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    Sports Apps

    Hi. i'm looking for a new sports app. I was using score mobile which was ok because it had a chat section for each game and people discuss their bets. however, there is a reporting function and...
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    Re: Dating app on the TV

    thin girls become fat girls once the ring is on.
  3. Re: Spanish Priest Apologizes for Calling Feminists a ‘Herd of Sows’

    he should apologize. they are a gilts. gilt: young female pig that have not yet produced a litter.
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    Re: AIB Have Screwed The Pooch

    i know a lot of men who can't spend a dime of money they earned without wife's ok. "honey, can i go for a beer with my friend?" "no. you have 2 beers in the fridge!"
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    Re: How Cucked Is This Guy?

    what a loser
  6. Re: Obama says women are "pretty indisputably" better than men

    is that why obama married a man?
  7. Re: 'Parasite singles': why young Japanese aren't getting married

    men and women just don't get along anymore.
  8. Re: Remember That Story Of Women Attacked On A Bus in London? YUP Fake News

    they said flicking coins, so i don't think it was with force. We aren't told if the women were actually hit by the coins either.
  9. Re: First male birth control injection almost ready . . .

    i'm not injecting anything from india into my body. thanks, but pass.
  10. Re: AU feminist denigrates Australia's firefighters.

    lesbians are the most at risk group for domestic violence. this dyke is more likely to go home and beat her partner than those firefighters are.
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    Re: Is porn making us more liberal ?

    correlation, not causation. i think regular crappy tv and movies makes people more liberal. that's what it is meant for. is porn healthy for the mind? probably not.
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    Re: We Rank #2 for Mgtow Forum on Google

    Not sure what happened to Keymaster. twitter account messaged me saying they acquired the domain and money from there would support that was april 2018. i presumed...
  13. Re: Hermione Granger flies her broomstick streight into the wall

    i don't subscribe to he for she. i prefer me for me.
  14. Re: The next point of female prestige. It ain't the cat count anymore....

    We call these women Karen.
  15. Re: Florida woman, 40, is arrested after 'giving birth to twins conceived by 17-year-old boy...

    Turner, in case there are any blue pillers thinking "oh lucky kid".
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    Re: Male and female combat mode

    when i debate a woman, i take the most extreme outrageous position and use humor to destroy her, even if she should be right. it's fun and nobody takes it seriously.
  17. Thread: Poor James

    by Hyaku Shiki

    Re: Poor James

    regardless of the parents both being pieces of shit, the kid doesn't deserve this. i think a judge ruled to allow the father to have equal guardianship after the jury's stupid decision.
  18. Re: Crazy women escalates situation in a restaurant

    lol I was going to say the same thing, that she's jealous. She also starts speaking in the "us" and "we" like she speaks for everyone there. she doesn't. it's an attempt to give her words the...
  19. Re: Now Even Sex Robots Have Rights...? Feminist Push?

    the feminists want to clear the road so they can still have men imprisoned for fake rape.
    My robot, my choice. those professors are idiots and should not receive any funding.
  20. Re: Video: CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

    i heard lapd won't recruit conservatives. this discrimination violates the constitution, but it is also in preparation of a civil war. police forces have been militarized, in terms of weapons and...
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    Re: Women lose state pension age challenge.

    couldn't bring down men's retirement age? oh well. welcome to equality. man up. suck it up, princess.
  22. Thread: 7 years

    by Hyaku Shiki

    Re: 7 years

    7 years seems light for attempted murder. women just have to cry in court and they'll get leniency. when a woman cries in court, it's remorse. when a man cries in court, he's just sorry he got...
  23. Re: Divorced Dad Targets CA's "outdated" Alimony Law

    look how long it took women to get the vote, but they got it. Men need to be just as persistent if they want to make changes. for me, easier to make changes in how i live, but good luck to that guy.
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    Re: 60 million (Keven Hart)

    now that hart is rich and famous, women are going to be coming after him from all angles. he needs to be prepared.
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    Re: Some thoughts for today...

    I never forgot the lyrics from a Soundgarden song

    Hate, if you want to hate
    If it keeps you safe
    If it makes you brave

    People are free to hate. I don't recommend it, but it's their right...
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