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    Re: Rebellion strategy, for the common folk

    Activism requires a cause. And most times people are faced with lose-lose propositons in terms of causes. Those in power tend to play both sides.

    I am still to understand if the world is going...
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    Re: What's in it for me?

    Great thread!
    I think most people dont get to the "what is in it for me? " question. Unfortunately...

    They get stuck in notions of "duty", "doing the right thing", "what will people think", and...
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    Re: Men’s lives don’t matter.

    Please notice that women are before children in "women and children first".

    Any bets about how many women would sacrifice themselves for children (that are not their's)?
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    Re: The weight of the world!

    My friend let me share some personal experience.

    I was once in some esoteric school that shall-not-be-named, and a friend of mine complained that "since you entered this school I can no longer...
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    Re: Delighted to be here


    I understand were you come from. It is your view that if good men lower their arms then evil wins.
    However, the label of "good men" that must "sacrifice" for society, is exactly...
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    Re: Delighted to be here

    That is the problem, we are all a product of our times, and thus we bring these times to were we are .
    Yes, we might have a small difference of mentality in the 70's, 80's, and 90's, but what was...
  7. Re: Accepting That You Don't Have a Country Anymore

    I see these times as a natural part of a cycle.

    People grew soft by have little to no challenges, and are so protected as to beleive utopian concepts.
    Also there is purpose missing. A man...
  8. Re: We Are Descending Rapidly into Cultural Madness (Feelings over Reality)

    The great experiment called "mouse utopia" explains this. Without the challenges of survival all creatures lose their sense of purpose and grow insane.
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    Re: How do deal with loneliness?

    Queue Robin Williams quote...

    You can be alone when you are with someone.
    Its just that married men are so miserable that it covers loneliness, like having an ich can be covered by burning your...
  10. Feminism is becoming the fictional patriarchy that never was

    I stumbled upon this video discussing the Mandelorian issue with a Hollywood insider:

    What is interesting is the saying that Kathleen Kennedy has taken...
  11. Re: My wife and I missed mortgage payments because of unpaid debts, yet she shops and hides her finances. What do I do?

    Solution: run away to another country and change name.
  12. Re: NFL to Have Feminist Woke poet to read poem at Super Bowl and here’s an example of her ranting offensive ‘poetry’

    Thanks for the book recommendations. I am sure to get to them.
  13. Re: NFL to Have Feminist Woke poet to read poem at Super Bowl and here’s an example of her ranting offensive ‘poetry’

    I used to read a lot of distopian scify books. Some of them I didnt like because they looked improbable.
    Now they are the more realistic description of this world.

    Book recomendation, Tik-tok,...
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    Re: The economics of shit testing

    Like a muscle you dont use, everything dwindles.
    The present society has no need for strong independent men, it needs spineless lemmings to do menial jobs, pay taxes, and maintain the population of...
  15. Re: The incoming gynocratic administration: How do we cope?

    Dont need to :
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    Re: Over the target, heavy flack, bombs'away!

    There is, and there will always be, people capable of doing everything. What technology does is to provide them with more power for doing what they want.

    Think about the oppression of the Roman...
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    Re: Over the target, heavy flack, bombs'away!

    No need to complicate things. Our technology is beyond our nature.

    We are not prepared to have this kind of multimedia communications, enhanced by personal tailoring of content.
    It is not that...
  18. Re: The consequences of stupidity and immorality

    I have stumbled upon a great sentence derived from 1984. The original quote was:"The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous."

    The new reality is:
    The disease is not meant to be...
  19. Re: The behaviors of the low SMV female. 20 years ago vs. now.

    I blame female nature.

    Whatever influence the government and social media might have, it is just encouraging female nature to be more blatant and confident. Meanwhile male nature is discouraged,...
  20. Re: Reuters: China Inc Will Recycle Used American Guys

    There is an old story of communists trying to indoctrinate the people after the revolution.
    One day a farmer returns home with a pig. And his wife asks him where did he get the animal.
    The man...
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    Re: High Credit Score? Don't take the bate!

    Credit is a female thing.

    Every type of credit.

    The Chinese Social Credit is not much different than the social norms women like so much to enforce on others.

    The undeserved credit we give...
  22. Re: Cuntbusters failure rivaled by Wondercunt 1984.

    Since this was the same director as the previous film, the problem was actually the script... She fancied herself to be the writer in this movie. Sounds like someone that failed to recognise that her...
  23. Re: Cuntbusters failure rivaled by Wondercunt 1984.

    Et tu? Its amazing that I follow the critical drinker also. You are right, these amateurs are a lot more entertaining that the "professionals" .
  24. Re: The stupidity of women, and why their fathers should be choosing their husbands for them.

    I have a problem, and its the same every man here has: we are men, biologically programmed and socially conditioned.

    Through painfull experiences, some open minds, and red pill information on the...
  25. Re: Is buying electrical surge protection insurance for my appliances worth it?

    Bingo. It is the utility that has to provide records to prove or deny 'surges'. If the same utility is the insurance issuer they have a conflict of interests.
    Besides, if the surge is the result of...
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