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  1. Re: US Army Recruitment Falters Misses Goal By 25% As Woke Ideology Takes Over

    i wouldn't join the military now for a few reasons. i don't want to take orders from mentally ill officers and i don't trust trannies and women to have my back in combat. i will only fight to...
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    Re: Didn't get the promotion I applied for

    jobs are like women. if they think you don't have options, they'll treat you like shit. like most people here have said, time to move on.
  3. Re: Equality time: Retirement age for Swiss women raised to 65

    "fair and equal" is a myth. Everyone's idea of what is fair and equal is different from everyone else. There will never be a consensus on what is fair and equal.
  4. Re: Lack of accountability, Sky News discusses that women are at greater risk of not meeting retirement goals
  5. Re: Marines Now Crossdressing As Women? Chow Hall - US Marine Corps Camp LeJeune
  6. Re: feminists ignore proof that rape culture does not exist

    the term rape culture was stolen by feminists. it was originally used to describe male federal prisons in the usa. there, rape is common, joked about and not punished at all. it's even seen as...
  7. Re: why do some women cheat while others remain loyal

    look at divorce stats, which are around 50% for most countries or higher. Then look at divorce stats when virgins marry. It's like 4% for when 2 virgins marry. When a virgin has sex, they imprint...
  8. Re: I found that married men are completely unreliable,

    A lot of guys will use the wife as an excuse when really they're just too tired and/or lazy to go out. Married life burns you out and saps your will to live. My married friends don't contact me...
  9. Re: Latest Woke backfire, controversy over age gap in 30 year old Jurassic Park film.

    fuck, these idiots talk about movies like real life crimes have taken place.
  10. Re: Feminist Faces Three Years In Prison For Saying Biological Men Can't Be Lesbians

    Is it wrong for her to go to jail for expressing an unpopular opinion? Yes it is. Do I feel sorry for her? No, I don't. Feminists and other neo-Marxists like her are the reason these laws exist. ...
  11. Re: At Last! A movie that celebrates Masculinity! Top Gun: Maverick

    I'm glad it's doing well and I hope it encourages movie studios to follow suit with more pro-masculinity movies. I'm still not going to go see it. Cinemas where I live discriminated against...
  12. Re: Watchout Gentlemen, Women beginning to look for cheap rent on social sites, listen to this "nextdoor" email I just got

    It's 1 year where I live, but you can get a cohabitation agreement to protect you from being declared common law married. Personally, I think the "stay the fuck out of my house" agreement is more...
  13. Re: Look Out!! New species of All Female Grasshopper discovered.

    if it's only one gender, why would they call that female?
  14. Re: Im an Overprotective Girlfriend and I Have 8 Strict Rules for my Boyfriend

    i don't think she knows what "protective" means, never mind overprotective. She's describing jealousy. Her boyfriend doesn't need her protection.
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    Re: Feminists hate most human beings

    It's really about them hating themselves. it used to be accurately called penis envy, but the truth hurt, so they got rid of that term.
  16. Re: New Crisis! 'We're uncomfortable in our own locker room.' Lia Thomas' UPenn teammate tells how the trans swimmer doesn't always cover up her male genitals when changing...

    i feel the same way in a men's locker room. it's not that hard to not look though.
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    Re: Fuck you too, Australian ABC

    When you're a woman, being a mediocre white man is a huge step up. Just look at mediocre white man swimmer Lia Thomas winning the women's ncaa swimming championship. So true, ABC. Thank you for...
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    Re: First hooker experience

    I've never heard of a prostitute that wouldn't go on top. I've never asked. i just make them do whatever I want. Pro Tip: if there's something you want that she won't do, get a discount. If she...
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    Re: Chris Rock's greatest joke ever!

    Chris Rock didn't know about Jada's condition when he made the joke. He just thought it was her haircut. Still, her alopecia is a result of malnutrition from her vegan diet. To me, that means it's...
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    Re: Is the path for success upside-down?

    being a hot chick always sells
  21. Re: Is lifting weights worth it if you don't enjoy it?

    I hate exercising but if i have a trainer i like it. i feel like i'm getting better use of the gym time and i work harder.
  22. Re: Do any other Forum members enjoy dressing well?

    that's how i feel about being physically fit. clothing not so much, but I wouldn't say I'm a slob.
  23. Re: [Response] 50+ Year Old Woman Leaves Her Husband & Instantly Regrets It

    in the sexual marketplace, a woman is only as valuable as the eggs she has left. Once her best eggs are gone, she's virtually worthless to a prospective mate. Friendship or companionship is all she...
  24. Re: "Why Won't You Marry Me?!!!!!!!!!" Entitled Women Loses Her Cool Because Men Are Saying No

    A woman who has ridden the cock carousel will not imprint on you and can't have a healthy committed relationship. These women want full price for their used goods and seldom bring anything a man...
  25. Poll: Re: The best kind of solution for Mgtows in future societies

    mgtow doesn't need a solution. mgtow is the solution.
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