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  1. Re: Please share tips on how to friend-zone new girl that my Asian Parent (& Auntie) keep introduce to me

    Lol /Thread. This is the only comment we need. Just be a lil bitch in front of women to scare them off. Tell them honestly of your thoughts and fears. They will run for the nearest strong jawed...
  2. Re: The Myth that Men are the more Horny/Perverted Gender

    Yeah Reality as it currently stands is quite literally the opposite of what women want to think it is. Men are easily destroyed in most cases if they cross a woman and the woman decides she wants to...
  3. Re: The Myth that Men are the more Horny/Perverted Gender

    Yup Social Media has done none other than expose most women for what they are, horny self absorbed brats.
  4. The Myth that Men are the more Horny/Perverted Gender

    So I used to work at a Ski Area as and Instructor. Taught little kids and adults. Most of the other instructors were women that winter. So one day I'm getting ready to head out with a class of kids...
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    Re: The Rough Guide to Single Moms

    And you gotta always remember the kids may well despise you, because they know your not the real dad.I was that kid and I had that experience dating a Mombie for a summer. Weird seeing it from both...
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    Re: Kicking my alcohol problem

    Its one of the best things you can do for your health and life. I am 32 and finally quit a few months ago. Lot more energy and less depressive bullshit from being hung over. Alcohol is overrated as...
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    Re: Cohabitating is a nightmare

    Video Games and Porn are better than any GF you will ever have
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    Re: Hike to Nowhere

    Honestly Porn is better than any fling you'll have with some ho
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