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  1. Re: Now Even Sex Robots Have Rights...? Feminist Push?

    Yet further evidence that consent is not about controlling access to the pussy, it is about completely controlling men.

    If they came out with a Chad sex doll for the laydeez, do you think the...
  2. Re: It seems to me that nowadays men spend much less in designer clothes and status cars

    Attention is not a good thing this day and age, at least if you are a man. Look at what all the attention-seeking whimyn on social media are willingly doing to themselves. Their damaging behavior...
  3. Re: Coppertops, the CA Governor NewScum views you as a walking wallet! Newsom vetoed two bills aimed at reforming child support payback system

    It is shit like this that makes ghosting such an obvious choice. The less you put yourself out there, the better.

    So when the funds start drying up is the guvmint going to backpedal or double...
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    Re: MAN SCRIPTS by AwakenWithJP

    But Cosmo told them, "You can have it all!" Cosmo wouldn't lie, right?

    Entitlement know no boundaries or limits. Perfection is not optional. Men just need to be as perfect as whimyn. /sarc
  5. Re: Transgender regret: Who did not see this one coming?

    The Red Pill makes the media's agenda very clear: encourage confusion and insecurity among the general public. Broadcast how empowered and oppressed these gender-confused idiots are by making the...
  6. Thread: Asexual

    by Boar

    Re: Asexual

    There are many side effects to the Red Pill. Bitterness and disillusionment are commonly reported. Followed by waves of nausea and disgust caused by clearly seeing reality. However, when ingested,...
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    Re: Women lose state pension age challenge.

    Did they ever consider that maybe the men's retirement age should be lowered? That would have been equal as well. But, it would not benefit the laydeez so of course they would never consider...
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    re: White Ribbon Australia goes into liquidation

    The parasite outgrew the host? Shocking!

    This place was nothing but a training ground for greater ambitions. It will be interesting to see where these 'successful' managers move next.
  9. Re: The importance of security cameras to protect your innocence, property, reputation, and life!

    Twelve years old and I bet she is getting full-ride scholarship offers from colleges. Meanwhile, those three boys will always have the pallor of the accusations following them for life.

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    Re: 10 Things Men Donít Do Anymore


    I read that article and it was really pathetic. Of course, SHE failed to ask the big question: What is in it for men? Whimyn do not dare to ask that question, because they know...
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    Re: This one written by a guy

    Damn....he is really missing the plantation. Strange that he never mentions what whimyn do to benefit men. He glosses over the current social conditions that makes any relationship with whimyn the...
  12. Re: Woman behind French #MeToo movement is fined for defamation


    There is a reason why whimyn did not choose #accountability as their hashtag. And this article shows why. Perpetual victimhood is beginning to wear a bit thin as men witness the...
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    Re: "Cuffing Season" is almost here

    Strange how it coincides with hunting season. Followed by trapping season when your wallet gets skinned alive....
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    Re: Spinsters and dogs

    Perhaps these whimyn are trying to learn loyalty and affection from better role models.... Nah, not gonna happen.
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    Re: A good article on women eating their own

    Wow. Entitlement brooks no discomfort. I cannot even begin to imagine the trials and tribulations of a kept whimyn. The article even admits that children are accessories to their social circle. ...
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    Re: I did my girlfriend reeeeal dirty...

    Mods alerted...
  17. Re: Apparently we all hit on hookers cause it makes us feel real men

    Perhaps they need to bring more to the table than a pussy and bad attitude. This author has hit on the fact that the ROI for romantic relations with whimyn is failing the cost-benefit analysis. No...
  18. Re: Serious question, what do you think will happen to those post wall women unable to secure a man and a kid once they grow older?

    I would imagine these thots will demand blood from turnips. Sad to say, but I do not foresee any changes other than the post-Wall decline. They will not wake up and decide to improve themselves. ...
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    Re: Advice on Living a Celibate Life

    I believe Stoicism will serve you well. There are a lot of good resources, including the primary sources, that can help you work through your situation. I would recommend starting with a book on...
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    Re: It's 'Girls do Porn's' fault she got dumped

    Yes, but did she feel empowered after the porn shoot? /sarc

    Actions have consequences. Whimyn wanted the same treatment as men. Well, newsflash for you laydeez, no one helps men when they make...
  21. Re: Would you stay with a wife that has gotten old, fat and bitter?

    Growing old is not something that can be prevented. There are steps that can be done to slow down the process, but nothing will stop it. Bitter and fat are two elements that modern whimyn can...
  22. Re: Wife files for divorce because husband was too nice. Is this even satire at this point?

    So, even when he does everything to make her perfectly happy, she is unhappy because of it?

    Oh come, sacred meteor of Death.....

    I wonder how happy she would be if he replaced her with a sex...
  23. Re: Boyfriend charged in death of 22-year-old transgender woman found in Houston parking lot

    Sadly, this 'female' was probably more attractive than 90% of the whimyn out there...

    I wonder if this will be reported as a hate crime against whimyn? I bet the TERFs cheered at this...
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    Re: More on Gillette's Woes

    Perhaps Gillette should buy ads during NFL games. Both seem to have the same marketing plan.../sarc
  25. Re: This might have been the closest I've ever come to socking a woman across the jaw

    Whenever I am baited into drama with a female, I just ask myself one question: how will this drama benefit her? The answer usually explains her motives and provides me with ample reasons to not...
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