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  1. Re: ‘Stashing’ Is the Latest Dating Trend That’s Honestly Worse Than Ghosting

    I read the top post, didn't bother reading the articles since the post seemed to outline projection from women who do the exact same thing to us men. The subsequent posts from others caught the same...
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    Re: I Found A Unicorn.

    I would say they Exploit the Man.
  3. Re: Apparently we all hit on hookers cause it makes us feel real men

    She may hit on you...
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    Re: My best buddy's (new) girlfriend has kids

    I found it funny he calls him to cancel and his buddy tells him its ok since he had to watch the kids because the mom is "sick". I am sure she came down with this ailment shortly after he told her he...
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    Re: My transition into becoming a shitlord

    They are worried they are losing control of the Narrative. Thus if they censor decent they feel they can regain control and tell you want to think.
  6. Re: This might have been the closest I've ever come to socking a woman across the jaw

    I was thinking the same thing, she was hinting at him and he ignored her advances and she flipped it to him making a move and her rejecting him.
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    Re: Women invading men's space....

    like how they ignore their prior statements (feminists) that gender is a construct, and when it suits them, they toss it out the window with that comment "The reason we have men & women’s races are...
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    Re: Standby for the 2nd attacks again

    I like how they name a weapon they do not like an assault weapon, do they not know the term is not applicable to rifles, single shot or semi-automatic? Their line of thinking will make any...
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    Re: Remember that bridge collapse in Florida?

    My question is was this design ever really tested? I bet this was a new design that was only field tested, and we see how that test went.
  10. Re: Valentine’s event has been cancelled and another could be scrapped due to a shortage of interest from men (2019)

    The one was asking
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    Re: Building Custom PC's

    @Porkncheese, yeah it was for me as well since I never did a water cooled PC in the past, always was air-cooled, I tried a all in one water-cooler once but I didn't like it, so I decided to stick...
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    Re: Building Custom PC's

    Well I run video on it and can do capture using the Hauppauge capture card I installed in the one PCI slot. Also can multitask with it since it is a 6 core processor, it can do 12 with...
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    Building Custom PC's

    Anyone into building their own custom computers? Just looking to start a thread to discuss custom PC builds.
    THis one is currently setup to run @ 5GHz OC on all cores, temp is like 32c all day, I...
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    Re: Can a MGTOW have a gf ?

    I would say you can have a GF just wouldn't have her as a room mate as the is the first step in her infiltrating your life and trying to control you. Once she gets in the door she will attempt to...
  15. Re: I've found a great cure for toxic masculinity!

    Perhaps a more masculine activity like dirt biking, or surfing, perhaps free climbing with you bro's? You can bond with other guys this way and have a few brews afterwards.
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    Re: This man’s Tinder bio will make you mad

    He is just feeding them their own Hypocrisy.
  17. Re: New thread: Aquaponic/Hydroponic Gardening

    have done it using a damp paper towel, place the seed inside the damp paper towel and put it on a plate and cover with plastic wrap, leave for 24 hrs in a warm place then transplant to a peat pod,...
  18. Re: New thread: Aquaponic/Hydroponic Gardening

    @ChrixtheGreat, glad I could share some useful info. a small desk fan on low would work for the pollination, you do not need much air movement. the temp swing is the hard part, using an enclosed...
  19. Re: New thread: Aquaponic/Hydroponic Gardening

    Adding to my last post, the color of the light is also important as plants need blue and red light for growth and flowering, so you need to watch the light temperature (wavelength), in my pictures I...
  20. Re: The old creepy charge

    I ran a Aquaponics as well as a Hydroponics setup. Used the 4" post like you as well as the larger setup all with 5gal buckets I got from the home store. The airstones do help with growth and new...
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    Re: Alita, Battle Angel

    Streamed it, Capt Mar vel, and was not impressed, will not waste my cash on it, more man bad women oppressed crap, weak flick IMO.

    Alita was a bit better at least, same feminist crap though tough...
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    Re: Anyone Seen "Free Solo"?

    Of course, she cannot comprehend his mindset and his ability to do what he does, thus she must pull him down to her level in order for her to be equal to him.
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    Re: Good men needed for an important job

    Sorry, I do not feel like being held responsible for kids I never wanted in the first place. Also I am not interested in allowing single females, or lesbians the use of my sperm to create children.
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    Re: mmmmm Britney Spears

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    Re: Obsolete Man Skills You Should Ditch

    Damn I failed on all of these, I guess I am not a new man....
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