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    Re: Mgtow hipocrisy

    I have lived this. I am a 25yo. What you see on mainstream media, are millionaires paying good lawyers. I know im late to this thread, but i was falsely accused at 20 yo. I was immediately punished...
  2. Re: Young but with a hell of an experience (Long)

    It was really just as simple as a group coming together and saying hey, by the way, your life does not revolve around the opposite sex. It was really that simple. Squashing a small bug in the back of...
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    Re: The law & revolutions

    i definitely like the approach dudely. sit back and let the deal sweeten itself, also assuming others do the same. A man gave his story, also confirmed by a lawyer, that once married for so long,...
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    Re: Fucked by marriage at a young age

    I know a fellow co worker who got divorced and is still going through the process. says he is never getting married again but has a dedicated girlfriend for life lmao.
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    Yall been on facebook dating?

    bluepill softy redneck i know(be the man, raise HER kid) said facebook dating is the way to. yea. NO.

    All i have found ARE YOUNG SINGLE MOMS

    "if you cant handle..."
    "my kid is my life..."...
  6. Re: For the bachelors: “no wonder you’re single.” shaming. Thoughts?

    One of the first posts I read in this website was what to expect when telling people you are mgtow. And his has me prepared to lose friends, simply out of people making assumptions. Im a kind person...
  7. Re: Who the fuck in their right mind wants to live with a woman?

    Younger dudes think in the back of their head, i can get all the pussy i want.

    And even when dating when i was younger than 25, seeing a girlfriend once a week was enough for me.

    I had no...
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    Fucked by marriage at a young age

    I never realized how fucked we are in marriage until it happened to my friend. He recovered from drugs, and stayed clean for 2 years. He got a great job after completing tech school and quickly...
  9. Anyone else listen to cult of black phillip?

    Im newer to the scene, i am a younger guy, probably top %30-20 of my peers. Ive been through a lot of shit so feel free to read my first post to get my background.

    Anyways, I actually ended up...
  10. Young but with a hell of an experience (Long)

    As background, I grew up in an athletic family, usually gifted with talents in art/performance. I have had the same friends since elementary school and to this day, are still close to few. I found...
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