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  1. Re: New Crisis! LANCET: Historically, The Anatomy And Physiology Of Bodies With Vaginas Have Been Neglected

    FYI, here's the Lancet article:

    I'd never heard of Lancet before. On their "about us" page at...
  2. Re: Who the fuck in their right mind wants to live with a woman?

    Pretty much the same here. Never lived with anyone. Stay-overs were as deep as I ever got into relationships, except for occasional shared vacations. I used to look at my friends buying houses...
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    Re: Top Successful CEOs Say College Is Useless

    Something else about an undergrad or grad degree: It's evidence that you have enough self-discipline and lack of "noise" in your life to complete such a program. So in a way it serves as a character...
  4. Re: I guess Votal must have given up/ whiny blubbering wokegoons

    Reddit's been on my blacklist for a very long time. I simply will not participate in anything Reddit-based. That whole Reddit thing is as old as dirt anyway. I consider it about as worthy today as...
  5. Re: Eliminating the Negative is More Powerful than Increasing the Positive

    I think where some people go wrong is failing to get rid of life baggage that's 90% negative because they want to hang onto the 10% that's positive -- the part they get a lot of satisfaction from. ...
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    Re: The delusion of AgainstHateSubreddits

    That's the exact thing that turned me off about that motto. I figure if someone can't speak or write following the rules of standard English, then anything+everything he has to say is without merit....
  7. Re: Taliban Changes Ministry Of Women's Affairs To Islamic 'Morality Police'

    I'm probably not too far off when I say that women in those societies are relegated to three basic roles: provide sex, make babies, and cook meals. Anything beyond that is probably illegal and will...
  8. Re: Question for other Americans: Would you consider living in a US territory?

    I've been to Puerto Rico a few times. In fact I've traveled all over the island. The place is impoverished for the most part. Many areas are dangerous. Most natives resent mainlanders. Summers...
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    Re: What music streaming site do you use?

    Try hdtracks:

    EDIT: Oops... You said streaming, but hdtracks is for buying the artists' products. My apologies.
  10. Re: the best way to get revenge on someone who has wronged you

    If I'm wronged, I never, ever think of getting back. Why? Because sooner or later, someone bigger and badder than me who got used the same way I did is going to come along to do the job. It's just a...
  11. Re: Covid Vas, Swollen Balls And Censorship? Nicki Minaj Story Gets Even Weirder

    I think a lot of the problem lies with reps and senators who believe they're living half a century ago, when Congress was all nicey-nice. They're behaving today the same limp-wristed way. Well,...
  12. Re: What is up with various bluetooth devices show up whenever I am near people?

    The thing that's missing in all this is a control group.
  13. Re: Covid Vas, Swollen Balls And Censorship? Nicki Minaj Story Gets Even Weirder

    Wait'll all those infected illegals still streaming in get turned loose on the country. We're going to see a resurgence of diseases we haven't seen in nearly a century.
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    Re: How should one approach money?

    A lot of it is common sense. Success with money depends a lot on what you don’t do with it.

    1) Don’t go out to eat, not even to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. (Never mind what your friends are doing.)...
  15. Re: Why Don’t They Believe Us? Vaccines . . .

    My vaccine hesitancy comes from facts -- from serious, impeccably-researched warnings from the best experts in the business who have no "control agendas" to advance. Not from government goons who...
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    Re: Message from the CCP

    From the second-to-the-last paragraph: The U.S. is launching biological warfare against China?!? Uh, don't we have that slightly backwards? It's China who launched a worldwide biological weapon...
  17. Re: Eric Clapton feared he would ‘never play again’ after ‘disastrous’ time with vaccine

    From "American Thinker": Fauci's entire dishonest house of cards just collapsed.

    Last year revealed to Americans that our most lauded experts are idiots and, in the case of Fauci and Collins,...
  18. Re: Eric Clapton feared he would ‘never play again’ after ‘disastrous’ time with vaccine

    Sorry for the truncated post, hit <RETURN> too early. I wanted to say the FDA has a new fast-track process that just doesn't sit right with me. See...
  19. Re: The media really is a major problem in western society

    Guten tag und wilkommen!

    (Ja, ich habe Deutch studiert, aber es war vor vielen Jahren, und jetzt ist alles weg...)
  20. Re: Chinese Communists Ban 'Sissy Men' to Save 'Revolutionary Culture'

    Just saw this at USA Supreme. Overview of how the Taliban train their children, complete with a short video.

    The secret is to "start 'em early," whether your goals are honorable or nefarious. ...
  21. Re: Are Other People Having this Issue? Clicking on Opposing Views

    This site is running an ancient version (4.2.2) of vBulletin. Current version, I believe, is 5.6.4. When fully patched, I believe the rev will bump past 5.6.4 PL1. Anyway, there have been lots of...
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    Re: Florida Restaurant Bans Biden Supporters

    Great clip from Fox, and I 100% support the restaurant's actions.

    Unfortunately, the ACLU or some similar Communist swamp legal outfit will probably wind up bleeding the restaurant dry financially...
  23. Re: Eric Clapton feared he would ‘never play again’ after ‘disastrous’ time with vaccine

    From Daily Mail UK via Lucianne at...
  24. Re: Eric Clapton feared he would ‘never play again’ after ‘disastrous’ time with vaccine

    Yesterday, on "The Balance" (Eric Bolling's show on Newsmax), he interviewed Steven Hatfill, a virology and bioweapons guy, on the Mu variant. Unfortunately, Newsmax decided to cut away to Dear...
  25. Re: Chinese Communists Ban 'Sissy Men' to Save 'Revolutionary Culture'

    I don't think the "conflict" per se will be an active one. I think it'll be shutting off chip supply, thus halting the manufacture of cars, trucks, computers & peripherals & networking gear, all...
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