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  1. Re: Here's one of the James Bond scenes they've been squawking about

    Also note how the woman is pretty tough, she pushes him away, scolds him and makes it clear it won't be happening. She deals with it there and then, no reports, no twitter rants, no victim playing....
  2. Re: Post Wall Feminists to Flock to India? You Can Buy a Husband at India’s 700-Year-Old Groom Market

    I know MGTOW is starting to take off in India but I don't think they are at the point of the West yet, this thread reminded me of the stories where speed dating events were cancelled because no men...
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    Re: Share your favorite pictures, meme, etc.
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    Re: How to destroy generosity

    I think the only way that works is if the woman is physically unattractive to the man, like really unattractive not just average looking. Even then what tends to happen is male female dynamics still...
  5. Re: Change in consent laws (Australia) ie nothing actually changes.

    I would say women feel entitled to sex or at least entitled to the idea that every man wants to have sex with her. Ever rejected a woman or not picked up on her cues? It's not pretty.

    Even the...
  6. Re: Change in consent laws (Australia) ie nothing actually changes.

    One of my first Pre MGTOW moves was losing my virginity to an escort rather than risking anything with a regular woman. I was only 17 but I already knew it was too much bullshit to bother with.

  7. Change in consent laws (Australia) ie nothing actually changes.

    Appearently it’s no longer No Means No, it’s now Yes Means Yes. Of course it will still be a he said/ she said thing in court when the woman decides later on it’s rape.

    In short, nothing has...
  8. Re: I wouldn't want a feminist to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen

    I have this terrible image of a fat woman with multi coloured short/scraggly hair, heavily tattooed and cankles.

    She’s pregnant (somehow) but you can tell she was fat before that. She does webcam...
  9. Re: The feeling is likewise, but you don't have to be British. Just a woman....

    He’s name was “Felix”? That doesn’t sound very Aussie at all to me.

    Then again nothing she said ever happened anyway.
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    Re: Incels, women, life - and MGTOW

    I clicked on the first reference point of the quoted part (Reference 6) and it seems she created the website in '96/'97
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    Re: Incels, women, life - and MGTOW

    So as you can see the term Incel was created by a woman to describe her own inability to get laid. It was later used in a different manner to how she...
  12. Re: There's no point in being friendly with women. Because if you do, she's act uncomfortable. And later who knows, she might sue you for a creep.

    I'm way beyond caring if they genuinely like me or not. Even if it is genuine we know women have no long term loyalty. When they lose the tingles they destroy the man, it is easier than ever now. I...
  13. Thread: Son/Husband

    by Kryptic

    Re: Son/Husband

    When my mother sat me and my sister down to tell us she was divorcing my dad she told me that I was now going to be the "man of the house" I was fucking 8 or so years old!

    And yes once I became...
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    Re: Fathers' obsession with daughters

    I was told ages ago that parents tend to bond most with their kids of the opposite gender. So mothers tend to support their sons more than daughters and fathers support their daughters more than...
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    Re: now part of the alphabet group

    Use their own rules against them. Fuck shit up.
  16. Re: The idea that you need a woman (romantic love) to live a complete life

    1/I have a 20 year old car which is still going strong, no need to update it and the insurance is cheap due to it being old. I am typing this response on a 10 year old laptop, still does everything I...
  17. Re: The idea that you need a woman (romantic love) to live a complete life

    True but you also get some Red Pill moments.
  18. Re: The idea that you need a woman (romantic love) to live a complete life

    I think that is a concept which is rapidly dying. It probably worked well enough for most back in the day where once you were married you were tied to your vows "Till Death Do us Part".

  19. Re: "Hey, wait a minute! The wealthy men don't want to get married."

    I see it more as a class thing than wealth itself. Some working class/blue collar men get paid quite a lot and can accumulate a lot of wealth. They tend to be of course from working class suburbia...
  20. Re: There is no equivalent of "dressing slutty" for men

    Despite what you hear it isn't women's bodies and sexuality that is shamed. It is men who are shamed. Look at porn, there is a market for every conceivable type of woman, age, body shape, race,...
  21. Re: Smart video about women fed up with the dating market

    OKCupid changed their format to suit women a few years ago and it led to women receiving fewer messages as well as women not liking the idea they had to go from a Username to using an actual first...
  22. Re: The Mega Millions Jackpot Is Past The $1 Billion Mark

    In Australia, lottery winnings are non taxable as we pay taxes on the ticket itself. So as a billionaire I think I would build that underground bunker with the house above ground as a facade of...
  23. Re: The Mega Millions Jackpot Is Past The $1 Billion Mark

    Or just start talking with China. The US and Australia will throw so much money at you that you won't know what to do with it!
  24. Re: Hello Gentlemen, MGTOW making international news

    I don't know about MGTOW specifically but it is part of the effects of "Burn Out". There has been a "Great Resignation" as it is being called in a lot of countries. CoVid has changed things, people...
  25. Re: Unborn child support law proposed by a republican senator

    To me it sounds like they are trying to soften the anti abortion stance and change the morality back to what it used to be. The woman may well try and claim any man as the father but things often...
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