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    Re: How Affirmative Action Works

    It was 1979 and I had just been discharged from the Navy. As an IC man (telephone tech) I was a shoe in for the phone company...or so I thought. So, when I saw that there were openings for linemen at...
  2. Re: Defund the Police? How About We Defund the Universities (That Preach Feminism etc)

    Tower, if vigilantes are going to take over police duties that can only mean one thing. And I don't want ANTIFA protecting me. They're thugs and robbers!
  3. Re: How is the Gillette/Proctor & Gamble boycott doing in your neck of the woods?

    I bought battery operated clippers and grew a beard. I don't need no stinking razors!
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    Re: Where is the proof?

    Get a load of this story. A female cop in Dallas walks into another man's apartment thinking it's hers...hmmmm. She mistook his apartment for hers? Read what happened next...
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    1953 prophecy about cell phones
    If only they had understood the ramifications...
  6. Re: Defund the Police? How About We Defund the Universities (That Preach Feminism etc)

    I recall reading an article a few years back about how police suicides were on the rise. Their main complaint was that no one cared. I feel like the good ones have already left the force, and the bad...
  7. Re: Woke cannibalism: NBA star 'dragged' for not complimenting WNBA player correctly!

    Maybe he should have said, "I like how her tits bounce when she makes jump shots." I've never gotten in trouble for complimenting a woman's tits. They're more enamored with them than we are!
  8. Re: Why are you complaining about women damaged from high dick count?

    Sure they can! Then comes venereal disease, pregnancy, welfare, abortion...

    Meanwhile, a guy can jack off, hand himself twenty bucks, and not even risk catching a cold. If you want to call that...
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    Re: The problem with Self-esteem,

    Bonobol, instead of suggesting that he could have done better perhaps you and your brother could have taken him to Family Court and let him see and hear what a divorce really looks like. You told him...
  10. Re: Defund the Police? How About We Defund the Universities (That Preach Feminism etc)

    And what am I to do with all these goat orphans I inherited from the brothel?
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    Re: Satire: Pelosi in handcuffs!

    So, Youtube censors us for inappropriate content and then throws a bullshit news story in front of me as what...a joke? Youtube is a joke.

    Still, I'd sure like to see this actually happen.
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    Satire: Pelosi in handcuffs!

    I would never have believed that in my lifetime the speaker of the House of representatives would make the news like this......
  13. Re: Defund the Police? How About We Defund the Universities (That Preach Feminism etc)

    After my ordeal in King County I have no more respect for the police. Too many of them are either on the take or just disillusioned by the corrupt system they support.
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    Re: This shutdown is getting to me.

    I never thought I'd be happy about living in South Carolina. I think Strom Thurman was the re-incarnation of John C. Calhoun. Now we have Lindsay Graham. Say what you will, he's a vast improvement...
  15. Re: "Online date drugged me" - an object lesson in woman's lack of agency

    It sounds like what they used to do in Larame, Wyoming when they were building that Transcuntinental railroad. If the drugged date who posted this think any of the men here are like that? I'd kill to...
  16. Re: Does Covid-19 and its consequences have any philosophical impact for you?

    Hey, Naive! Your screen name is the story of my life. Frankly, I think this virus is actually the mess God is cleaning up. He's fixing the original batch of DNA that Eve fucked up in that garden they...
  17. Re: Need a Date? This dominatrix is in a financial bind because of the coronavirus!

    Quit calling me a degenerate, Boar! What's wrong with a ceiling fan fetish with hotties? I'm just going my own way. Where's a moderator when you need one?

    Hey, unboxxed. Tell these guys to quit...
  18. Re: Need a Date? This dominatrix is in a financial bind because of the coronavirus!

    Wow. I can't say I'm surprised. But if she lives in New York City I can't help her out. I'll never set foot in that sewer pandemic or not. As for the services she says she renders? Well, I prefer to...
  19. Re: Question about COVID infection data collection

    I never said it was better or worse than the flu. That's the media talking. As for the rest of your points? Write your congressman.
  20. Re: Question about COVID infection data collection

    Now you're living in the world I lived in when they told us we were winning in Vietnam. Only now the threat is real and it's not war with weapons of mass destruction. So, cover your mouth when you...
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    Re: More sci-fi than sci-fi.

    I sometimes think we should fusion the whole place and when we get to the Pearly Gates, look at St. Peter and say, "What were you thinkin'?" and then waltz right in. What's he gonna say?

    And in...
  22. Re: Question about COVID infection data collection

    The CDC collects data on all sorts of disease research all the time. Then, places like Johns Hopkins University sends their relevant research in and the CDC studies their results. What happens from...
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    Re: Knock Knock. Who's there? Not a Thot.

    I was married to a virus and a cold. Then, I sold my house and moved in with a plague. Now I'm broke and living with relatives. Yeah, dumb chicks with big boobs aren't as dumb as they act.
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    Re: Covid19 and MGTOW

    When someone calls me a white anything I glare back at them and say, "I'm not white, I'm Italian!" Then, I start cussing at them in Polish. That usually shuts them up.

    I think radical leftists...
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    Re: Covid19 and MGTOW

    I agree, but I still can't tell if we're watching the pandemic version of "Wag the Dog" or "Bill and Ted's Next Misadventure".
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