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    Re: Briffaultís Law

    It's a true law. Just look at your own life. Any time a woman was around it was for HER OWN BENEFIT. You were doing something for her. Once she got her way or monkey branched on to someone or...
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    Re: My Dad Had A Heart Attack Last Night

    I just saw this post and I am so sorry RE7. I really am.

    Today was 3 years ago my mom died. I know the pain of losing a parent you really love. I'm so sorry bro.
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    Re: How to destroy generosity

    You need to listen to Styx's song "Too much time on my hands". This part sums it up.

    People always took advantage of my generosity. They would eventually turn on me and call me names. I...
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    Re: Fathers' obsession with daughters

    Awesome post.

    I can really relate to people abandoning you in your time of need but as soon as you are ok then they act like they are best friends. It's why I created boundaries. I have 2 simple...
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    Re: Red-Pill Rage Stages

    Women DO pick fights to shit test you. If you just don't argue with her cause it's pointless then she looks at you as weak. But if you argue with her then she will play victim but love the challenge....
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    Re: Share your favorite pictures, meme, etc.
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    Re: Red-Pill Rage Stages

    I went through my red pill rages. It literally ate me alive and I smashed so many things. What set me free is realizing there is not one person that would care if I died so why am I caring about...
  8. Re: the abortion bans will wind up biting men in the ass

    Let the fun and games begin. If men are stupid enough to get involved with toxic women then I have no remorse. Stay away from single mothers.
  9. Re: There's no point in being friendly with women. Because if you do, she's act uncomfortable. And later who knows, she might sue you for a creep.

    Men raised around women are raised to be spineless. We are taught to never hit a woman even in self defense, treat her well, take her on dates, get a good job to impress her, etc. All about kissing...
  10. Re: The idea that you need a woman (romantic love) to live a complete life

    ANyone who thinks you need a woman to be happy is an idiot. They are just horny in my opinion. What are women really good for? Cooking? I can cook for myself . Companionship? I feel more loved by my...
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    Re: "Dilemma", R Kelly Feat. Nelly

    It's not R Kelly. It's Kelly Rowland.

    I remember that song around 2002 and 2003. I was in high school and the girls would sing that song. Outkast's Hey Ya was another one it was the original...
  12. Re: Lack of accountability, Sky News discusses that women are at greater risk of not meeting retirement goals

    Nothing is ever a woman's fault. It's always a man's fault. One thing I noticed is women have their noses in the air and always say "When I'm wrong , I OWN IT". No they don't. That's just a thing...
  13. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    The "AFPs" or "Anything For Pussy" guys. They will sell you out for just a whiff.

    I think the reason they can't live without it is because they always got it. They were the stereotypical assholes...
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    Re: I was at a Walmart yesterday...

    I don't give a f**k about a woman's pain. Every time I had a tragedy in my life women were there to put me down to the point of tears. After I was in tears then I was called weak. I have no remorse...
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    Re: One Less Chump

    Friendly is one thing but this site is FOR MGTOWs! I don't want to hear from some dickless asswipe that NAWALT cause his special little unicorn gives him a weak ass blowjob every 6 months. NO! This...
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    Re: Since women think Iím stupid

    Dude chill the fuck out. I promise you that I have had worse done to me by women. Does it bother me ? Yes. But I don't let it build up as anger. Anger only hurts you. It's like drinking poison and...
  17. Re: Unborn child support law proposed by a republican senator

    So women can continue to commit fraud and it's ok? What if the guy she names as the father isn't the father? Does he get his money back? Is he able to sue her for emotional distress, loss of wages,...
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    Re: I think I am too angry for MGTOW

    You are going through red pill rage. Your eyes have opened to the injustice. You are sick of being treated unfairly while others can shit wherever they want.

    The best advice I can give you is to...
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    Re: The worst song on earth!

    The emotional tampon song. "I'll be your crying shoulder......"
  20. Re: Are you ever treated as less than for not being married?

    I have been shamed to the point where everyone jumped on me for "gittin no pussy". It used to hurt but i don't care anymore. I just cut people like that out of my life. Why bother having them around...
  21. Re: Women are defined by their need to be controlled

    What a minute. I am supposed to just let a woman attack and kill me?

    I heard all my life that women are better than me?

    I heard all my life that woman are stronger than me?

    But yet I heard...
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    Re: I quit smoking after 22 years

    Congrats to both of you. I quit smoking too. Do I miss it? Yes. But then I think of how much a pack costs and think screw that. I literally forget about it.
  23. Re: Has anyone else here gone non-alcohol?

    I quit drinking cause it made me too happy. yes you read that right. Alcohol would make me so happy that I thought everyone was my friend. Remember the Styx's song "Too much time on my hands"? I got...
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    Woman sues man cause she was ghosted!

    No shit! This is hilarious. So does that mean all the men in her past she ghosted can sue her?


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    Re: Its getting tough for them now!

    Homelessness sucks. I learned my way around by finding shelters and soup kitchens. There are like 2 shelters for men and one is RARELY and I do mean RARELY open but 7 shelters for women. You had to...
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