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    Re: Why do postwall barbies get botox lips

    Lol as if we would find prostitutes features attractive while looking for a woman to settle down.

    I never liked the full red lipstick on lips even in young girls...let alone the botox lips that...
  2. Thread: WGTOW?

    by Jackal

    Re: WGTOW?

    There are no such things as human rights, human dignity or even plain diplomacy for them.

    When they consider you below a certain threeshold it seems like its their duty (and right) to make sure...
  3. Re: Covid-19 One Month In- sexually frustrated women examples.

    The amount of trash I see in terms of pictures or online post from women is mind blowing, I kid you not yesterdays slvtty characters in movies are todays average girls.
  4. Re: Biden says he'll reverse DeVos rule bolstering protections for those accused of campus sexual assault

    I heard lehman bros are pushing for more controls over bank solidity where it only takes an unhappy client to declare bankrupt.
  5. Re: In five years: OnlyFans vs. The Right to be Forgotten

    I believe a man should know what he is marrying, not out of niceness but for the simple fact that he is investing his money, time and mental health in it.

    If there was a free of obligation for all...
  6. Re: US marriage rate plunged to lowest level on record in 2018

    This is the first step, when enough men will wise up any form of committment will be gone.

    Whatever demands are required to chads, thats what even the average guy will be willing to pay at the...
  7. Re: Man who died after ingesting fish tank cleaner may have been poisoned by wife

    Those who made the movie "behing the enemy lines" should make the sequel and call it "the enemy within our lines".
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    Re: Gynocracy - Where and When Does It End?

    The other way around, feminism leads to more immigration for two reasons.

    The first one is a lower natality which requires a certain amount of immigrants (not as many as they tell us).

  9. Re: Another One Bites the Dust! Kristin Cavallari accuses Jay Cutler of 'inappropriate marital conduct' in divorce filings: report

    Not even chad is safe nowadays.
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    Re: Gynocracy - Where and When Does It End?

    What you say its correct yet it doesnt consider a third factor which is immigration.

    As you said white men are brilliant and hard working, others are less (if you are european and see data you...
  11. Re: Why was Classic Liberalism Replaced by SJWism?

    I kid you not, this interview sounds as if it was one yesterday morning.
  12. This Covid19 situation shows us who really matter and who does not.

    Guess celebrities, sport stars, influencers and bloggers are not that important after all, right?

    Guess the average woman while joining the queue at the supermarket would rather have a productive...
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    Re: So long Joe- you've lost the male vote

    No offence to anyone, I respect everyones political views as long as they come from reasoning but why cant leftist finally find a decent leader?

    Looking at the leftist candidates in europe the...
  14. NO REMORSE ‘Emotionless’ mom who ‘hanged her two young kids and sexually assaulted the family dog’ appears in court

    You cant make stuff like this with your...
  15. What do you think about this man says about big cities being harmful to manhood?

    I believe he overdo at some point but still he has many good points.
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    Re: Do you think I’m pretty?

    Cant really tell if they are unable to control their impulses, lack empathy toward other humans, have a screwed up moral compass or simply have a brain software that was restarted during critical...
  17. Re: New Crisis! Chris Matthews accused of ‘inappropriately flirting’ with female guest

    Do not compliment women, do not talk about any personal topic, pretend to be dumb or deaf when they do it and most of all mind your damn business.

    Im living by these rules and I'm doing great, I...
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    Re: Re-make "Invisible Man" (2020 version)

    Dumb fvcks dont realize that when a huge chunk of customers is not satisfied, someone else will arise to make them happy.

    Free market will wipe out commies once again.
  19. Re: Want a Date with a Porn Star? Now Single and Available to Chat from Prison! Manginas and Pussybeggars Wanted!

    Sometimes it only takes to look at someone's face to see whats behind it.
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    Re: Support these two petitions

    Wtf is wrong with her
  21. Re: I'm 71 and I’ve been married for 27 years. She wants me to pay for everything and bend to her will. Am I too old to bite the bullet — and ask my wife for a divorce?

    I suggest this guy to talk to a lawyer first and get advice on how to play the divorce angle.

    Too bad he is american, in other parts of the world the situation would be solved much easier, faster...
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    Re: MGTOW HQ killed ?

    The cattle already left the field, pointless for them to try to close the fence now.

    They should have not beat and underfeed the cattle for such a long time.
  23. Re: "This Is Just Chauvinism": Oklahoma Woman Upset After Being Thrown Out Of All-Male Barbershop

    In case you are curious about the environment.
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    Re: Buy stocks in Ice Cream companies

    Maybe we should make a call to JP Morgan and work togheter on a spinster ETF made of cat food companies, boxed wine, ice cream, choccolate and some antidepressant involved big pharma.
  25. Getting rid of most of my relatives has been one of the best decisions of my life

    I dont mean in a hitman sense of course, I mean that I ghosted them all.

    No useless phone calls for xmas or birthdays, changed my number without sharing it with them and surely not attending...
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