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    Re: Dislike making intros but want to join

    Hi Mason,

    Welcome here.

    I'm an older guy, so I hope I can pass some of my wisdom on to you:

    The first of many is that women are able to lie at the drop of a hat and feel NO remorse.

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    Re: Female ingenuity at it finest!

    She could have used some containers like a couple of laundry detergent bottles that were washed out.

    Stupid is as stupid does. lol!
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    Re: Are you afraid of dying alone?

    All I ask for is a quick death, not a long one. No one gets out of this life alive.

    Fear of being alone when I am dying? Don't really care. Most of humanity
    is nothing but filth that I dont like...
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    Re: Retirement Plans

    Nor will I. Nursing homes are houses of horrors.

    I took care of my father until the very last year, when he was really failing badly, so I put him an assisted-care home. I visited him as often...
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    Re: I wouldn't want to be an Uber driver

    Lyft and Uber would never have made it, if it wasn't for the sell-out of our good jobs to China and Mexico and that's a fact!
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    Re: I wouldn't want to be an Uber driver

    Yes, I can imagine that this has probably happened to a few Uber or Lyft drivers already.

    Lyft just recently made it clear that a driver cannot refuse a rider with a service dog, even if they are...
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    Re: Sex and Honour

    Indeed so. And as the adage goes, we men want a respectable woman on our arms in public, and a whore in the bedroom.

    Not sure how a virgin woman, if there are any left, can act like a whore in the...
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    Re: Progress in the fight against "oops"

    Men have choices besides vasectomies :

    1. Wear a condom (yeah they suck). Dispose of it down the toilet.

    2. Heat them boys up real good in a HOT bath everyday. Sperm hate heat.

    3. Wear the...
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    Re: I wouldn't want to be an Uber driver

    Sorry guys, but you are mistaken.

    1. Dude should have locked his doors, and never the the kunts in.

    2. Once he cancelled he should have vacated the place at once.

    3. Uber drivers dont make...
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    Re: Is a overcrowded world good or bad for us?

    Far too many, IMO.

    And the fact is that the only reason why there are so many people is due to petroleum usage since the early 20th century, which allowed for increased food production and...
  11. Re: What's been your experience with barbers/hairdressers?

    Been going to a barber who only works M-F, 9-5. He is a Vietnam Veteran in his late 60's. Took my dad there when I was taking care of him before he died. Like my dad, he dont like talking about war...
  12. Re: When Society Encourages Mean Girls to Bully Boys

    "Stranger In A Strange Land" was quite a good read. I think Heinlein had women figured out pretty well, and must have seen
    what was becoming of them, becoming the whores and sluts we see today,...
  13. Re: When Society Encourages Mean Girls to Bully Boys

    I completely understand this, Nasir Jones. But in addition to growing up in an age where more women acted like ladies, not sluts and whores, we were taught many things, including having respect for...
  14. Re: Sex with robots to be 'the norm' in 50 years, expert claims

    Me too, Cap.
  15. Re: Sex with robots to be 'the norm' in 50 years, expert claims

    You mean this model?

    Just kidding, toolate. I thought she was quite pretty myself, back in the day.
  16. Re: When Society Encourages Mean Girls to Bully Boys

    Like I said, I am old school. I guess I still have a bit of chivalry left. Yes, I know I shouldn't, but its what I was taught.
  17. Re: When Society Encourages Mean Girls to Bully Boys

    While I admit to opening doors for women (Hey I am old and old school, OK?) I am glad that standing up at a table when woman arrives is long dead now.

    I will never stand up for a girl, nor will...
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    Re: Playboy toning down..

    I'll be surprised if Hefner himself is around in five years myself. IMO, Playboy was one spark to the "sexual revolution" which seemed cool back in the 1960-1970's, but turned ugly pretty fast during...
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    Re: Kentucky man shoots down drone

    I dont see the correlation. You can have your mail delivered to a mailbox at UPS, and take down your mailbox. Havent seen any mail people peeping around my place
    and I actually like having the...
  20. Re: Have scientists found the key to eternal life? Discovery of how to switch off ageing process in worms could lead to mechanism being delayed in humans

    Amen to that. Everything dies, as well it should. We must kill just to eat to live 50 to 100 years.

    Dictators that never died? To hell with that!
  21. Re: Chlomiphene Citrate (Clomid), testosterone production

    Not a problem. Its normal to have lower T levels
    as we age, but 150-300 is too low at any age below 90, IMO. Lots of doctors dont know shit
    about T levels in my own experiences.

    They look at...
  22. Re: Chlomiphene Citrate (Clomid), testosterone production

    There are lots of anti-androgens in our food
    and in food containers these days.

    I have hypogonadism myself, but at 150 to
    190 your t levels are below mine at 290- 300
    when not using T...
  23. Re: Chlomiphene Citrate (Clomid), testosterone production

    Personally I would stay away from Yohimbine. It can cause anxiety and panic attacks.Low-T can...
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    Re: Windows 10 released.

    Windows 8/10 has an open door to the NSA. Going Linux as well. Screw Bill Gates and his BS.
  25. Re: Countries where you can live for $1,000 a month

    I couldn't consider any kind of move to another country other then the USA for many reasons, but primarily one.

    First off, I am a gun-owner, and I am not speaking of single-shot firearms, like...
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