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    Re: Boyscouts of America files for bankruptcy

    Perfectly said.
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    Re: Why do we post?

    We (MGTOW) may be free, but the societies we built and are forced to live in are not. There is a war raging against us, and our enemies have been slaughtering us for decades. We've allowed the...
  3. Re: Conn. high school girls file lawsuit arguing that allowing transgender athletes to compete is sex discrimination

    Fuck them all. I hope that all these tranny freaks infiltrate every single female sport there is, and no woman ever wins a trophy again. They may never have to compete on an equal playing field with...
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    Re: Why do we post?

    I post to share the truth...because men have been so deceived, and the truth is so hard to find, that it's taken me 30 years to really begin to understand it all. Many men never figure these things...
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    Re: Male Contraceptives and MGTOW


    This is a common theme I see among MGTOW, and something I experienced myself when I was first starting out. It is pretty damn obvious to any man with a brain that western women do not value...
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    Re: What a woman wants

    Probably one of the best things about being MGTOW, is I no longer have to worry or care about what women want. But probably the best answer to the question I have ever heard: What do women want?...
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    Re: When the girls remind you why you're MGTOW

    When I want a reminder of why I'm MGTOW, I usually just look at my investments and bank accounts, all the cool shit I have in my house that women would never let me have, and enjoy the low stress...
  8. Re: Another one confused MGTOW with something else

    Yep, you're exactly right, on all counts. I think I'm probably kind of a weird case, too. Most MGTOW don't really give a fuck about being attractive to women...I just happen to enjoy snubbing them...
  9. Re: Another one confused MGTOW with something else

    He's sort of half-right, at least in my case. You see, I want to be the best guy they never had.

    I dated and fucked a lot of women when I was in my 20's. But I was never a Chad...I was more like a...
  10. Re: The cock carousel, packaged and sold to women at the expense and humiliation of men.

    This is the same crap feminism has been peddling to women for decades. Ride the cock carousel as long as you want. Accrue debt, STD's, and useless degrees without worry or thought about consequences....
  11. Re: New York Governor Cuomo Proposes New Law That Allows Women To Claim They Were Raped After Consuming Alcoholl

    I don't know why most men even bother to date anymore. The low quality of available women combined with the massive legal and financial risks for even getting involved with them just makes it...
  12. Re: Crazy Feminists Want To CANCEL Clint Eastwood's New Film "Richard Jewell"

    SJW's are some of the best movie critics in the history of film critics. The more they hate a movie, the more you can be certain it is a great movie. The more they love a movie, the more you can be...
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    Re: Dealing With Red Pill Rage

    It's almost impossible to look at what's going on in society, to see how it is being taken over by leftists, feminism and socialism; to see how men are being persecuted, and our lives our being...
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    Re: Finland is FINNISHED!

    Rest assured, men will still be doing all the real work behind the scenes, as always. These empowered wymyn will simply be taking all the credit. However, they are STILL fucked. Any country that...
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    Re: I Found A Unicorn.

    I had a unicorn too. Ironically, she is the one who proved to me that AWALT.

    Because I spent my entire life searching for her. I dated literally hundreds of girls, and had mostly horrible...
  16. Re: Feminst Craziness Explained? Birth Control Pills May Be Shrinking Brains In Women, Study Finds

    Damn, they are already working with such limited cognitive abilities...but I guess that would at least partially explain why so many of them are becoming leftists, socialists, and feminists. Somehow,...
  17. Re: Things You See At The Top: Feminist Woman Calls Pile Of Crap "Artwork", Successfully Sells It For $225K

    For every one woman who successfully sells a piece of shit like that, thousands more will read articles like this and decide to go to expensive art schools, take on six figure loans, and go on to...
  18. Re: 'Parasite singles': why young Japanese aren't getting married

    It's alright, everything is going great. Women are happier than they've ever been. Now instead of being oppressed by loving husbands who work 40+ hours a week at miserable jobs to support their wives...
  19. Re: Why is a hard patriarchy such an attractive 'remedy'?

    I never said that this would happen, or even that it was possible. Just that it would be optimal to men, and a return to traditionalism would not.
  20. Re: New Crisis: The Long Lines for Womenís Bathrooms Could Be Eliminated. Why Havenít They Been?

    They have so much "equality" that they are down to issues like bathroom lines, air conditioning in offices, "man-spreading" on subways. These are the most pressing issues they can even find to...
  21. Re: Why is a hard patriarchy such an attractive 'remedy'?

    One of the common themes I see in MGTOW forums is the desire to go back to some form of traditionalism. They'll say things like, if enough men GTOW, women will have to get their shit together and...
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    Re: When delusion collides with reality....

    It was a lot easier for women when men guided them through life, built and maintained everything both in the home and in society, took care of women and protected them. But they saw that as...
  23. Re: First male birth control injection almost ready . . .

    Personally, I'd recommend getting a vasectomy rather than waiting for this. They've been "almost ready" for years now, but still not available. Meanwhile a vasectomy will only set you back around...
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    Re: Confused Again!

    They are trying to destroy the fabric of our society, which is why men are under constant attack. We ARE society, and if they can sufficiently weaken or destroy us, they know they can come in and...
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    Re: Buying the Boyfriend Experience in Japan

    Cool, good for them. It's nice to see so many young women trying to pull their own weight in society. Now when Japanese women achieve similar death rates by Karoshi (literally working to death) as...
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