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    Re: Calling all traders / investors

    What I would like to build is a thing that looks/works like a messageboard website, but which stores the pages on the client rather than on a server - a distributed, bittorrent sort of thing that...
  2. Re: thank you all for giving me the cheat code of life.

    It's normal where he is. In India, they train the boys to be thirsty - a thoroughly matriarchal place.
  3. Re: This recent split from the whore mother of Kim Kardashian, and Pete is like, "Yeah, It was fun but I'm bummed"

    As always:
  4. Re: Change in consent laws (Australia) ie nothing actually changes.

    Beat me to it.

    --- edit ---

    oh, and here's one of my favourite lies:

    Men do not feel entitled to sex. If men felt entitled to sex, we would be lounging around waiting for the sex to drop...
  5. Re: I wouldn't want a feminist to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen

    I don't want feminists barefoot and in the kitchen - I want them in work boots out cutting down trees and repairing power lines in the blazing heat and icy cold.

    As I have mentioned before, you...
  6. Re: Feminist whines about classic James Bond movies

    Because Pussy Galore is gay, and so are all her female pilot minions. That's the subtext of what's going on - never explicitly stated, of course. She's an alpha lesbian with a harem. I think the line...
  7. Re: The feeling is likewise, but you don't have to be British. Just a woman....

    [QUOTE=mgtower;187640]You guys own the biggest island on earth! How cool is that?[QUOTE]
    It's very cool. There is only one continent on earth with one government, one monarch, one language, one...
  8. Re: The feeling is likewise, but you don't have to be British. Just a woman....

    Pfft - the country is a full of simps as anywhere else in the anglosphere. She's either lying or hasn't been looking hard enough. My money is on l "lying". That line about women should be barefoot...
  9. Thread: Son/Husband

    by Mr Wombat

    Re: Son/Husband

    And the final smack in the mouth will be there in Mom's will. You don't get the house.
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    "Momlife" blowing up.

    So, there's this woman who despises her husband, resents being a mother, has zero gratitude for a man whose work enables her to spend all day at home in her pyjamas, posts sugary bile and hatred on...
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    Re: Quiz: Identify the creepy statements

    This is perennially brilliant, and can never be reposted often enough:
  12. Re: the abortion bans will wind up biting men in the ass

    Abortion bans are half the solution. The other half is the Magdalene laundry and the workhouse/orphanage. I'd settle for "no welfare unless you agree to be sterilized". Subdermal contraception works.
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    Re: Men Going The Right Way

    So, this book you are writing: would it happen to be a motivational book available today in e-pub form for the low, low price of five bucks?
  14. Re: There is no equivalent of "dressing slutty" for men

    Sure there is! Gold chains.
  15. Re: New WHO monkeypox advice urges men who have sex with men to limit partners

    The irritating thing about both homosexuals and women is how their entire world revolves around sex. Straight men are the reason humanity isn't living in caves.
  16. Re: content&fullfilled, Filledfeline, and filledfeline2

    "Filled Feline". aka: pussy that gets plenty of dick. Female.
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    Re: I was at a Walmart yesterday...

    I bet having a soulmate never once stopped her banging other dudes.
  18. Re: Happily married to utterly devasted overnight

    Dude, I have no experienced advice to give. All I can do is repeat the advice of hundreds of other stories just like yours.

    1 - she does not love you anymore. Women are not like men. Men hold fond...
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    "Dilemma", R Kelly Feat. Nelly

    <record scratch> WTF? "Even when I'm with my boo"?

    That's the thing. Easy listening, gentle-sounding chick song. About love. But then check out the lyrics. Her "boo", of course, is the guy that...
  20. Re: The Mega Millions Jackpot Is Past The $1 Billion Mark

    3br house for myself, a couple of rental properties. I'd quit work, garden, drink beer, sleep. That's the thing about being a man - I don't need a lot of stuff to be content.
  21. Re: Unborn child support law proposed by a republican senator

    This is one of the things that destroyed the Soviet Union. A man had no reason - none - to work hard and establish himself. So they were all drunk on the job all the time.
  22. Thread: Team Woman

    by Mr Wombat

    Team Woman

    So, the US Ambassador to Australia - Caroline Kennedy - lectured a reported for talking over the top of a woman. Not for being rude in general, but for talking over the top of a woman.

    She's not...
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    re: Chapter 1 of 53 Enchiridion analysis

    Property is not a natural attribute of a thing. If I sell my pencil to you, nothing about that pencil has changed. What has changed is how we have all agreed to behave with respect to that pencil....
  24. Re: Sesame Street Parade Character Accused Of Snubbing Two Black Girls

    Employer should read "SJWs Always Double Down". Never apologize. Never. These people will take that as and admission of guilt and proceed forward with their lunatic demands.
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    Re: Woman sues man cause she was ghosted!

    Which is why monetary damages for emotional distress are bullshit.

    Money ought be a remedy only for monetary damage. If someone injures another person and deserves to be punished for it, the...
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