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  1. Re: What does it mean when women say they value people?

    Maybe some adjustment to the original statement is necessary. Men prefer to work with things, which they learn to manipulate in order to create value for themselves and others. Women prefer people,...
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    re: Narcissism

    This is great advice. Since it's become politically incorrect to question female behavior, and men are guilty of whatever sexual misconduct they are accused of, based merely on being male, getting...
  3. Re: How to not care what people think?

    Meditative disciplines are a possibility. You have thoughts concerning the supposed opinions of others, and then fret over these thoughts. Then it's just thinking about your own thoughts. Most other...
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    re: Narcissism

    It's a deep and important topic. There are plenty of narcissistic men and women. But with women there's the danger of getting stuck in an LTR or marriage contract. Such people are looking for...
  5. Re: "You're running out of time" said to me by a friend...

    I think "settling" is a driving engine of the entire marriage process from a very early age, and by 40 it's getting more intense. Everybody's heard of the biological clock for women driving them to...
  6. Re: Things that destroyed my romanticism

    It's a good topic and I'll have to mull this over some more. For me it was something like a candle flame of romanticism, blown out by an ongoing windstorm of usually minor but consistently negative...
  7. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    And he's now in the promotion phase for the latest movie. "Power of the Dog" is described as a "Jane Campion film". More politically correct swill from Hollywood. On the surface, this thing looks...
  8. Re: This Crazy Woman Thinks She Having Sex With Ghosts

    This may be a regular part of the new world order. I've heard a lot of weird shit from women in the last few of years about spirit guides, guardian angels and other non-corporeal entities. Ghost...
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    Re: Wife buys clothes for husband

    As usual we can flip this around and ask what the response would be if the situation were reversed. Women make men into "objects" they can redecorate according to their own standards and needs. But...
  10. Re: Ever think about packing up and starting over somewhere else?

    It looks like a good place to be. You could move, but don't have to. Maybe the job situation or other things in the environment change, making another place obviously preferable. But believing a...
  11. Re: Should I ghost my online friends?

    The other responses have covered the general question well, so I'll add a comment about this piece. The potential problem here I think of as "false alignment". Men and women do it, but women are...
  12. Re: Is Kevin Samuels the most dangerous man in the manosphere?

    I hadn't heard of him before seeing your post. From a quick review, I think you definitely have it pegged. The jabs at women will draw the attention and support of many men. But then I guess he's...
  13. Re: Is Kevin Samuels the most dangerous man in the manosphere?

    To developments such as Kevin Samuels, I apply a MGTOW interpretation of a biblical saying: The blue-pillers shall always be with us. There are always promoters out there able to wring a buck out of...
  14. Re: Ever think about packing up and starting over somewhere else?

    A couple more things based on your recent comments: Getting away from the family. For me a big positive of moving. Not just away from family but all my teenage to early 20's connections. And many...
  15. Re: dumbest things feminists say: "He's old enough to be her father."

    Unlike cars, in this situation the price doesn't decline with age. The older models could have expensive kids from a previous marriage, mental and health issues, and so on. Would anybody ever...
  16. Re: Nominate books for personal development

    Just a few things off the top of my head.

    It's a tall order, and so I'd suggest the first thing to do is back up and avoid trying to eat the entire elephant at once. A self help perspective is...
  17. Re: Ever think about packing up and starting over somewhere else?

    I was in a relatively small city of 40,000 people, and transferred to a large metro area of 2 million. A year later I found myself out of a job, with no social network at all. And it was an economic...
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    Re: SEXPAT

    I hadn't thought about this topic much in the last 20 years. In the 90's, I had heard direct reports from several men on how great the situation was in these countries. Live for $6 a day, with...
  19. Re: Why Self-Esteem is Essential for Bachelors (MGTOW)

    This is excellent work. I hope younger men find this material early so they can skip some of the hard knocks we pre-internet guys had to go through. I found a few books along the way that helped...
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    Re: Happy International Men's Day

    This is just a token 1 day of out 365. As we all know, in reality every other day of the year is International Women's Day.
  21. Re: Female paedophile in England gets only 8 months after being caught in fraganti

    It's a good thing the husband finally got around to reporting this to the police, otherwise they would've figured out a way to blame it on him, or make him an accessory. From a quick browse of the...
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    Re: Should I work?

    It's an extremely tight labor situation where I live, with employers begging for help constantly. And still $20 an hour isn't bad for starting pay. Even if it's only a couple $thousand, building a...
  23. Re: What was dating like pre-Social Media?

    Amen to everything you've said here. It was a similar situation for me. Trying to piece together an understanding of what's going on in blue pill society is an extreme challenge. I think some of us...
  24. Re: What was dating like pre-Social Media?

    Here's a line from a well known pre-2000 commentary about dating:

    "To be most successful, men must belong to one of the better fraternities, be prominent in activities, have a copious supply of...
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    Re: Is sex all that great??

    If it's looked at as a drive possibly satisfied in a variety of different ways, we may not be too far apart in conclusions. I haven't met many women who weren't obsessively focused on satisfying...
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