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  1. Re: The Bad News Since My Dad's Passing Never Wants To End

    Hang in there brother, try to work something out with your aunt so you can keep your house. whatever you do, if possible, dont live with your negosaurus mom. seems like she doesnt have any business...
  2. Re: The state of being a wife and motherhood today

    Not specific this marriage, but every marriage has a 80% chance of going to destination fucked.

    Which makes me think of this scene:

    No thanks, not...
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    Re: Career and college women

    It's called a liability. Even IF they are successful it will take years to earn it back and if they do and make more bank than you they will probably monkey branch to a Chad in the industry. Smart...
  4. Re: Has anyone here stopped following the news altogether?

    i dont even own a TV, nor do i have social media accounts and i don't have enough hours in a day. i dont understand these lazy fucks that hire house cleaning / lawn service but sit in front of a TV...
  5. Re: Do some Bitchute videos get throttled?

    i dont know, but a lot of creators using BitChute are also on and that site works like a charm for me personally.
  6. Re: Today I have voluntarily start taking a drug to decrease my libido

    Jeez fuck . you'll feel like a mess if you would go this route. there is a reason men feel way better on higer(er) test.

    Arimidex and any other AI is no fucking joke on your system dude, and...
  7. Re: How much physical activity do you do in a day?

    If you're really serious about this, you would precisely need to track your Kcal's a day and find out what your Maintenace level is and go from there. after a few months you know your body and how it...
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    Re: Hi, well, that's my introduction

    Hey man, so tell us. what made you go your own way. i see your from brasil how are the courts there towards men?
  9. Re: Please share tips on how to friend-zone new girl that my Asian Parent (& Auntie) keep introduce to me

    A proper garden tool, being held in many hands, as much as the shovel of the local landscaping company. lol
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    Re: Ways to Make Homies?

    Just stay clear of competitions and you can always kindly decline to roll with certain people that make every match, a 7th gear deathmatch.

    Very rarely it happens that someone tears an ACL in...
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    Re: Ways to Make Homies?

    Try Brazilian jiu jitsu, its hard as fuck the first few months. you literally have no clue how to move on the ground. the people who stick around are of a different breed. i can say that literally...
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    Re: I am in a difficult position.

    Awesome, i did this as well when i moved countries a few years back. always had someone to shoot the shit with, and to show me around in the beginning, when i didnt know anything in the country. But...
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    Re: MGK wives up Ho Megan Fox

    i have no clue who that muppet on the left is, but based on the looks, outfit, nails and jewlery - something, somewhere went wrong.
  14. Re: Do any of you guys pay for house cleaning services?

    never have, never will - i have a small house and i clean one room each day which keeps it easy to maintain, need to vacuum clean each day anyway since i have my dogs inside at night and bad weather...
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    Re: Kicking my alcohol problem

    I'm more than fine, thanks! one thing about quitting any addiction is the ''what do i do with my time'' and in case of smoking ''what do i do with my fingers'' a lot of people quitting smoking in...
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    Re: Kicking my alcohol problem

    How r you doing Redpilledsimp?
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    Re: Ghost Jobs?

    Any IT job will do the trick, if its ;

    1. 100% remote
    2. Direct manager is in another country
    3. You're afraid of flying, and will probably have a stroke if you enter a airplane, so...
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    Poll: Re: rating women's looks -- I'm curious

    i've put the 1 as rating, i cant stand these women that cant keep a clean room, a cluttered room is a cluttered mind. Have no clue why they wear that weird eye-makeup and big ass eyebrows. too bad we...
  19. Re: I decided that I won't move out of my parents house.

    You are the next best thing after a guy that has his own house, wait for it. pretty soon the woman will start to hunt for you.

    The ''smart ones'' are already putting their octopus arms out and...
  20. Re: Student loan 'forgiveness' is a stealth bachelor tax

    Good vid by Sandman came out today,

    Student Loan Forgiveness Mostly Goes To Women - MGTOW
  21. Re: One of the guys here suggested I go camping by myself to do masculine stuff like skills.

    cool stuff man! just try to limit yourself on what you buy. things get heavy and half of the shit you have you wont even use on shorter trips.

    I did a lot of overnighters (2-3 days) fishing. if...
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    Re: Ghost hobbies?

    i'm writing my own scripts to start a YouTube channel exposing the lame stream media and their push for soy-ciety and SimCity - lmao
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    Re: Son/Husband

    Here we go... a grown up baby, is she overweight, seems to be a thing lately? sipping coke and eating cake while complaining the world is such a fuck up unfair world. Public transport is a thing, no...
  24. Re: "Hey, wait a minute! The wealthy men don't want to get married."

    Correct, they love how the man (and the recourses he has) can make them feel. They make their decision based on their feeling, small kids do this as well, small kids also shit on the carpet.
  25. Re: The Mega Millions Jackpot Is Past The $1 Billion Mark

    this is well achievable without a billion dollaros broski ;)
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