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  1. Re: debunking the notion that women are the more empathetic sex

    You can find a good example of empathy here:

    Note how they single out 'middle aged men'.
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    Re: Why would men get married before 40?

    I don't see the big deal with driving your kid to high school in your 60's.

    Personally I'd think that if men were going to get married and have children, they should do it later in life.

    For a...
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    Re: Why would men get married before 40?

    One of the big reasons men get married before 40 is because it's regarded by society as one of the stepping stones to 'adulthood', much like getting a job and having kids is. If you don't get married...
  4. Re: The Bad News Since My Dad's Passing Never Wants To End

    $40K doesn't sound like much as far as mortgages go. Is the house in your name, or your Aunt's? How much money will you get from its sale?

    Yikes, welfare really does keep people dependent, not...
  5. Re: Are all Men this socially retarded/boring?

    Have the vast majority of the population ever talked about anything of value throughout the entirety of human history? Most conversation is banal small-talk, which is in part why I'm introverted.
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    Re: The Joker - film analysis

    Um, I'd say that Arthur Fleck had a pretty bad life. Sure, he wasn't at the level of starving in a 3rd world country, but he certainly was at the bottom of the pile when it come to life in a first...
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    Re: The Joker - film analysis

    Nah, he definitely hallucinated that.
  8. Re: The “fitness culture” — women dressing like sluts and men begging for attention

    Gym culture has become a bit more obnoxious since going mainstream, but considering the rates of obesity and inactivity I'm reluctant to heavily criticize people for exercising, even if they are...
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    Re: Why Are Women So Dramatic?! Sheesh!

    Not just women. I'm rather misanthropic and think that people just like to create drama.

    Two words: Information diet. Don't volunteer information to people who are controlling or like to...
  10. Re: How can I take decisions that are in line with my decision of going my own way?

    Have they taken scans of the joints? Done any blood work to see if you have an inflammatory joint disease? It seems strange that they can't give you a diagnosis yet are telling you not to engage in...
  11. Re: How can I take decisions that are in line with my decision of going my own way?

    I'm not sure why you are categorizing the OP as lazy, they are taking a good major and are getting good grades. They aren't working as hard as people who study full time while working nights as...
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    Re: Didn't get the promotion I applied for

    I'm assuming this promotion was only for internal applicants, and they weren't considering external hires?

    6 years is a decent amount of time to stick with one employer in this modern age, but I...
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    Re: I Want To Make A Pill Statement

    Yeah, a concept already exists of the 'White Pill', which is pretty similar to what you are describing. It's good that numerous independent thinkers can come up with an optimistic message in today's...
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    Re: Ghosting plans, the right approach?

    Personally I think if you want to ghost, you have to pick one of two extremes.

    Either you pick a remote/rural area to live where you only go into town every month or two to do shopping.

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    Re: "You'll die alone"

    "Get married and have kids so that when you are dying there will be people to feel miserable as they lose you."

    I'd much rather not cause the people I love to suffer just so that I get some...
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    Re: Advice on advice.

    You gave advice to him, and now you're seriously thinking about getting personally involved in his drama.

    If you become power of attorney you are likely going to have to deal with harassment from...
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    Re: Advice on advice.

    I'm going to go against the grain here and recommend you don't get involved with the situation and avoid giving an opinion.

    In my own personal experience I have never benefited from offering an...
  18. Re: I decided that I won't move out of my parents house.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with living with your parents, whether it's a good idea depends on a lot of factors.

    Get along with your parents? They aren't abusive, treating you like a...
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    Re: Online creeper sites are obnoxious

    I know that in the U.S there have been cases where employers have asked for passwords to a potential hire's Facebook account, although apparently the law is a bit grey on whether they are allowed to...
  20. Re: Feminism is all about avoiding manual labor

    To be fair I'm of a similar mentality. Why would I bust my body working manual labour when I can earn a little less at a more comfortable job? The reason I went on to further studies was so I could...
  21. Re: Feminism is all about avoiding manual labor

    I don't think it is feminism to blame for this, I think there is still a general expectation by society that men perform the physical and dangerous labour, whereas women take on the caregiving and...
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    Re: Uncomfortable situation

    Yeah, the whole 'my word is my bond' thing applies when both parties are acting in good faith, but when one is using guilt, fear, a misplaced sense of obligation or other manipulative tactics (such...
  23. Re: The student loan forgiveness will largely go to women

    Haha, you'd think so, wouldn't you? If you spend 12 years in the education system as a kid, and come out of it still not having a 'general' education, then that's an indictment of the education...
  24. Re: The student loan forgiveness will largely go to women


    I've never lived in the U.S, but as an outsider looking in I think that your younger generations were fed to the meat grinder of higher education.

    All of the U.S media I have watched...
  25. Re: Finnish female PM dancing like crazy at party :D

    That was from an episode of South Park, I think it was Randy and Stan?
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