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  1. Re: A fucked up story on how cheating destroyed an entire family.

    My divorce rape commenced when my ex began cheating. Married for 21 years, she cheated for the last four and the first two, that I know of. I live with a very real possibility that two of my...
  2. Re: I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out

    You are spot on. Our government is at its height of corruption. Including, and possibly especially the Republicans. And the fake news media is right with them. They cannot even bring up the subject...
  3. Re: I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out
  4. Re: I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out

    Another steaming pile of bullshit is the fact that there are so many states STILL counting votes. W T ever loving F…. The election was 3 fucking days ago, and some of these jurisdictions are still...
  5. Re: I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out

    Very true. BUT, if that were the case, then the fraudulent mail in vote copy machine in Philly would’ve just produced more “ballots” for Fetterman and he would still have squeaked out a win in a...
  6. Re: Dealing with old memories that bring up rage

    Tower, you are a fucking poet. No other way to describe it!
    You touched on the most ignored and important facet of this “forgiveness” issue. The notion that you can’t have inner peace till you...
  7. Re: I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out

    PA is more crooked than a dogs hind leg. I lived there for 5 years, and I’m telling you, there’s no way in hell they elected that buffoon Fetterman. They illegally changed voting laws for COVID, and...
  8. Re: Dealing with old memories that bring up rage

    Happens to me all the time. I’m going on 8 years after divorce rape, and it still pops up. TBH, for one reason or another, she pops into my head about every day for one reason or another. I’ve kind...
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    Re: If you haven't already seen insanity ....


    🤣🤣🤣🤣. That landwhale- (yellow “bikini”) is uglier than a basket of crushed assholes…. Even if she didn’t weigh 350, she’s a 4 at best. In present state…. -9.
  10. Re: I decided that I won't move out of my parents house.

    This is OUTSTANDING advice. ESPECIALLY since you won’t be losing half of it or more in a divorce. When I was your age, I saved; a little. Now, at age 56, I’d give my right nut to have saved more way...
  11. Re: "You Murderous Hypocrites": Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests 'Amnesty' For Pandemic Authoritarians

    Very similar to what happened to me. I put it off as long as I could. Our deadline was in November last year, right around Thanksgiving (US). The day before the “get vaccinated or you’re terminated”...
  12. Re: This Is One Of My 3 Man Caves: My Bedroom Cave (IMAGES)
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    Re: ghost lifestyle, what do you do?

    You just made me realize- I’m the definition of a ghost. This fits me exactly.
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    Re: Dazed, Confused . . . Hopeful

    Don’t cave- her newfound “good attitude” is a ruse. Continue on your path. There are ZERO scenarios where staying with her will benefit you. Rip the band aid off. Fire the divorce planner and get...
  15. Re: New Crisis! Unvaccinated Single Women Say 'No' To Vaccinated Single Men

    The only bigger scam in the recent 3 years was the 20 election….
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    Re: The worst song on earth!

    They are on You Tube.
    Freaking hilarious! I knew every lyric back in my school days out in Kansas. Most raw and brutal lyrics ever
  17. Re: Did anyone grew up with dysfunctional parents?

    What the hell, I’ll be the Lone Ranger here and admit that my parents were outstanding. They've been married 57 years.

    The only ass kickings I got were deserved. My Dad taught me to fish and...
  18. Re: The “fitness culture” — women dressing like sluts and men begging for attention

    I quit going for these reasons. The thing that pushed me over the top was one of these spandex wearing whores started getting on the machine next to me every day with a perfume cloud around her that...
  19. Re: Anyone else went from left to right politically?

    You could be right. I admit, I liked her when watching the Democratic debates in ‘20. She seemed like the only person in the whole event that spoke English while the rest were speaking gibberish.
  20. Re: deep-level cleaning and organizing to build a great life

    Lol- sounds like an old Tim Allen comedy routine I heard way back. How men dust: “duct tape all the small shit down and fire up the leaf blower”! 🤣🤣
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    Re: Cow Burp Tax

    Climate change is the biggest of all the political scams in history. The fact that so many “intelligent” beings believe in this lie is more scary to me than the damage their delusions are causing.
  22. Re: Anyone else went from left to right politically?

    Seems Tulsi Gabbard has had enough of the Democratic Party and their woke bullshit. I never thought she was much of a Democrat anyway. In fact, she’s the only person in that whole sick bunch that I’d...
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    Re: Becoming Husband = Turning Into A House

    KRF- I had an almost identical relationship with my uncle for 30+ years. We both love working with our hands, fixing and building things. Both are into boats and own a couple each. Boats require...
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    Re: Woman, children, unhappy.

    Not sure how things work in UK, but if he stays, even without marrying, she very well may be entitled to just as much as if they were married when the inevitable breakup / divorce happens.
  25. Thread: Lost

    by Survivor64

    Re: Lost

    Women and marriage just suck your soul.
    Prayers to your friend.
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