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  1. Re: An example of gynocentric indoctrination

    Point #5 is the thinking of the blue pill main stream way.

    Lust, love and share values are categorized to be different. However, as we know there is no difference between lust, love, and "shared"...
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    Re: Covid19 and MGTOW

    Honestly 3d printing is going to take off where everyone buys their own 3d printer. Maybe it is too soon as that is another ten years away but I think it accelerates this push for people to become...
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    Re: Covid19 and MGTOW

    Most people completely forgot about Sars 1, swine flu, MERS, malaria, zika, ebola, etc...why? The media doesn't talk about those diseases but they are still impacting countries around the world in...
  4. Re: How to spot a Veteran of the Cock Carousel

    *Openly talks smack about you if you reject her advances
    *Always assumes you want to be in her pants when in a simple conversation
    *Talks to other people like they are beneath her ego hamster
  5. Re: This Covid19 situation shows us who really matter and who does not.

    Without men the economies of the world would grind to a halt during at time like this.
  6. Re: What Corona Virus has taught me about gender relations.

    Relying on government is expecting a bird to not drop a turd on your head after you feed it. And LMAO at practicing social distancing which the mainstream media is preaching lately..that is the...
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    Re: Living the Dream

    Congrats on the new house as the options you will have open up because of it. Storage possibilities, new hobbies, new business, there is so much more you could do. And also opens up options in the...
  8. Re: What do you think about this man says about big cities being harmful to manhood?

    Cities are great for ghosting in plain sight, but you have to be extra protective and on your toes. Why? Because in a big city everyone is ready to eat your lunch? Well not exactly haha, but your...
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    Re: Is Slacking at Work Morally Justified?

    Most people these days have two or three jobs if they are wage so it is not possible to give 100% in both jobs. I know of people that are salaried tenured professors at the college level that still...
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    Re: The Reason Liz Warren Lost

    Warren should have stuck with more a generalized approach talking about consumer rights. It is clear when she started to venture toward a gynocentric approach as a female candidate it did not come...
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    Re: Can you ghost too much?

    Ghosting in sight is my preference because as it has been pointed out it allows you to keep your social skills sharp with complete strangers. Being able to read nuances in people is a social skill...
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    Sticky: Re: GYOW isn't Going Anywhere

    All I know is I am going to keep grinding to improve my life and help other men along the way that ask for help. Nothing surprises me anymore and frankly this was predicted by many, many other men.
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    Re: Boyscouts of America files for bankruptcy

    My fear is that a loss of basic outdoor skills will occur without the boy scouts for the next generation of young boys and men. The girl scouts spend the majority of their time just selling cookies....
  14. Re: Conn. high school girls file lawsuit arguing that allowing transgender athletes to compete is sex discrimination

    The entire quota system collapses when everyone turns into a "victim". From the collapse and ashes to be we will finally see true "equality".
  15. Re: New Crisis! Chris Matthews accused of ‘inappropriately flirting’ with female guest

    I determined at 12 years old that talking to the majority of females was a waste of time. Damn...I made a lot of mistakes in my life but that decision as a kid paid off in the end as an adult.
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    Re: MGTOW HQ killed ?

    Because of US elections I would speculate there is going to be a ramp up of scrubbing and censoring anything that was deemed unworthy by the blue pill matrix. Which is strange given that politics...
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    Re: Why do we post?

    Let me tell you that by reading the thoughts from other men over the years I have been able to expand upon what my life goals truly should be. I have re-positioned myself to focus more on myself...
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    Re: The Fraternity of Excellence

    When I was younger I brainwashed myself into believing that I could fix a woman with a high N count. Now that I look back I realize I was an idiot. Life is the best teacher because it doesn't hide...
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    Re: Why do we post?

    Posting for men to provide them hope. The hope that there is always another way as life can go on a journey beyond the blue pill life script.
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    Re: Well this picture basically sums it up

    Yes it is true.

    Women lower male potential or keep it down to maximize returns once in a relationship. Women that add value to a man's life are often women that are with men that are not in LTRs...
  21. Re: Catholic countries no longer a safe haven for MGTOW men

    I watched the monks and nuns at the monastery pray often as a kid. I learned that they didn't care about trying to increase their congregation as they were content with the people they had in their...
  22. Re: Catholic countries no longer a safe haven for MGTOW men

    No country is immune from gynocentrism. But I do agree you see the most extreme forms of gynocentrism coming from catholic countries. This is because like others have pointed out the bulk of...
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    Re: r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire

    The knowledge is going to spread faster now because if you compare the knowledge of now compared to lets say 2012 I think it is widespread. Also I think that the current world events are leading...
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    Re: Woman wants her vote back !!

    Most women are TERFS in disguise is what I have observed. In fact most TERFS also exclude gay men from their social circles along with male feminist "allies". Not surprising to be honest. What is...
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    Re: What's your opnion on Incels

    The mindset is that you have to shift the value onto yourself as a man and not look for validation from women.
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