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  1. Thread: Blue People?

    by Boar

    Re: Blue People?

    No, it was not. At one time there may have been a collective pretense grand enough to be worth fighting for. It was probably a pipe dream, but it motivated people and society towards something...
  2. Thread: Blue People?

    by Boar

    Re: Blue People?

    Blue people? In this society they are either oppressors or victims. There are no other kinds of people anymore...
  3. Thread: WGTOW?

    by Boar

    Re: WGTOW?

    Whimyn chose to be a universal liability for men. Actions have consequence. Men decided that they were better off living their lives alone than risk the hell of associating with whimyn for the sake...
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    Re: Clementine Ford: "kill all men"

    Is Ford talking about all men, or just the invisible ones? You know, the ones that keep society moving forward and maintain civility but fail to give whimyn the tingles.
  5. Re: Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy divorce: Where did it go wrong? Brutal . . .

    So she put her career first? Father time is indifferent to status. I wonder how many eggs she has frozen?
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    Re: Bad Economy? CoronaVirus? Women most affected!

    These days I just chuckle when I see victim peacocking. Anybody remember those '80's commercials of starving children in Africa? Those commercials worked for a bit, but the NGO's aren't using them...
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    Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    We live in a tyranny of the weak: our society now finds a perverse comfort in fear. Our consumerist society is based upon insecurity and the government is all too happy to support it. When the only...
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    Re: Man-hating is a time of plague - a rethink

    In rereading your comments, I was reminded of something that Milo Y wrote in an article, paraphrasing a bit, "Women are trained to be aggressively vulnerable." Anything that cupcake does not like is...
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    Re: Confused again! So what’s new?

    Excellent post! Blue Pillers let others dictate the metrics of success; Red Pill men decide upon their own measure of success. Never let anyone set or move your goalpost.
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    Re: Man-hating in a time of plague

    So, she is upset that the man did not acknowledge her presence and phobias by removing himself from her path. Sorry sweetie, but I will not marginalize myself for your comfort.
  11. Re: Billionaire divorce uncovers secretive world of trusts in South Dakota

    Entitlement know no limit. If she needs advice on how to live the rest of her life with a measly $6 million, she could always ask the essential workers that are living below the poverty line...
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    Re: Living on a budget

    “Contentment is a pearl of great price, and whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and a happy purchase.” -- John BalguyKnow your needs from your wants and do not...
  13. Re: U.S. Women’s Soccer Team ‘Equal Pay’ Case Dismissed

    Well, if the laydeez had won this, they would have found something new to be victimized by. I can predict at some point, attendance at the whimyn's soccer games will become mandatory. Proof of...
  14. Re: Biden says he'll reverse DeVos rule bolstering protections for those accused of campus sexual assault

    This is his plea bargain with his voter base. He will take away due process for accused men if he receives immunity for his conduct.
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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: Broken Woman

    I have often thought that the most dangerous characteristic a man can have is restraint. Restraint is what separates the successful from the impulsive. So much of our culture depends on conditioned...
  16. Re: A Religious Perspective on What's Wrong with Women Today

    Well, at least Roosh did not proclaim himself to be a new virgin....

    I looked through the article and it is well written. The tl;dr is: the female is rebelling if she prioritizes personal...
  17. Re: US marriage rate plunged to lowest level on record in 2018

    I am willing to bet this trend will make socialism unavoidable in the future. Without a handout, how are these strong and independent whimyn going to survive their 50's-80's? Oh, that's right, we...
  18. Re: Virtual sextortion surging as more men stay home during coronavirus lockdowns

    Simpin' ain't easy.

    Well, it looks like some men are going to learn the hard way that any and all interactions with whimyn can and will be weaponized.
  19. In five years: OnlyFans vs. The Right to be Forgotten

    In the EU, under the Right to be Forgotten, it is possible to have negative information removed from search results and directories. It is an interesting concept, and I expect a similar but more...
  20. Re: US marriage rate plunged to lowest level on record in 2018

    May that headline be repeated for many many years. This rotten institution needs to die off. If it takes Western society with it, so be it.
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    Re: Women, make-up, and economic down turns

    You mean when times get tough, whimyn 'remember' how to appear feminine? What a mystery! /sarc
  22. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics

    Great compendium. I prefer my cliff notes version: If she starts talking, I walk away.
  23. Re: Another One Bites the Dust! Kristin Cavallari accuses Jay Cutler of 'inappropriate marital conduct' in divorce filings: report

    So she wanted back on the carousel as 33 year-old mother of 3? Well, at least she was smart enough to ensure an income stream....
  24. Re: Fairy Tales Involving White Knighting and Romance Originated in Asia

    Call me crass, but sometimes I am convinced that humanity just wants to mystify the inexplicable. We are merely in an era where you are free to make your own altar.
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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: EWALT

    Those with the power of criminal and judicial enforcement do not need to rely on goodwill to fulfill their entitlements. The few unicorns that forgo these powers and meet their needs and wants...
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