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  1. 1674 Pamphlet titled "The Women's Petition Against Coffee..."

    The full title of this pamphlet is-

    I found this in a textbook of mine, called 'Drugs, Society & Human Behavior'. I bring it up because I find it amusing how far back the behavior of women that...
  2. Re: Ha ha ha ha, self-appointed savior of women, David Futrelle, called a misogynist

    And they tell me that .org websites are credible.
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    Feminists misrepresents MGTOW on Wikipedia

    This might be old news to a lot of you, but I came across the Wikipedia definition of MGTOW today. I was surprised.

    It isn't that complicated my guy. The whole ideology is in the name.

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    How I ended up here

    I have had three relationships with women so far, and in all three of them they cheated on me. The third was crazy and fantasized about killing her ex-bf who cheated on her, I stopped seeing her and...
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