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  1. Re: This recent split from the whore mother of Kim Kardashian, and Pete is like, "Yeah, It was fun but I'm bummed"

    Outside of the main downtown area (Marina, JLT, Downtown Dubai), I believe it's about $1,000/month rent. As mentioned, no income tax. Not sure about what designation there is for "underclass".
  2. Re: This recent split from the whore mother of Kim Kardashian, and Pete is like, "Yeah, It was fun but I'm bummed"

    Basically, it's full of 1st gen immigrants, myself included (only 10% are local to UAE, called Emirati). 90% are foreigners. We're all from some place else. So it has a different feel to it.
  3. Sticky: A reminder: This Sub has never Been About Simple-Minded Extremism and Defeatism

    We have plenty of new members. Most have NOT read our Principles.

    Consequently, they lower the quality of...
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    Re: How to destroy generosity

    >1. Never befriend females. Men and women can never be friends and there is absolutely no reason ....

    Wrong. As I just stated, I'm friends with several females- who are terrific friends that...
  5. Re: Lack of accountability, Sky News discusses that women are at greater risk of not meeting retirement goals

    It's so fashionable, even successful women are doing it:

    Serena Williams: "It's no fair that I can't win anymore, because I'm a woman and wanted to have kids. Biology discriminated against me!!"...
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    Re: How to destroy generosity

    Even if you're not going on a date......

    I moved to a new area and met a woman in the gym. I know virtually nobody here and thought it would be good to befriend someone. We talked about local...
  7. Re: This recent split from the whore mother of Kim Kardashian, and Pete is like, "Yeah, It was fun but I'm bummed"

    I couldn't be bothered to wait it out. I moved abroad. Actually to Dubai- an international city in the Middle East (I'm not Middle eastern nor Muslim). Men are actually treated like men out here....
  8. Re: the abortion bans will wind up biting men in the ass

    It's not a matter of it being news or not. The issue is with the recent Supreme Court ruling that it will be more frequent and the risk is greater, esp. in states where access to an abortion is made...
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    Re: How long has the world by gynocentric?

    Yes TYPO! Increasing the status of women at the expense of men (fixed it).
  10. Re: The idea that you need a woman (romantic love) to live a complete life

    Terrific. Broke down all the influences, overt and subtle.
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    Re: How long has the world by gynocentric?

    There is a notion in some in MGTOW that gynocentrism was since forever.

    This is Wrong.

    We know it's wrong because let's just take American society. Men use to spank their wives when they were...
  12. Term to know: Primitive Instinct Hypergamy
  13. Sticky: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    It encapsulates all the key findings of the modern woman by MGTOW with links to relevant analysis. Just...
  14. Re-Post: Men aren't attracted to Gender-Neutral Women

    (Read the original here)

    The modern woman can be described as "gender neutral" because even though she is technically a female, she clearly doesn't embrace her gender.

    Instead, she is...
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    Re: My MGTOW Story

    Hey NoMore, welcome to GYOW.

    Thanks for sharing all those details. The dating scene is preposterous with feminism inflating the self-perception of women to the point that they insist on...
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    Re: Exiled or Liberated?

    Welcome to the forums Gravel.
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    Re: Racism - Let's talk about it.....

    I find it hard to believe that people think that:

    a) Racism does not exist, and
    b) Fighting racism (even derided as "wokeism") is a wrong thing to do.

    In our hyper-partisan world, BOTH sides...
  18. Re: How many of you support Johnny Depp? I'm on his side. I don't like the bitch Amber Heard.

    On the surface, they seemed beautiful and in love. In private, they were punching each other in the jaw (multiple times), and berating each other in a way your worst enemy wouldn't. It's a window...
  19. Re: Women make good servants but horrible masters

    Haha, a controversial post. Personally I agree with what you're saying and have done what you've described for some years. The message will rankle some because you're a newbie telling veterans...
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    Re: How to deal with Chad?

    Because most people are human and not ghosts by nature. People are social beings that observe those around them. Some here have ghosted so long and shut off all mankind for so long, they may not...
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    Re: Women want to do too much

    I have a female friend who's like this. Feels a strong need to go to every event so she has something to talk about when people ask her what she's been up to lately. For women, what they do is...
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    Re: Just another story from the trenches

    A tragic story. Good men getting butchered by the system.

    At the same time, whether we like it or not, it shows us why MGTOW and MRA do not need to be at loggerheads. Our well-being is at stake...
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    Re: Is porn addiction a serious thing?

    >I recently started taking an antidepressant (Prozac+Olanzapine) that gives ED/kills sex drive so I haven't fapped in 3 days, but, should I exploit the lack of sex drive to quit porn forever?

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    Re: I would like your opinion on my situation

    Your sister-in-law accused you of grooming their son because she didn't like you? These are the consequences of a culture that says "listen to the women" ...... when usually they are full of shit. ...
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    Re: Escort service

    English only please.
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