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  1. Re: Over the target, heavy flack, bombs'away!

    I have no doubt that Tor is a creation of the NSA. Recall George Orwell's 1984. Big brother didn't have surveillance cameras in the main parts of the city. Not necessary: the people policed one...
  2. Re: Over the target, heavy flack, bombs'away!

    Regrettably, yes. This site: its owner, its mods, have to live in the real world; and in certain parts of the real world there are particular things that are literally illegal to say or even notice.
  3. Re: Over the target, heavy flack, bombs'away!

    Is there a url for that image which doesn't include this site?
  4. Re: The average living by herself? Thoughts?

    I'm kinda on-board with UBI. I also think that the govt should supply cheap heroin to those that want it for a similar reason: stops 'em breaking into my home and stealing the X-Box. But if UBI...
  5. Re: Drawn in 1992 and 2009, very relevant in 2021

    Eternally relevant. The ancients would have found these cartoons relevant and funny.
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    Re: Mixed feelings about this guy....

    Things are grim in Britain women-wise. This small-titted (How can tits be both small and droopy? I would have thought it impossible, but there it is.) porker with the ok-face-in-makeup must be a...
  7. Re: The incoming gynocratic administration: How do we cope?

    IIRC: Gasoline degrades after a while. It's chemically reactive - no matter what you do, it is slowly going to oxidise and break down. Relying on that 20-year-old can of gas that you put in the shed...
  8. Re: Daughter Gets Mother Fired For Trump Support As Snitch Culture Grows - CYA Alert . . .

    Orwell predicted this, too.
  9. Re: New California Law Recognizes Coercive Control as Form of Domestic Violence

    I wonder if "coercive control" includes making a spouse's life a living hell by relentless nagging?
  10. Re: Cute bunny beats the alpha male.. beyond a primitive understanding of sexual dynamics

    The MGTOW does not care what women want, what women are attracted to. If "alpha male" is anything to do with what women find attractive, then it's a modality that the MGHOW is completely uninterested...
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    Re: What should women do?

    Elect legislators who will alter the laws so as to give custody of sons to the father.
  12. Re: The behaviors of the low SMV female. 20 years ago vs. now.

    100%. The way we destroy native societies (american indians, austalian aboriginies) is by giving women free money to raise bastards. It breaks culture.
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    Re: High Credit Score? Don't take the bate!

    Get a separate mail drop (eg: PO box), get your mail sent there.
  14. Café owner is forced to leave a heartbreaking note on her front door

  15. Re: The environmental impact of female materialism

    Men produce. Women consume. It isn't much more complicated than that.
  16. Re: I propose a new entry into the lexicon of MGTOW: Dreamer

    Women adore being lied to.
  17. Re: Tell me how my impressions of MGTOW are wrong...

    never forget that the reason women for millennia were "chained to the kitchen" is that for millennia, the kitchen was the only place in the world that was always warm, always bright and with a fire...
  18. Re: Tell me how my impressions of MGTOW are wrong...

    Fuuuck. Ok, man, you got us. You are 100% right. Congratualtions. Now, go away.

    LOL, maybe there is some meat here after all.

    The notion that because women are financially self-sufficient,...
  19. 'Tenant from hell' causes $30,000 in damage to struggling restaurateur's house

    And this is why you don't simp. Never do business with one of 'em if you can possibly avoid it. Have...
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    A theory about WHATGMG

    Just something to run up the flagpole:

    One of the reasons that women cant find a good man is that they judge people by their clothes. As in: by the retail value in dollars of the clothes you are...
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    Sometimes you can pick it straight away

    This is a lie. That never happened.

    Unless we are talking about a single episode of a single show, this is also a lie.
  22. Re: L.A. Affairs: We dated for three years. Then he told me he didn't believe in marriage

    I love it when you can just tell that the story is completely made-up and fictional.
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    Unpaid internships unfair to women!

    Amazing. Why are women more likely to be doing unpaid internships? Because they can. Because someone else is paying the bills, someone...
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    It's not his house, he just lives there.

    And there it is. She decides what the house will look like, she chooses the motif of the rest of the living spaces that hubby is obliged to live in. Even down to his home office.

    Fuck that.
  25. Re: Defund the Police? How About We Defund the Universities (That Preach Feminism etc)

    So, the cops should decide for themselves which laws are right and which laws are wrong.

    So, the cops shouldn't decide for themselves what the laws should be.

    You can't have it both ways.
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