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    Re: Paul Elam critiques Briffault's Law

    I personally don't have a high opinion of reverse malE.

    With that said BL is basically summed up as a trading of limited resources where women give up sex and men provide physical resources. Not...
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    Re: Should I work?

    You will feel better about yourself if you start saving that money and making it yourself. Do it.
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    Re: What was dating like pre-Social Media?

    Back in the day if a woman gave you a legit phone number your chances were very good you would end up on a date. Today? You have to do follow up texts to ensure she even remembers your name. ...
  4. Re: We need to advocate for men like feminists advocate for women

    I too respect MRAs for their effort to help homeless men, fight unfair court systems, and men fighting for custody of their children.

    But being MGTOW is walking a path that makes sense for you as...
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    Re: Really feeling comfortable here now.

    Discussions for other men to feed upon is great as it inspires us to rise above the petty BS out there. Especially if you subscribe to a ghostly life.
  6. Re: Accepting That You Don't Have a Country Anymore

    My sovereignty has always been myself.

    It is a lonely path but a path that is true to myself. I know what I stand for and which direction I am going. Indeed a ghostly life.
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    Re: Is it possible to ghost?

    That may be true but a lot of mgtow content was scrubbed off of youtube due to a series of purges. So, a lot of mgtow creators repackaged their content and now they are still talking about the big...
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    Re: Is it possible to ghost?

    Ghosting is easy and very possible.

    Ghosting is about adapting and going through life evading hazards. Being labeled and confined to a rigid box is a hazard because once you are labeled a...
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    Re: Double Life?

    What I can surmise is that people in general have become timid simply talking and writing about the truth. To me it goes against everything I know not to discuss relative or even absolute truths.
  10. Re: The Smarter You Get, The More You're Alienated

    I concur that my tolerance level for what should be obvious with people isn't as high when I was younger. I just don't see hope for someone that has reached a point of return which is why often our...
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    Re: What makes an alpha male?

    Alpha/beta discussion is a fantastic starting point for newcomers to redpill and mgtow concepts. But over time you start to learn deeper understandings of the construction of the world and start to...
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    Re: My blue pill pain.

    A lot of women spend time trying to fix a bad boy or turn him into a "beta"

    From a male point of view I think that is lunacy. So why should a man spend time trying to fix a single mom that lusts...
  13. Re: Got Soymilk? Researchers in Japan use soybean compound to make catfish 100% female

    So it is possible.

    Interesting...time to rethink my diet. Time for more rib eyes.
  14. Re: The Smarter You Get, The More You're Alienated

    The path toward mgtow isn't easy and it isn't for every man.

    The advantage of being mgtow is being able to operate at a level above and beyond a man that is glued into pleasing everyone around...
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    Re: Double Life?

    People can't handle the truth when it is often directed toward how they live and how it could be a better way to live.

    I think what many people don't realize about ghosting is that over time it...
  16. Re: Disturbing news footage of women being coached to make false allegations

    This type of coaching happens at uni/collegiate levels too. Bottom line is that in this world as a man you need to have an exit strategy and contingency for any work environment. Having your resume...
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    Re: A mgtow economy-would it work?

    Men still wage conflict with other men to climb the social ladder of proof so it would be difficult to make it happen. Youtube is a good example of this where other men act very catty toward other...
  18. Re: THEIRTUBE- A censored platform with naked yoga.

    Twitch and youtube are over run with soft porn. Unfortunate but you still can find good mgtow topics and topics from men talking about cars, nutrition, finance, etc. Just have to tune out the soft...
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    Re: Double Life?

    I suppose I was trained as a child that work is work which is why I don't understand the attachment that some develop with a job. I suppose if you enjoy the work you do but like my father used to...
  20. Re: "Women explain why men are going their own way"

    Why does the label of mgtow stoke fear of the unknown with some women? What if there have existed men that have gone their own way over thousands of years of human history without the mgtow label?
  21. Re: New Religions and Philosophies among Mgtows

    The discovery of gravity waves was a massive break through.

    Observation is the start of a journey and only then you can piece it together.

    My love of science and Christianity allows me a unique...
  22. Re: New Religions and Philosophies among Mgtows

    Nihilism is a subject that the young should avoid because they should have structure and purpose in life. But when you grow older you can see the value of nihilism because you are being honest about...
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    Re: Double Life?

    People often assume that work is a drag for me but I see it as a way to be paid for doing very little or doing what I want and enjoy.

    You work if you want to work and if you want to do the minimum...
  24. Re: New Religions and Philosophies among Mgtows

    Power of knowing that nothing matters is the root of nihilism.

    And with the void that nihilism creates you can actually choose what your life as you see fit. Stoic? Religious? Atheist? Just...
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    Re: U.S. Birth Rates Drop to New Record Low.

    Maybe it is my observation but it seems women have become more selective due to lockdowns with which men they have sex with. Throw in that economic uncertainty and the pool of men that are...
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