skipped his PUA day; what he has to say about the going-ons of the world on his BitChute (not sure if YT allows all his videos) is pretty much what most red-pilled men are...
  8. Re: U.S. Women’s Soccer Team ‘Equal Pay’ Case Dismissed

    It is because of misogyny .... by other females. They can convince other cunts who are equally bad at throwing or kicking a ball to attend or watch their games. Since women make up >50% they can...
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    Re: A tribute to May-2020

    Thanks for the shoutout. Remember May's posts on the other site. He was working to be a teacher. Good man. Hope he is doing good whatever he is up to. Good solidarity mgtower, you da man!
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    Re: Understanding Sex Through Porn

    I find a life without lust and indulgence in porn allows more mental clarity, leaves more focus to tasks/hobbies that contribute to overall life satisfaction of the man. A woman can engage in all...
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    Re: MGTOW: Being Happy with The Path

    You may wish to visit "Alex on Life's" YouTube channel. He visits female nature in no uncertain terms.

    I been on the journey for 6 years now - in my early 30's and I would undoubtedly admit that...
  12. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: Why a MGTOW community matters

    My happiness meter is twice as much (if not more) once I find the time and mental clarity to participate in mgtow forums and listen to other men's perspective who have bucked societal norms.
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    Re: Understanding Sex Through Porn

    I have often been on the very small minority of men who vehemently oppose porn - especially in the context of being aware of pitfalls of female nature and associations with such.

    My main...
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    Re: Covid19 and MGTOW

    Check out 'Alex on Life' and 'Roosh V' on BitChute.
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    Re: How to spot a Veteran of the Cock Carousel

    Tells every guy she sleeps with that there were just 2 before him. Both were assholes.
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    Re: ManWomanMyth has returned

    I found out about his new channel few months ago and left a few messages under his videos. He has replied to them stating that he did try to commit suicide but doesn't have any recollection of the...
  17. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: Study: Women rejected by an Atractive Man more likely to Reject other Men

    In the long run the 40-some year old single mothers waiting for their Prince Perfect are in similar boat. But instead of rejection from a man, they nurse the rejection of mother nature. It's an...
  18. Re: Massachusetts Professor Charged with Raping Student

    Women own sex and sexuality on all fronts. A man who wishes to play must either pay as dictated by her in terms of his finances or emotions in present or retroactively if whatever stock she had...
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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: The Wall

    Brother - in my simp days (early-mid 20s) I'd be baffled by these old hags in their 40s that would outright reject my faux attempts to provide relationship in hopes of getting my dick wet. Not a...
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    Sticky: Re: GYOW isn't Going Anywhere

    There is nothing to fight really. It is just noise. I am so kind, respectful and professional with females at workplace, that they'd ring up the blue piller for some made-up false rape charge before...
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    Re: Why do we post?

    A thought is like an itch, a post is like a scratch.

    I am selfish so I only think of myself.
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    Re: What's your opnion on Incels

    I disagree. This is all too simplistic view. I find incels to be higher IQ than your average "mgtow" - mostly because on hierarchy of male emotions, his ego will take precedent over reality i.e....
  23. Re: Suspicious partners are using DNA 'infidelity' tests to find out if their loved ones are cheating

    Not just the gut feeling but the gaslighting that goes when a cheating whore says " you just don't trust me". By the time a man starts to feel pain over a woman's indiscretions, it is already too...
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    Re: r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire

    I was banned on r/MGTOW, 2 months later some random reply from a mod with a slap on wrist before getting unblocked. I felt like it was a walk on eggshells and sure enough I got blocked again. I never...
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    Re: Dating app on the TV

    There was a dating site ad on TV about some single mother who found a beta-cuck to love her and her kid as his own. Real-Man ®.

    Another was for a diamond ring - where the whore's kid suggests to...
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