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  1. Thread: The Decision

    by Malinois

    Re: The Decision

    Welcome aboard, Rider. Wind therapy beats the nagging black hole of a smelly cunt, any day of the week…
  2. re: SATIRE: Keynote Speaker At Biblical Manhood Conference Definitely Wearing Womenís Pants

    Lol stole BOTH of those pics!
  3. Thread: Locked out

    by Malinois

    Re: Locked out

    I’m going with the theory of TPTB, infiltrating through the servers.

    MGTOW is deemed a “terrorist organization” probably by now, since Truth has become the enemy for so many people.

    I have no...
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    Re: Resting Bitch Face and the fall of man.

    @ pbisque: Dude, I hate it when someone tells me to smile...I also hate smiling...But, you know what I think youíre right about the times changing in the 90ís...I was born in the 70ís and remember...
  5. Re: MGTOW and the divine plan for Western Civilization

    I think about this every damned day...To know how much the devil rules this world is a truth that canít be unseen, just like The Red Pillô️.

    It takes trial and error, pain and suffering, and...
  6. Re: Just when you think it's all a conspiracy theory

    You know, I find myself rather sympathizing for the men. They know that if they slip and reveal their true disposition, their ball n chain will increase the stress...

    I prefer taking the guyís...
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    Re: Generic "Red Flags" in the matrix

    lol aint that the truth, fucking parasites...

    I can hear the cackling just by looking at them...
  8. Re: Just when you think it's all a conspiracy theory

    Some of us dont want any dv charges...I put up with subtle hints of threats of accusations that would have ruined my life...They were handed out whenever she tried to wear the pants and was...
  9. Re: Just when you think it's all a conspiracy theory

    Don’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see. Social Medias portray the white picket fence life better than the actual fence now. I’ll never forget what it was like behind closed doors.
  10. Re: Let's Face It: The Average 80%'er Non-MGTOW male is a Desperate Perv

    lol good lord thatís vivid
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    Re: Claim of dehumanising

    Yeah lol I’m not trying to fix shit anymore...That’s how I ended up here to begin with...
  12. Re: Article on will make you throw up everything in your stomach and possibly a lung.

    Off to the Anger Managment Gulags with you! How dare you express a natural human emotion!
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    Re: Claim of dehumanising

    We need to lead by example. When dealing with women, ignore them as if they are sub-human. Just giving them attention elevates them from their natural roles. And, we need to get better at using the...
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    Re: Claim of dehumanising

    From what I understand itís about efficiency...I donít care to yoga for 30minutes...Rocks off, nap time🤗
  15. Re: looking for a beter future for us - looking for help

    It’s a crying shame that THIS is what we’ve become...

    I’m not dicrediting your ambition, you are on the cutting edge...

    It just hits home when I see more and more rational men striving for a...
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    Re: A quotes by Albert Camus

    ( thumbs up )
  17. Re: Chuck Norris, the Actor Who Left SJW Owned Hollywood, Went His Own Way and is Now Independent and Financially Successful

    My professional opinion is that his wife just couldnt stand being in his shadow anymore and contracted her illness intentionally to get his undivided attention...I wouldnt be suprised if this is...
  18. Re: Chuck Norris, the Actor Who Left SJW Owned Hollywood, Went His Own Way and is Now Independent and Financially Successful

    Iíve been boycotting anything and everything myself...I canít stand watching TV and listening to the radio anymore. Unfortunatly for people like us, weíre the ones considered weird.

    More like...
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    Re: Buy fake Paternity Tests online?

    During the spring of 2017, I spent an untold amount of time “researching” this topic and many others along the same theme.

    This fake dna test shit is easily circumvented by way of the legal...
  20. Re: PragerU: A man accepts that marraige and fatherhood is the life of an adult. and that's what makes him a man

    How much does big business and big gubbermint have to gain from this indoctrination? Everything.
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    Re: Another neighborhood wife just approached me!

    I’ve been there MGtower...It’s almost like the devil himself is singling you out...fuckn freaky shit...It didnt work this time so be ready when he tries a completly different tactic...Keep on keepn...
  22. Re: The top ten signs that you haven't been single long enough

    I really wish I could afford that last one lol
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    Re: The domestication of the modern male

    Having to work with the younger generations of young men, and from what I’m able to discern of their lack of masculinity, even their fear of it, I can say that this idea of domestication has some...
  24. Re: Burnley singles night cancelled on most romantic day of the year after only four men sign up for it (2019)

    lol and it seems like they not only have no shame in believing that they are deserving of attention but, that there is some kind of unlimited supply of attractive, wealthy, single men that just need...
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    Re: I'm tired of red pill infighting

    I see a few reasons for the infighting, which I agree is annoying but, probably also useful.

    One thing is that every man has a different experience level in life. Combine that with different world...
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