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    Re: Say Hello to your future first lady

    I'm on board the Trump train - it ain't got brakes by the way.

    Are Islamists a threat? Yes. Even if terrorism is just a rare, anecdotal threat, my issue is actually creeping infectious cultural...
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    Re: Seeking Arrangement Duds

    I threw up in my mouth just a little bit.

    Fucking pussy-thirsty beta males, goddamn. If it wasn't for those fucking supplicating simps, these broads wouldn't be so goddamned revolting. But beta...
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    Re: That Jian Ghomeshi Scandal thing ...

    Well - I'm willing to admit I've been proven wrong.

    Here's some vindication for Mr. Ghomeshi:
  4. Thread: Ghost Jobs?

    by Chairborne

    Re: Ghost Jobs?

    Here is an example of a guy who basically runs a welding workshop in an abandoned automotive plant.
  5. Re: Speed dating - not the purgatory I expected, but hypergamy on display

    Definitely women in my demographic (late 30s - early 40s) want commitment immediately, without fucking earning it (in my opinion). I think that's for women met at parties, online, or speed dating....
  6. Re: Speed dating - not the purgatory I expected, but hypergamy on display

    Simply google "speed dating [your city]". If you're living in a community with more than 500,000 people, there's probably an event eventually. You have to register, and pay to go. This one cost me...
  7. Re: Speed dating - not the purgatory I expected, but hypergamy on display

    No prob!

    Absolutely. It also hides their body type - a fatass doesn't have to get up and waddle to the next table, they're only visible from the tits up, really. Another reason to get there...
  8. Re: Speed dating - not the purgatory I expected, but hypergamy on display

    It's really five minutes of small talk. I can't tell these women in five minutes that I don't want children or that I have economically libertarian values, or that I've got a deep seated animosity...
  9. Speed dating - not the purgatory I expected, but hypergamy on display

    So if you ever want a brutally clear assessment of your sexual market value (SMV), go speed dating. I went a couple nights ago for the first time and learned some interesting things.

    First off,...
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    Re: Thoughts on Trump?

    Sadly, I think you're right.
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    Re: Feminists Love Islamists

    That was pretty solid.

    Big Red is pretty much immortal now. She's as recognizable as Rosie the Riveter was, a symbol for a generation.
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    Re: Thoughts on Trump?

    I think Trump is a positive influence on US politics. He's not parroting media lines, he's speaking from the cuff - so you know what's coming out his mouth is what's actually on his mind. Whether you...
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    Poll: Re: Do you live alone?

    Got a roommate myself. Generally I have a regular rotation of short-term roomies, one university semester in duration; then they come and go. But I'm open to a longer term roomie if he's cool and...
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    Re: Red Pill Comic- true to life

    You're absolutely right. Extremists are the ideological vanguard for moderates with similar values - and moderates act as the shield for the extremists. You see it in religion and politics. For...
  15. Non-MGTOW language to discuss MGTOW concepts

    This video, from the right-wing conservative internet media outlet, offers a perfect example of how to discuss MGTOW without using the acronym or terms like "Red Pill", "Hypergamy" or other...
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    Re: Immigrants attack German women

    Europeans voted for this to happen.

    Quite simply, for decades, they voted for free goodies to be redistributed from the productive over to the least functional of society.

    So on the other side...
  17. Re: Stefan Molyneux - Socialist redistribution of pussy

    If you contribute, you're in, but if you don't, you're out. Agreed 100%. But we need the option to be out in that case. I truly believe in VOLUNTARY socialism. For example, I would prefer to opt out...
  18. Re: Stefan Molyneux - Socialist redistribution of pussy

    If you believe in socialism, you're still trapped in a beta-male / female mindset. If you think that you deserve somebody else's money to be redistributed, you're a freeloader - the opposite of an...
  19. Re: Stefan Molyneux - Socialist redistribution of pussy

    Well - this one's only 7:34. So it's more digestable than his normal offerings.
  20. Stefan Molyneux - Socialist redistribution of pussy

    This is bloody hilarious. Men are valued by society only for their labour - what we provide to society / others. Women are valued by society mostly for their sexuality.

    So... Stefan Molyneux...
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    Re: A reply to MGTOWs waiting for the collapse

    Absolutely. Military service is my survival strategy. History shows a clear pattern. If the food runs out, men who are armed and organized by the state, and free to use violence without consequence...
  22. Re: Hello, I am going to study your ways.

    Ok. Let's examine the timeline.

    No intro at the outset.
    Prompted for intro.
    Time passes.
    Makes subsequent posts that aren't intro, despite having read the prompt.

    IDGAF who is right or wrong...
  23. Re: Wall Documented: A Photographer Took A Photo of These Four Women Every Year Since 1975

    I dunno - I'd have done the short one well into the 1990s. But the blond with curly hair started the downward slope in the third photo.

    That said, there must have been something toxic in the air...
  24. Re: Anyone want to wife this one up? anyone? no? crickets...?

    It definitely demonstrates the all-too-common attitude that any attention is better than no attention. Like a 2 year old intentionally making a mess in front of his parents - he just wants to be...
  25. Re: Who am I? A soldier? An MRA? A Red Pill man?

    So I realize I forgot to update this tale. Turns out, the subordinate who was sent to work for me wasn't in fact the woman in question, but a dude from the same unit of the same rank and trade. I...
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