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  1. Re: US Army Recruitment Falters – Misses Goal By 25% As Woke Ideology Takes Over

    That was awesome insight. One of the many things I love about this board, such a broad range of experiences. Thanks for sharing man.
  2. Re: US Army Recruitment Falters – Misses Goal By 25% As Woke Ideology Takes Over

    That may well be true, but 99.99% of people probably don't know that and optics are everything nowadays. During the covid scam we had people who weren't doctors sporting white lab coats during their...
  3. Re: You are always at the mercy of the universe

    The human ability to think we control anything is laughable.... Think "Dust in the wind", it matters not what you do in this life, it will be forgotten within 2 generations at the absolute most. ...
  4. Re: How much physical activity do you do in a day?

    Intermittent fasting is the way to lose and keep weight off. Only eat within a 6 hour window every day, drink a lot of water and watch the fat melt away.
  5. Re: Thankful I'm MGTOW - look at this relationship

    Watch the man/boy's body language, looks away when he says things, hand to hair when he's making comments. Even he doesn't believe the bullshit coming out of his mouth. I'll never understand the...
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    Re: The age of abundance

    Obviously we will not see eye to eye on this O.G. Let's just agree to disagree.
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    Re: The age of abundance

    I respect you O.G., and I prefaced my comment as much as I could. I do own a paid off home on land, so check. I'm not a victim of anything, never claimed to be. Disprove what I said. That's all I...
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    Re: The age of abundance

    My favorite argument with self righteous Boomers. I'm late 40's - before any older people get offended. I know what a Boomer is, my dad is one. Many R/P Boomers get offended and think I've bought...
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    Re: Uncomfortable situation

    Excellent point. Your word means much more than making a principled move, like not supporting the marriage. It sounds like he's setting himself up to be this girls bitch, but you did say you'd do...
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    Re: pirate88 intro

    Hey Pirate, welcome to the forum. That's a lot to unpack, even I get shocked by some of the things I read on here... Who tells a son about their Dad's small cock? Amazing how low women will stoop...
  11. Re: ‘I thought we were pretty solid’: My girlfriend and I sold our home. The $200k profit was wired to her account. She refuses to give me my fair share

    Call it a very expensive education tuition for CYA 101. When there's money involved, especially when a woman will be controlling it, never trust anyone to do the right thing. When there's $100k...
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    Re: Rising Energy Prices

    Putin. Blame Putin, support Ukraine. The Uke's are far more important to you than your own life, don't forget it!!!!
  13. Re: After a long time I went home to talk to my father.

    As a parent you want to shield your children from the truth. Black/red pilling a child is a bold move, which I'm trying with my 10 and 8 year old daughters. I pull no punches about the world in...
  14. Re: 4 of 10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship. She blames you or tries to pin the blame on you for small things

    Yeah, as she 'saves the peach for the kids' More like, she didn't want the peach, she wanted McDonalds and 'left' the peach for the kids.
  15. Re: The student loan forgiveness will largely go to women

    There are situations where taxes can be included in BK. There is a criteria, I believe it is a certain amount of years old. At this point I don't see why anyone cares, there have been bailouts for...
  16. Re: Frustrating aspects of the Church and its lack of focus on unmarried men.

    Apparently a man's soul, even a that of a 'sinner' is as disposable as his physical body according to the modern church. I long for a relationship with God, if only to understand the current...
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    Re: The elephant in the room, vasectomy

    For me, I did notice a decline in the quality of orgasm. The procedure was relatively painless, and recovery was a breeze. I don't know about amount of semen/load size as I really don't care about...
  18. Re: Frustrating aspects of the Church and its lack of focus on unmarried men.

    I have some reservations as to the 100% validity of the KJV Bible, as it was written in the 1200's at the behest of a King. I understand it was written by top scholars, but I wonder if the scholars...
  19. Re: when "let's be friends" upset you, you weren't being an asshole

    For a bunch of MGTOWS we seem to have a lack of understanding regarding authority. This is a FREE forum to enjoy, provided at someone else's expense and moderation. Maybe it's a younger set coming...
  20. Re: Frustrating aspects of the Church and its lack of focus on unmarried men.

    Perhaps your searching for something non-existent, the prefect church. I have personally explored many religions, and even went as far as joining a southern Baptist church. There is no requirement...
  21. Re: Have you ever been hated for your skin color

    I used to drive a street cab at night in two different cities. During a burnout phase of my life, I would work the absolute worst neighborhoods late at night just looking for problems. Being a...
  22. Re: Missing from the conversation about incels and MGTOW men

    I think this has become a very black and white issue here, and the viewpoint of the men who lose their shit is not taken into account. I think most, if not many men on here understand the difference...
  23. Re: Happily married to utterly devasted overnight

    Agree with all of the above:

    1) Go on the offensive, demand the most and stick to your guns.

    2) Avoid any relationships/dating (especially any your kids can see, which includes...
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    Re: "Momlife" blowing up.

    At least 'mansplaining' you are imparting knowledge about something useful, which it can't hurt to have that reinforced. However, 'cuntsplaining', or the repeating of some emotional feeling over and...
  25. Re: One of the guys here suggested I go camping by myself to do masculine stuff like skills.

    Beer, lots of beer. Camping is extremely boring in my opinion.
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