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    Re: For those of you who aren't dog pilled

    Disgusting! How the audience could possibly find her bit humorous show's the brain dead that walk among us... SMFH!
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    Re: Share your favorite pictures, meme, etc.
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    Re: Share your favorite pictures, meme, etc.
  4. Re: Fat Acceptance is Pressuring Guys to Date Women They Find Unattractive

    Woman are always playing the victim it's what they do. Now we have fat victims guilt shaming
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    The Four Fuckeries

    I found this a good read I like his writing style...

    " I doubt there is another era in the history of Western Civ when the forces in-motion acting on society were so mystifying to those acted...
  6. Re: "When They Are Trying to Kill Us, Do Their Motives Matter?" A recent preprint reports on a new engineered Pathogen variant that showed an 80% disease mortality rate in humanized mice

    Tucker is the only good reporter on Fox hell he's the only good thing about Fox news... Anyone who thinks this kinda shit won't happen in the USA need's to take the submission diaper off take a few...
  7. Re: Covid Vaccine Victims Website - Died Suddenly

    Fauci should be in jail at the very least! Little fucking weasel...

    "Fauci is a skillful liar. As we have seen now for months in his public comments, he lies when he feels he can get away with...
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    Re: hello, do i belong here?

    You say you have a cock but wanna act dress like a female? WTF? Get outta here I don't subscribe to people wanting me to play along with a Disney Land fantasy! I live in real world reality...
  9. Re: Covid Vaccine Victims Website - Died Suddenly

    I agree 100%! I pray every day pedo Biden will pay dearly for his crimes..

    I also think the only thing holding the WHO back here in the USA is the second amendment. Look at the number of mass...
  10. Re: Covid Vaccine Victims Website - Died Suddenly

    Pfizer CEO Found to Have Misled the Public Over Child Covid Vaccination by Pharmaceutical Watchdog

    I copied this from the sites comment section I think this person is spot on!

    "Let’s not...
  11. Re: debunking the notion that women are the more empathetic sex

    Megan Markle..This cunt is a perfect example of how these woman THINK..

    He coldly sums up Markle as a “merciless opportunist.”

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    Re: Racism in plain sight.

    People are now appointed a position in the USA's Government for skin color rather than the content of character. That sad fact is why we witness all of the dysfunction.
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Happy Thanksgiving every one!
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    Re: How much do you sleep?

    I sleep 6-8 hours a night usually in bed by 11pm. Some days I take a power nap in the afternoon.
  15. Re: Al Roker was hospitalized with blood clots in leg, lungs during ‘Today’ absence
  16. Re: How to do something about whatever issue pisses you off the most

    These group's reek of the simp life style following the followers... Do any of these people think for themselves? lolz... Monkey see monkey do!
  17. Re: If MGTOW is all losers, why do man hating feminists keep writing articles based on lies and fear?

    The real world of MGTOW is to basic of a concept for the brainwashed to conceive in coherent manner. I see a logical way to live out my remaining days in a peaceful manner to them we are threat to...
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    Re: The multiple pronoun insanity

    My pronoun from this day forward will be; Sexy Boomer..
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    Re: What's your favorite vehicle?

    Toyota. I drive a 2005 4Runner as my personal vehicle. Love it!
  20. Re: I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out

    I've been trying to keep track of this fiasco out west. Here we have an election judge explaining what happened on election day. This kinda shit has got to stop!

    “In my opinion, the machines were...
  21. Re: I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out

    Yup as Northwoods pointed out we got fucked here in Michigan! The drop boxes are a cheaters dream they need to stop that bullshit go back to paper ballots and a one day election not a fucking month..
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    Re: Why This Board Sucks - But MGTOW Doesn't

    W0W! Talk about insecure, immature narrow minded thoughts...
  23. re: A song for the community called [redacted] by Tiger Tigz

    I don't use g00Gle.. 2 post promoting you.. I can see the ban hammer swinging!
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    Re: Are all Men this socially retarded/boring?

    I meet people all day long that don't understand why we are all born with 2 ears and 1 mouth..
  25. Re: New Crisis! Unvaccinated Single Women Say 'No' To Vaccinated Single Men

    I will never have a NPR tote bag or a submission diaper on my face no vaxx either...Got no use for females Fuck em!
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