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    Re: Hello everyone - my story

    When I read these kind of stories, I am reminded of how naive and too good for his own good one can be dealing with women and all that for what?

    I almost want to blame you for all the wrong...
  2. Re: A Religious Perspective on What's Wrong with Women Today

    I have reached a point in my life that I can not believe religion is originated from some source beyond human being! Therefore, my conclusion is that men who were in charge of the ancient societies...
  3. Re: Does Covid-19 and its consequences have any philosophical impact for you?

    Thank you all for taking the time and writing about your thoughts and feelings on this matter. I am sure each individual sees any situation such as COVID-19 from his or her perspective. Frankly in...
  4. Does Covid-19 and its consequences have any philosophical impact for you?

    Hello All,

    As you know the almost the whole world is battling a strange adversary! I was wondering if this situation has changed your world view and your belief about the meaning of life in...
  5. Re: Men now avoid women at work another sign we're being punished for #MeToo

    George Costanza having sex with the cleaning lady at the office!
  6. Re: "Sugar Daddy" Business Thrives As More Co-Eds Sign Up To Pay Off Student Debt

    It did not have to be paid by money could be for food etc ... It happens in animal word too! I saw a video in which there was the exchange of food and sex between two birds!
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    A quotes by Albert Camus

    I thought it might be nice to share this with you:

    “Man is always prey to his truths. Once he has admitted them, he cannot free himself from them.”

    I would say it specially is true for red...
  8. Re: Letting others know about your mistakes!

    Yes..It is a Puffin, but I am not sure why I chose it relatively long time ago
  9. Re: Letting others know about your mistakes!

    Can you give us a short version of that story?!
  10. Letting others know about your mistakes!

    It should be a very strong message when you put your wedding portrait next to the waste management bins! It probably happens after a bad divorce. ...
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    Re: I think I have a stalker

    sorry dude, but it seems to me that you are stalking her too!
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    Re: Blue Pill cuck pic

    Does this mean that the man in the picture has been orbiting the woman for 10 years? I would guess she has been fucking bad boys and getting pumped and dumped for 10 years in her 20's. now that the...
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    Re: Russian bride

    Is it just me or it is too painful to watch that sh*t!
  14. Re: FBI Agent Gets A Big Dose of Divorce Court and Snaps into OJ mode with a knife . . .

    Chris Rock talks about marriage and his divorce in his latest special called “Tambourine”. It is full of red pills to the extent that it makes some of the audience uncomfortable IMHO.
  15. Re: FBI Agent Gets A Big Dose of Divorce Court and Snaps into OJ mode with a knife . . .

    It just goes to show how fucked up the family court is. Being a senior FBI agent, this man must have been very tough mentally before getting hit by the divorce. Alas the family court rapes men so bad...
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    Attention Mods


    I used to google GYOW or Goingyourownway and access the forum. However recently these google searches do not work! Even when I google MGTOW, it does not find this forum. You might want to look...
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    Re: A couple of observations

    I was reminded of Forrest Gump’s girlfriend. Jenny goes around and rides the carousel and returns to Forrest when she is very sick. The message I got from that part of the movie was that only a man...
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    Re: Chiks dig jerks!
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    Chiks dig jerks!
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    Re: Hello from Lebanon

    That is a great observation. I guess it is true for most of middle eastern countries.
  21. Re: After dating 5,000 guys, Thai woman creates course on catching rich white men

    Well I stand corrected. For a moment I forgot that a quickie counts as dating nowadays!!:D
  22. Re: After dating 5,000 guys, Thai woman creates course on catching rich white men

    dating 5000 guys in a lifetime is not possible! unless she has been sleeping every-night with a different guy in the span of 20 years or so again does not seem to be realistic!
  23. Re: A quote from the movie Realive (2016)

    Thanks for your participation ...I am not concerned about the concept of soul neither. The thing that I liked about this quote is the fact that it describes the reality of life as it is. It is kind...
  24. A quote from the movie Realive (2016)

    The above is a monologue by the lead character in the movie Realive (2016). You might need to watch the movie to make sense of the last sentence shown in red, however the rest is pretty generic and I...
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    Re: The Manipulated Man

    Perhaps she wants to say: "You are right MGTOW, we women in general do not give a fuck about well being of our husbands. We put ourselves and our children first and do not care if our men are happy...
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