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    Re: The Salem Witch Trials

    There is a good chance they werent doing anything "witchcraft" related but probably something antisocial or undermining social cohesion.

    Lets be honest no society before the current western one...
  2. It seems to me that nowadays men spend much less in designer clothes and status cars

    Recently read some stats about purchases in the european union and expensive cars are not pulling as they were before, it could be because of the current state of economy but 2008 was much worse yet...
  3. Re: A woman gives her take on current gender dynamics

    Zero fvcks given, I'm done with the product.

    Even if I start running roids to get bigger and stronger and my libido grows as a side, I will definitely hit early 20s escorts and thats all.

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    Re: Get ‘em when they’re young.

    Feminism would probably be the biggest social weapon to sabotage an enemy nation in a long term cold war along with mass migration from third world.
  5. Thread: 7 years

    by Jackal

    Re: 7 years

    Ok she gets few years of jails and he gets to wear a beard for the rest of his life with a scar underneath.

    How about she works in jail at minimum salary and he gets from her work all the money...
  6. Re: White Ribbon Australia goes into liquidation

    If it takes public funding for human rights reasons in 2019, its almost sure its to the average man a much bigger threath than burglars or robbers.

    Of all the people around me, the ones Im concern...
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    Re: The Rough Guide to Single Moms

    Whoever gets involved with a single mother despite the free and share knowledge about the subject deserves any possible harm that comes to him, they are part of the problem for everyone.
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    Re: Women lose state pension age challenge.

    As a general rule keep this in mind "its something is to be shared with others you get less than what you put".
  9. Re: Video: CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

    It would be interesting to see who controls the american nukes, that would clearly influence outside interferences.

    China and Russia would be the big players from abroad definitely while european...
  10. Re: Western Women on Sex Tour in India. Hamsterbation level 1000

    They are not after sex only, validation is not enough since they take it for granted.

    What those cunts want are deprived men who crave them beyond any thirst and see them almost as a gift from the...
  11. Re: Girl’s message for equality received in a big way: Green Army women figurines are on the way

    One thing for sure is that very young males want nothing to do with women, we basically are born as mgtow then libido and peer pressure change us, an overly obvious package will be a losing bet for...
  12. Re: Girl’s message for equality received in a big way: Green Army women figurines are on the way

    Hopefully they will be "giletted" from the market, Im sure those parents who still buys toy soldiers for their kids are not those particularly involved in leftism and feminism.

    Im also sure as a...
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    Re: Even Tim Pool is starting to see the BS

    The guy has a point altough he explains it under the lines.

    What is the point for a man to get in a relationship with a woman who behaves as a man?

    I mean you want husband and kids but dont...
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    Re: 10 Things Men Don’t Do Anymore

    #10 Men don’t ask women on dates anymore
    Well maybe cause rejecting with as much noise as possible and boosting your status within the group became the more likely outcome to happen to 80% of men?
  15. Re: Man in a flood keeping his pimp hand strong... (Funny and sad at the same time)

    I wonder if the crowd on the titanic were users from this board...guess the one sinking at the end of the movies wouldnt be leo.
  16. Re: Men on Wall Street are so spooked by the #MeToo movement they're avoiding women at all costs

    Amazing comments from readers, no one is angry but most are annoyed and amused.
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    Re: This one written by a guy

    I understand for many of you going throug a divorce has been a painful experience yet I dont see divorce itself as a reason for turnin MGTOW, I mean there are so many negative sides of dealing with...
  18. Re: Plan to start baby boom in China by taxing adults under 40

    Thankfully women are doing any possible thing to piss off white knights and take advantage of those poor suckers who still believe in that shit.

    Internet and independant media will spread the word...
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    Re: Simp behavior at its finest!

    This is standard behaviour, the woman getting rid of his stuff step by step untill everything in the house its hers and made according to her taste.

    Its the same principle wheter we talk about...
  20. Re: Men on Wall Street are so spooked by the #MeToo movement they're avoiding women at all costs

    When the feminists meet the muslims it usually gets ugly for the feminists which is why somehow they happen to wage their wars only against european men.

    They know the outcome would be this one...
  21. Re: Plan to start baby boom in China by taxing adults under 40

    Its really amazing how governemnt action manages to screw up male-female relationships as if they did it on purporse.

    Outside the realm of fables, decrease in marriages and natality are all...
  22. re: Cleveland Vibrator Co. announces plans to move headquarters to larger facility

    Vibrators wont like their pictures on facebook or instagram and surely wont pay their bills.

    Let it be clear to all that once they reach the wall or get too fat, they lose their "privilege" wheter...
  23. Re: Megan Fox sends her six-year-old son to school in a dress

    If we wanted to mock the incoming leftist world 10 years ago we couldnt have made jokes as extreme as what reality turned out to be.

    10 years from now they will probably push for couples to have...
  24. Re: Video: Why "Islam IS RIGHT About Women" is Causing "Confusion & Anger"

    Not sure how many europeans are in this board but if you wanna see how a crazy hamster operates look no further than leftist women in Europe.

    They support mass migration of muslims from Africa and...
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    Re: A good article on women eating their own

    Bankers greed disappears compared to women desire for validation, approval and group hierarchy, anything else in life is an instrument for such purporse wheter we talk about husbands or kids.
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